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  1. I disagree. Obama ran his 2008 primary campaign as if he was Bernie Sanders, some real progressive warrior for the people. Trump never pretended to be the next Reagan or champion of conservative principles. Obama talked about things like public financing of campaigns, a government healthcare option, reforming NAFTA, winding down the war on drugs (which he ramped up his first term and ramped back down his second), running the most transparent administration ever and empowering federal employees as watchdogs, supported helping people in foreclosure versus bailing out the banks, etc. Obama in 08 very much pretended to be a progressive, when in all actuality he was just another center-right, neo-liberal politician who empowered crony-capitalism and corporate America, big money in politics, interventionism on the global scale, etc.
  2. Are they at a funeral?
  3. The whole, there not being scientific proof of a spooky, incompetent ghost watching over us turned me off to religion. Now I just worship George Carlin. When I'm forced to say the pledge of allegiance I say "under Carlin" and when someone sneezes I say "Carlin bless you".
  4. NFL Starting QB deep-ball statsictics . . .
  5. ENUF already! Can't you give your dislike of Trump a rest?
  6. The original post was about Bob Seager and I was referencing Pete Seger in my post. I do listen to tons of Bob Dylan and other folk singers. If you dig folk/roots/Americana/alt-country/etc. check out the Excel sheet I posted in this thread. I've been keeping a running tally of all of the those types of artists that I enjoy.
  7. The Trump Administration is committed to a foreign policy focused on American interests and American national security.
  8. My ever growing, ever changing, incomplete list of mainstream country/country-rock/country-pop, independent label country/country-rock/country-pop, bluegrass/newgrass/folkgrass, americana, folk/folk-country,folk-rock/. Incomplete List of Country Music Singers.xlsx
  9. Not when it's a sin! I can prove it! It says so in the bible!
  10. The trouble with Motown Sports is that we don't win anymore around here. I am going to start winning BIG LEAGUE! We are going to win soooooooo much because I am going to negotiate a lot of wins for us. I have really, really talented posters around me who I know will help MTS win again. These are talented posters folks. Lots of likes and lots of comments.
  11. Does he bother resigning with Detroit or just get traded here and leave town as soon as he could have?