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  1. I think if they lose tomorrow AND don't fire these clowns its time to start quoting Daryl Rogers and ask the all important question.
  2. This is the most important game this year for two reasons. 1. If they lose they almost certainly have to get rid of Quinn and Patricia afterwards because they'll be 4-7 and all playoff chances will be eliminated given how tough their schedule is about to egt. 2. Draft position. The Texans are 3-7 currently and if we lose to them we pass them in draft order and move up the draft board. We've probably cost ourselves a chance at Lawrence given just how bade the Jets are. That said, we still have a shot at both Fields and Lance. We also have a shot at a top 5 pick for the new regime to work with if we can manage to tank right. If Dallas or Washington win over one another or tie there is a shot we can vault into the top 5. All I want for Christmas is a top 5 pick, a new GM, and a new coach.
  3. http://insidethepylon.com/nfl/2019/12/18/2020-nfl-general-manager-candidate-study/ Above is a pretty lengthy, but good write up on all potential GM candidates in the NFL.
  4. Can we do another Millen Man March via Zoom this time? I think Sean Baligian and WDFN organized the last one back in 2006 or whenever it was.
  5. Ho hum! Sarah Bloom-Raskin would have been an excellent and well qualified choice, but at least Yellen understands the need for fiscal stimulus at times of downturn like this. She also has no ties to Wall Street and isn't a corporate shill like past Treasury Secretaries. We can all breath a sigh of relief that it isn't Jamie Dimon or Roger Ferguson though, so that's good. If she doesn't get the economy going with massive fiscal stimulus and a large works program and proposes more of the same in-terms of tax cuts, interest rate manipulation from the Fed (which the Fed is famous for) and quantitative easing measures she'll be out quickly as Treasury Secretary. Workers need an injection of capital in the form of both a large stimulus and some type of federal jobs guarantee/works program to get people back to work in a decently paying job that can support a family. If Democrats can get the Senate thanks to the Georgia special elections than Biden/Congress better have a massive federal works and infrastructure program ready to go both to help people and mitigate the political fall out. If they approach this crisis as the Obama Administration and Democrats approached the last crisis in 2008/2009, 2022 is going to be a nightmare for them politically.
  6. I'm hoping he puts Dr. Sarah Bloom-Raskin from Duke in at Treasury Secretary. She's the most likely progressive choice for the position. If he puts Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan Chase, Anne Fanucaine from BoA or Roger Ferguson from TIAA in the post or someone from Wall Street he's going to lose all credibility from the left on day one. I hope he makes good on his promise to put progressives in his administration, especially at such an important position like Treasury. Obama put Jack Lew in the position, hopefully Biden isn't planning on putting Dimon in there. We need an MMT-minded person in the Treasury post who recognizes that fiscal stimulus and a rebuilding of our social safety nets to help workers and families is what is needed right now, not more tax cuts and corporate welfare that someone like Bailout King Jamie Dimon is likely to support.
  7. I'm overly negative and pessimistic when it comes to the Lions but I have done my best to hold off on criticizing Jeff Okudah all year. The guy is a rookie and it takes time to develop at his position. That said, he looks lost in the wilderness on the field. He played a season low in minutes yesterday versus Carolina.
  8. I actually hope Biden offers Susan Collins a cabinet position just to get another Democratic Senate appointment in Maine.
  9. Ahead of hometown boy Robert Saleh?
  10. Agreed. He is who he is. Age isn't on his side either and it's time to give a new regime the potential to move on and start fresh.
  11. Millen is an all timer. Quinn has a 3 win season and is on track to follow it up with a 4-5 win season. He's not quite Millen bad, but he's in the area. Patrica in my view is at a Rod Marinelli level, because online the success Quinn had with a season of Caldwell, Patricia has done nothing but get worse.
  12. Right, that's where a new regime needs to come in and change things. I think any honest Michigan fan would admit it's time for a change.
  13. I miss Stormin Norman. He used to tell us every season how this was a playoff team with a good roster. I think he disappeared circa 2016-2017.
  14. Is Sheila Ford propped up in her office weekend at Bernie's style or is she a real human that can watch and see the trash that's out on the football field? Because if she is alive and real, Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn should be fired today!
  15. Do you think Dylan McCaffrey is even worse than Milton?
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