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  1. Didn't his ex-wife dispute the domestic violence claim and say it was not true?
  2. I doubt Wall Street and the business community would allow Warren to be anything significant in a Biden Administration. He could have sent a clear FU to the business community that things are going to change and Washington isn't going to be governed by lobbyists anymore by picking Warren, but alas he did not. You can like Harris and think she's a fine choice for a number of reasons, and that she certainly is. But she won't shake things up as VP and the business lobby knows it.
  3. They said the same with Hillary about not risking a Senate seat, but I'd wager money that had Hillary picked one of Warren or Sherrod Brown to be her running mate instead of Tim Kaine she'd be President and all this would be meaningless.
  4. What if she stays in the Senate, doesn't get a leadership position in a new Democratic Senate, or Republicans keep control, then what is she? She's just another Senator in a Republican Senate. Taking the VP slot is a high risk/high rewards position. I think she would have far more influence over policy and the direction of a Biden Administration from as VP than being just another Senator. She herself said she was willing to accept the position if offered. Maybe she'll end up as Treasury Secretary, I think it will be another Wall Street crony like Jamie Dimon or Anne Fanuciane, but maybe Warren will end up a player after all. I just think there is way too much pressure from the donor base and big business to make Warren within the Biden Administration, but we will see. I want Biden and Harris to win and I'll be doing what I can to get them across the finish line. I just don't expect much of a difference from what we had under 8 years of the Obama Administration. A few big policy accomplishments, a few mid-range and minor changes, but otherwise a status quo Administration guided by big business, Wall Street, and the charter school industry. Instead of Jack Lew we'll get Jamie Dimon, life will go on and the working and middle ends of America will continue to spiral downward and the wealth gap will continue to increase. Prove me wrong Joe and Kamala.
  5. Look, I say this as a suburban white guy, so I am not unaware, but I don't believe it had to be Harris. As much as African-American women have helped to propel Biden to where he is and as big a moment as we are having right now with the BLM/racial justice movement, there is another moment we're facing now and have been facing, that is the economic collapse of working-class and middle Americans, both pre-Covid and even morso during the crisis. I don't think there is a candidate out there that understands, from a policy perspective, the economic collapse, the structural disadvantage, and the reasons why this has happened better than Elizabeth Warren. Warren understands these fundamental problems with capitalism and our economy as a whole better than any politician in America. As much as people would groan and feel under-served, I think picking Elizabeth Warren would have been an appropriate choice and better suits the economic situation we're in. I don't know that Harris will be the kind of Vice President behind the scenes that will push for the structural economic change we are in desperate need of nor someone who will step up and challenge Biden and rock the boat, Warren most certainly would have I believe. With over 20 million people unemployed and a wealth gap that has further exploded out of control during Covid, Elizabeth Warren would have been a justifiable choice for VP.
  6. Mike Valenti went on a rant today against Trump and Trump supporters on 97.1. Valenti is notoriously a-political and doesn't talk politics, but he just apparently had enough of the dishonesty and the conspiracy theories coming out of Trumpland as it relates to Covid and went off on it today.
  7. The left is going to hate Imminent on Twitter.
  8. Patrick Ewing and the frozen envelope all over again.
  9. We riot if Edmonton gets the #1 overall pick, yes?
  10. Caroline Spence has a killer soft and smooth country/folk kinda voice. Her song All The Beds I've Made is an absolute gem!
  11. I don't know what 97.1 is going to do with Jamie's spot ultimately, but I'd love to see former Lions wideout and Detroit Sports 105.1 contribute Herman Moore get a try at the job. Herm was great on the radio and showed he had personality when he was on with Matt Dery on 105.1.
  12. Someone said on 97.1 that they used to joke that Jamie Samuelsen and Doug Karsch were really just the same person. Eating healthy foods, playing tennis, Big Ten sports snobs, and a love of bicycling.
  13. An incredibly moving column by Wojo in the Detroit News about Jamie.
  14. RIP Jamie Samuelsen. Such a tragedy hearing of his passing at such a young age. I listened to Jamie goingg back to the days on WDFN with Greg Brady.
  15. Bo Knows alright. Can we finally just bury the legacy of Schembechler once and for all, rename Schembechler Hall and move on. I don't want this to be true and find it appalling and disturbing, but when you put people on pedestals as God's, like Michigan has done over the years with Bo, you run the risk of finding out that person has flaws like everyone else, sometimes horrific flaws in their character. Again, I hope this isn't true about Bo or anyone at the university, but as G2 said, someone, somewhere in the athletic department had to know this was happening and did nothing about it.
  16. I see Cain did not wear a socialist mask at the rally. Did he really die of Covid though or was he murdered by a Clinton henchman?
  17. At this point, I'm just waiting for the whole "Trump has Covid-19" headline to come out.
  18. Louie Gohmert's Rational Wiki page is wonderful!
  19. Delaying elections and delaying voting are the kinds of actions that despot Dictators take to seize control of a Democracy. This is not normal and this is not ok! Our elections will not be delayed and will proceed as they normally do. This cannot stand and our President cannot be allowed to act like a Dictator.
  20. There is no difference. Absentee voting is vote by mail and vote by mail is absentee voting. This is the dolt that criticized our SOS in Michigan Jocelyn Benson because she mailed out absentee ballot applications, not absentee ballots, as he so inaccurately attempted to criticize.
  21. Wait a second, wait a second! What about me?
  22. Daily Beast: Trump’s New Favorite COVID Doctor Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm, and Hydroxychloroquine
  23. With the Marlins having had 14 players/coaches test positive for Covid does a situation like that potentially jeopardize the entire season?
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