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  1. NYT: 16 Members of White House Arts Committee Resign to Protest Trump
  2. My buddy and I got into an argument over an FDR statue. He claimed that if I didn't want to be a complete hypocrite I would advocate for the removal of monuments and statues of FDR given that he turned a boat of Jewish people back from Cuba and given what he did to the Japanese.
  3. What a wimp, a few people quit his task force and he folds like a house of cards.
  4. What's a couple million difference among friends right?
  5. Jeff Moss will be on WMYD TV-20 with the Detroit Sports Rag. I guess it is going to be airing on Sundays. This should be a short, but wild *** ride to watch.
  6. Digital sarcasm . . . That's on you that you couldn't pick it up.
  7. Bro, Hitler was part-Jewish too. You don't make sense.
  8. He'll probably tweet about there being a leaker now in the State Department.
  9. I only asked that question since he is publicly on record as disliking POW's.
  10. If Trump were to go to war with North Korea and we ended up with POW's captured by the North, what would become of them? Would he leave them there to rot?
  11. The Chaldean vote (not sure how many there are in Macomb County) helped trump out here in Southeast Michigan.
  12. Oh for sure. Competent people mobilized an army and invaded Iraq and helped turn the Middle East into a quagmire. At least with the Bush Administration though, you felt that things like our nuclear arsenal were in (relatively) good hands and you weren't worried about the President running his mouth off or tweeting his way into nuclear winter.
  13. Dubya's bulb was pretty dim, but he at least had competent people around him who could feed him talking points and guide him along through the Presidency.
  14. Trump re-tweeted this gem this morning . . .