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  1. That wasn't current GM John Dorsey though. That said, I was one of those people that looked at the Browns on paper at the start of the season and thought they were for sure a playoff team. On a side note, OBJ is killing me in fantasy by not producing much of anything. Edit, Dorsey did pass up on drafting Watson, I was wrong there.
  2. Fredo (The President) is going to be on Judge Janine this weekend. Hopefully we get some more incriminating evidence out of it.
  3. Shepherd Smith is out at Fox. Sans Chris Wallace, the last decent journalist has seemingly left the building.
  4. Imagine if it was Warren v Trump and he didn't bother to show. Would it just become a townhall at that point?
  5. Fake ******* news! A doctored and fake story from a fake news channel pumping out fake propaganda for he administration. It has already been established that the prosecutor Biden pressured to fire was not tough enough on corruption. If anything, that would actually hurt the firm his son Hunter was associated with. The only one who doesn't see that is you because you live with your eyes closed and just parrot fake news from a fake news outlet.
  6. I saw that last night and stood up and applauded. That was one of the best rubukes against homophobia, disguised as religious freedom, I have ever heard.
  7. Looks like that grand strategy lasted half a day or so. But he's playing 3D chess and we're just all too simple to realize it.
  8. It is amazing how much work it takes to conceal the President's innocence. You'd think these beautiful, perfectly normal tax returns would be out there already for us to see. After all, the President said he'd love to release them.
  9. Some how I think Rudy Colludiani will suddenly be too busy to testify and Graham will be back to calling this whole thing a hoax, witch hunt, whatever. Giuliani was out crying today that the timing of all this was suspicious. No Rudy, the suspicion has nothing to do with the timing, only with the two goons you apparently contracted with and the money that may or may not have exchanged hands.
  10. You of all people want to talk about opening up financial records. The alleged billionaire and alleged honest businessman you support won't release his.
  11. Will it? Why would it? Go state by state and Republican Senator by Republican Senator. Beyond Romney, Sass, Collins, Murkowski, who will actually vote to impeach him? Ron Johnson was on Meet the Press this week screaming at Chuck Todd that he is a biased, fake news hack and that we need to get to the bottom of what Peter Strzok and the deep state did. Lindsey Graham doesn't want it known around South Carolina that he prefers, well, you know me . . . Joni Ernst just doesn't understand why people won't ask her about ethanol more, because she'd be happy to talk about that. Tom Tillis in NC is up for re-election so he won't defect because he fears a primary, same can likely be said for Cory Gardner in Colorado, Martha McSally in Arizona and David Purdue in Georgia. Maybe this is the line in the sand, I hope you're right, but I fear he was right when he said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and everyone would go along.
  12. Gun Control Groups Eclipse N.R.A. in Election Spending This is what, gun safety advocates are outspending the corrupt gun lobby puppets at the NRA now. Add onto that you have countless new organizations like Moms Demand Action, March For Our Lives, etc. that are going to out organize the NRA. They helped us win in 2018 and they'll do it again in 2020 and dump the NRA down the toilet where they belong.
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