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  1. Ditch Holland and Blash is sure to be gone with a new GM in place.
  2. Detroit Lions sign DT Jordan Hill
  3. Dr. Phil Recalls Time As Linebacker For Tulsa Golden Hurricane
  4. Can Dr. Phil even be used on all three downs? Will he bother to even block in the backfield?
  5. The original Rock & Roll Chuck Berry passed away today.
  6. The Trump Presidency thus far, summed up in a singular .GIF . . .
  7. Food on the table for senior citizens and disabled people doesn't really provide a tangible benefit to anyone. I mean, I'm not getting a free meal out of this, you're not getting a free meal out of this, Trump's not getting a free meal out of this. What's in it for us and why should we care? Besides, having food isn't a human right, only the right to eat is. If those lazy bums really want a meal they should get off their butts and work for it. They should pull themselves up by their bootstraps like our President did after receiving a small loan from his father.
  8. Vox: Trump Budget Would cut Funding for Meals on Wheels My Nana (dad's mom) used to live down in Southgate at the senior high-rise towers off of Allen Rd. When she was alive she always helped out with the Meals on Wheels program at the complex. It brought her great pride just doing something as simple as handing out meals door-to-door to her neighbors in the building. It is a shame that programs like this won't be as readily available if these funding cuts go through. I see this as a little piece of my Nana's legacy getting cut.
  9. He's the healthiest President ever according to this guy . . .
  10. You keep bringing this claim up and it simply isn't true. ACLU: Drug Arrests By the Numbers
  11. Not that I agreed with a lot of the previous administration's economic policies, but how in the **** can they say this with a straight face? Four months ago they were talking about what a disaster it all was and how bad the economy was and how there was no real growth and how people were being left behind and how Obamacare was killing jobs and growth and how it was all going to **** and how this and how that. Now, after a mere 2 1/1 months in office, the economy, which is moving along at the same clip as it was under Obama, is doing swimmingly well. In-fact, it is all the work of a a guy who hasn't implemented a single major economic policy in 2 1/2 months in office. Politicians, people in the inner-circles and those who work on campaigns always talk about how truly stupid and ill-informed voters really are. I guess this is the single biggest and greatest social experiment of all time being conducted to test and validate that hypothesis.
  12. Not that we had the cap space for him at this point, but I am disappointed to see that Hightower resigned with the Patriots. Would have been real nice to have this guy manning our front 7.
  13. I'd totally be game with drafting Obi Wan-Melifo if we traded back. A number of scouting reports have him rated as a freak athlete who just makes plays on defense. It looks like he has the ability to force turnovers as well. A lot of his negatives appear to be things like route running and the way he plays the ball on passing downs. Things you can coach up and improve for sure. As you said, sounds like a perfect match on this defense.
  14. TJ Lang is on the Ticket with Valenti & Foster for the next 1/2 hour or so if you care to listen in.