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  1. Why do people believe Christine Blasey-Ford but not women like Tara Reade, Paula Jones, and Juanita Broaddrick? Why is Dr. Ford an honest victim but Paula Jones trailer park trash and both Broaddrick and Reade liars?
  2. Some of my favorite John Prine tunes . . . Angel From Montgomery (Bonny Raitt actually wrote the song, not Prine) Christmas In Prison Glory of True Love Hello In There Inspite Of Ourselves, duet with Iris DeMent My Old Kentucky Home, Goodnight You Never Even Called Me By My Name (David Allen Coe who recorded it never credits Prine in the song, only Steve Goodman) Summer's End Spanish Pipedream
  3. I don't usually get too worked over celebrity deaths as the death of any human being is tragic. That said, if we lose John Prine we will have lost one of the finest songwriters to walk this Earth.
  4. I'm devastated to read this. John Prine is one of the finest songwriters in America.
  5. State Representative Isaac Robinson, D-Detroit, passed away last night due to complications form Coronavirus. Isaac was a legal attorney, social justice warrior, progressive activist, and Michigan for Bernie Sanders campaign statewide co-chair in addition to being a State Representative. I met Isaac a dozen or so times and always knew him to be a true man of the people, unbought and unbossed by the special interests. He was someone who clearly never much cared for the optics of politics and was more focused on being an activist and advocate for the people he served. As a member of the Metro Detroit Democratic Socialists of America I knew his dad Roger Robinson as well and am sad for his entire family that this happened. Representative Robinson was only 44 years old.
  6. That's what he should have been this entire time, but given that they only typically send 3 guys and sometimes 4, I have my doubts that they are going to change course on their scheme and philosophy.
  7. John Kerry throwing some major shade. Good for him for calling out stupid Rep. Massie.
  8. Oh, I'm serious when I post that. Their scheme clearly prioritizes coverage over pressure and thus they would justify that Okduah is a better fit for what they want to do. Smartest guy in the room syndrome would win out again.
  9. Beaumont announced that their Annapolis Hospital in Wayne, down the road from my house, will no longer be receiving patients in their emergency room, as they are using it as an overflow hospital to treat the growing number of people with Coronavirus.
  10. Or pass on Chase Young to take Jeffery Okduah . . .
  11. Short of drafting Tua, Burrow, or Young, I think the Lions must trade down. In any one of these deals you need to be able to pick up multiple firsts and then probably a second or third on top of that. If I get #5 and #18 from Miami then I'm taking one of Okudah, Simmons, or Brown at #5 and then someone like Josh Jones (OT) or BPA defensive player at #18.
  12. NBC News: Jerry Falwell Jr. Orders Teachers and Students to Return to Liberty University Even the Lord himself couldn't stop a dumb**** like Jerry Falwell Jr. from doing something dumb. When there is a Coivd-19 outbreak at Liberty University I don't want to hear the good Rev. Falwell crow about getting federal aid.
  13. You KNOW the women sitting in that chair and the one cutting her hair voted for Trump, you just know it.
  14. How do you practice social distancing at work when the person you sit next to has a desk less than 6 feet away? How do you practice social distancing when you work at a factory or a warehouse right next to someone? How do you practice social distancing when you wait tables at a restaurant or cut hair at a salon? This guy is the worst combination of a dolt and a sociopath all in one.
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