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  1. So what you're telling me is that when Harbaugh was first hired if someone had told you they would be 0-5 against Ohio state and have zero Big Ten Championships that you would have been fine with that? If you wouldn't have been ok with it then, don't suddenly lower the bar for this guy and be ok with it today. If you want to compete with the Clemsons and Ohio States of the college football world than you do need to blow up the program with a new coach and start over.
  2. HA! Probably so. I don't think a Kerry endorsement appeals to many non-boomer type voters, and even then.
  3. John Kerry endorsed Joe Biden today and will be touring with him in Iowa.
  4. I don't think he's at a Russ Thomas level of stupidity to pick a Fullback. But the point still stands that I think he will go with a lower risk-lower reward, scheme fit type guy with the pick.
  5. We always heard Babcock could be an ahole in the locker room ala John Tortarella, but given what Chelli and others have said in the past couple of weeks, the guy straight up sounds like a dirtbag. Benching Chelios, in his hometown during the Winter Classic, and doing so out of spite (or whatever was on his mind) is low. It's not like Babcock was actually concerned with Chelios costing them the game, given that he put Andreas Lilja out there.
  6. Agreed. I mean this in all seriousness, I would be very surprised if Quinn went with a pick like Chase Young or a Joe Burrow/Justin Herbert type pick. He would deem those as too aggressive or find some character flaw in them. If he goes with defense he will want what he deems as a safer, low-ceiling pick as you said. Someone who fits the scheme Patrica is running because both Quinn and Patrica seem to believe you can teach talent but scheme trumps talent. I could easily see the kid out of Clemson Isaiah Simmons being the pick. If he goes offense I think you're correct that it will be an O-lineman. Andrew Thomas the Tackle out of Georgia, Tristan Wrifs the Guard out of Iowa, someone safe like one of those guys. Valenti straight up said it yesterday on the Ticket saying he doesn't trust Bob Quinn with a Top 5 pick.
  7. Newsweek: Harbaugh the A Possible Favorite to Take Over Carolina Panthers Job According to BetOnline, at 3/1 the 55-year-old is the bookmaker's favorite to be the Panthers coach by Week 1 of the 2020 season.
  8. You came in here just to post that. Sad. Do better.
  9. If we are talking college football Lincoln Riley and Matt Rhule would probably be the two top choices in the college game that I would want to consider. I'd be interested to see if Urban Meyer would jump to the NFL as well, but I think he is going to end up as the next coach at USC.
  10. Is there anyone more butt hurt 24/7/365 than this guy? Bitching and whining constantly.
  11. SB Nation: The rise in playoff teams with rookie contract quarterbacks isn’t a trend — but it might be soon I know it won't happen, but having a Joe Burrow or Justin Herbert on a rookie contract is mighty appealing given all of the cap space it could free up. Granted, I don't I'd want Bob Quinn managing that extra cap space given that he'd blow it on a bunch of former Patriots and guys who are a "terrific scheme fit" in his mind.
  12. Maybe if Michigan continues to get run off the field by the elite schools it will help build the case for those of us who want Harbaugh replaced. Maybe if Alabama runs up 50+ on them we'll get our wish.
  13. The grass is not always greener, we could fire him and end up back in a Rich Rod 2.0 era. But if we want to sit with the big kids, it's what has to be done. It's simply a risk I'm willing to take. I'm thankful for the tremendous turnaround Harbaugh did for the Michigan program. But he was brought in to win Big Ten titles and compete with Ohio State, he has not done either and will not for the foreseeable future. I feel pretty certain if Gus Malzahn went 0-5 in the Iron Bowl against Alabama or Kirby Smart the same against Florida the fan bases of those schools would be demanding heads roll and those coaches would likely be replaced. Why is it too much to ask of the school we all support? It's not like I'm a Wake Forest or Vanderbilt fan sitting here, demanding we compete with the elite football schools. To steal a line from Brady Hoke, this is Michigan for God sake. On the issue of Fickell, what he did in one year at OSU, when they were in the NCAA dog house is irrelevant. He's proven at Cincinnati that he can recruit in Ohio where Michigan needs to do more in, build a successful program in consecutive seasons, and win. If you want to continue to watch Harbaugh get emasculated on the football field year in and year out by Ohio State then so be it.
  14. One of the longstanding problems with Michigan football, that predates Harbaugh, is the way we recruit. That has to change if we want to be in the National Championship picture at years end. We have to mirror, as much as we can, what Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, LSU are doing down south. Obviously, given that those are southern schools, they will have better access to their high school players. That said, I think there is much more Michigan can be doing to recruit the east coast, California, Texas, and more into Ohio. I think a coach like Fickell in particular can work to open up the Ohio market again for Michigan.
  15. In a perfect world, where I could have anyone I wanted, either Urban Meyer or John Harbaugh would be my first two choices. Knowing those are completely unrealistic I would look at any of the following names . . . PJ Fleck, Luke Fickell, Matt Rhule, Bob Stoops, Brent Venables, Jeff Scott, Mike Norvell, and yes, possibly Chris Petersen. I've soured a bit on Petersen given that I thought he would dominate the Pac 10 at Washington with Oregon and USC having had down years while he was at Washington. While he was successful there, I'm not completely sold on the idea of him coming to the Big Ten and being as dominate as I once thought he could be. Fleck, Fickell, and Rhule would be my top 3 choices. Fleck just reupped for 6 years with Minnesota, but I have no doubt Michigan has the financial resources to buy his contract out. The question is, would he be willing to come here? Fickell is building a strong program in Cincinnati and has long standing recruiting ties in Ohio to help get Michigan back into that football hotbed. Yeah, I get it, he's an Ohio State guy, but so was Bo. Back a dump truck full of money on his front porch and give him free reign to do what he wants, which means recruit how OSU does. Matt Rhule has Penn State ties and may be holding out for that job or may never want to go to a Big Ten school other than Penn State. Rhule is also getting rumored for NFL coaching jobs in the future.
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