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  1. The Vikings won't have to worry about playing in bad weather when their team moves to L.A.
  2. Singletary was for surely not a good coach, he should have received the boot weeks ago. Is he 100% to blame for the 49ers being a terrible team? No. The niners have too many holes in their team to even be considered average. No run game established, The defense is non-existent, Poor ownership and coaching staff, and last but not least get rid of Alex Smith.
  3. I don't thank rex grossman for losing us the superbowl. Our stellar defense, Devin Hester, and T. Jones took us there. Rex just turned the ball over left and right.
  4. Yes I believe the bears are for real. After yesterdays win against the Jets, they proved they can beat good teams with above average defenses. Do I think the bears will win a playoff game? Yes. However, Do I think they are superbowl contenders? Possibly. It all depends what happens in the NFC SOUTH, The falcons and the saints are two really great teams that will be for surely going into the playoffs and that division seems to get better and better. But if the bears play the Falcons at atlanta, then it's over for the bears. No way is anyone going to go into their house and beat them, especially in the playoffs. At home the falcons are practically unstoppable.
  5. The Lions had a pretty good win against the dolphins, and a pretty impressive win against the bucs.
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