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  1. Week 7 Bye week

    Gotta start Fells this week. Ebron can get BYE playing this bad anymore.
  2. Political Pot-pourri

    Since Stan is on the Trump Train . . .
  3. October 16-October 22, 2017 Combined Game Thread

    I miss the days when our front office wasn't being run by a dolt. Back when Scotty and Jimmy D were running it in tandem and sat Kenny in the corner while they made the moves.
  4. Should Kenny Holland be fired (Post Free Agent edition)

    Unlike Helene St. Parrot, the Metro Times is able to write a critical and scathing analysis of Kenny's rebuild. Metro Times: The Rise and Fall and Stalled Rebuild of Ken Holland
  5. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    It happens in the NFL though. Mr. 7-9 Jeff Fisher was given an extension by the Rams last season and then fired at season's end.
  6. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Hopefully his showboat dive into the endzone on the TD isn't the reason for this.
  7. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    NPR: Americans Prefer Democratic House Candidates In 2018 ... For Now When you look at the NPR article and also how the Generic D versus Generic R candidate is polling in a head-to-head match-up it looks favorable for the Democrats to take back and/or pick-up a sizable number of seats in the House. Now, polling has been wildly wrong before and it is insanely early still, but I think the Democrats are in for a nice bounce in 2018 (as long as national security isn't the focal point).
  8. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    That would require "The Chin from the Cheese State" Paul Ryan and company to start the impeachment proceedings. A Democratic majority is your only hope. Door knock, phone bank, and vote for the Democratic House candidate on your ballot in 2018. Otherwise, you're going to get four years of Trump.
  9. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    Every two child did, I will.
  10. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Has Cooter become Joe Lombardi 2.0 at this point in-terms of his play calling and predictability?
  11. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    Sure, just turn it over again, why not.
  12. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    A complete, unmitigated disaster today. No way around it. Not one facet of this game has gone well for the Lions.
  13. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    What was that Stafford?
  14. Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints

    I hope you're right.