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  1. I have a question that I thought maybe someone here will know the answer to. Does anyone know where I can get reproduced copies of old Detroit newspapers? I ask because of the Jim Stapleton article in todays Free Press. I'd like to have a copy of the Gibby edition and the Lolich/Freehan hug edition. Thanks in advance!
  2. Well, I enjoy this thread so much here are some nicknames my friends and I use: Julio "Carlos" Santana Jamie "Johnny" Walker and my personal favorite, Shane Halter "@$$hole".
  3. Has anyone seen Omar vs. Ozzie Smith comparisons? It always leads to the person saying Omar is as good or better. I'm not saying Omar should be in the Hall though. Hell, I don't think a guy that can field and do backflips should be in the Hall.
  4. I don't think Patterson or Palmer can be put on waivers since they are on the DL. However the others are a lock for waivers. Higginson and Young (if he comes off the DL) will also be put on waivers. It wouldn't surprise me if DD let a team have one of those players if they were to be claimed. The claiming team must pay the salary of the player after claiming them. That could free up some payroll.
  5. Well TTF, they would bust a gonad, but for the D-Backs Brenly is the manager and he does take Johnson and Schilling out with 6 run leads. He did it 3 times last year (I believe it was 3) with shutouts going. He said a pitchers health down the road is more important than a shutout now.
  6. Have you ever heard Buck talk??? He can't communicate period.
  7. Just talked to Andy MacPhail (GM, CEO, President of the Cubs) and it turns out Flash Gordon did NOT throw an octopus so that is obviously not the cause of injury. However, the following definition of the teres muscle shows that it can easily be torn by throwing a baseball. Teres major Origin: inferior, lateral margin of the scapula Insertion: crest of lesser tubercle (just medial to the insertion of latissimus dorsi) Action: **assists in adduction of arm** **assists in medial rotation of arm** **assists in extension from an flexed position** Blood: thoracodorsal artery Nerve: lower subscapular nerve, C5,6
  8. Not sure if anyone saw it or not, but last night on The Best Damn Sports Show Period, Danny Graves and Sean Casey were on. I am sad to report that Danny has cut the mullet. He said he has caught hell from his teammates for cutting it.
  9. There's a difference between this "trade" and Walker or Barry. Hershel was a little older. The Vikings got a few years out of Walker and he was done. Jeff on the other hand is still very young. It says "creative" offers which probably means we get a helluva deal and get rid of Jeff for help now and help a few years from now. I don't think he'll deal Jeff though, he's probably just checking market values.
  10. I absolutely disagree about needing a so-called major league fastball. Just what is a major league fastball? I can name many guys that don't throw heat, but can still win games. And why would Seth go back to the minors? Have you seen the Tigers play this year:p
  11. I see they made a change in this edition of Rumblings and Grumblings. I read it the day it went online and it said Alexis Infante. I have no idea who that is or why they screwed up his name that bad. I would also say they underrate Omar. Everyone else is right on par though. Munson isn't that good. Good bat speed, but bat speed doesn't help if you can't hit the ball.
  12. I've got way too damn many Tigers. I've got Fick (good), Melusky (not so good), and Randall Simon ( he's playing well right now and Edgar Martinez got hurt).
  13. You should have seen the posts after his first appearance. People wanted to hang him (myself included).
  14. Yes Oblong, Randy's wife is hot. I wondered if anyone else knew that.
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