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  1. There's definitely a problem with player development with Harbaugh and his staff. We've seen a number of high-level, **** and ***** recruits, come in and vastly underperform. Some of that is just on the players themselves and some of it is with the coaching staff and their ability to get the most out of the talent. I'm excited for Will Johnson to commit to Michigan, but it remains to be seen how he will develop under Harbaugh and staff. Rashan Gary and Aubrey Solomon are two high touted recruits that come to mind that came in with all the hype and underwhelmed relative to their recruiting status.
  2. Good to know the CPAC stage looks like a Nazi symbol.
  3. The dude is an inconsistent player but a freak athlete. https://www.nfl.com/news/scouting-dylan-moses-alabama-lb-reminiscent-of-myles-jack
  4. Mock draft bonanza today during my lunch break. I did two mocks, one with trades and one without trades, trying to be as realistic as I could with the trades in the second mock. I would have taken Trey Lance in either mock, but I don't think the organization is going to so I passed on him. Mock Draft #1: No Trades I passed on Trey Lance, Micah Parsons, and Devonta Smith and went with Jaylen Waddle in the first. Jamar Chase was picked by the Eagles prior to the Lions picking. I debated Lance, Parsons and Waddle and did what I think the organization would do, which is not take a QB. I personally would take Lance and trade Goff for picks, but I don't think Holmes is doing that. Mock Draft #2: With Trades I firmly believe Holmes is going to be busy making trades on draft day and expect the Lions to trade out of the #7 spot.
  5. The Saints don't have the cap space for him. They are in cap **** and would have to shed half their roster just to get Russ and stay under the cap.
  6. I wouldn't trade for him either, it's just a hypothetical of what it would take to get him.
  7. I like Sheila getting more involved. This way she can justifiably step in, grab the draft card and rip it up when it says Kyle Pitts, Detroit Lions, #7 before it gets to Goodell to read.
  8. With the 5th pick the Detroit Pistons select Moses Moody, SG, Arkansas or something underwhelming like that. Maybe we will get a top 2 pick and there will be a Darko on the board for us.
  9. Sigh, safe but very effective. You can never have too many good offensive lineman, especially at the bookend positions. Drafting Sewell will only make the running game that much better and make Goff a better QB with more play action, time to throw, and time to look off multiple reads. I wouldn't take Sewell over playmakers like Chase, Waddle, Smith or Parsons but I understand why the Lions would.
  10. If we're staying at #7 and not picking a QB than Parsons, Chase, and Waddle are the guys I want. I wouldn't be upset if they took one of the Offensive Tackles because Vaitai stinks as a starting Tackle, but I would feel underwhelmed with the pick. Picking another Corner or taking Kyle Pitts are really the only picks they could make that I'd be totally against. I can see it now though, they'll select Pitts and we'll have to listen to 6 months of Doug Karsch and the koolaid brigade justifying the pick in any number of ways. They'll be telling us how Pitts really isn't a TE, why position doesn't really matter, how he has incredible versatility and athleticism, and how he'll be a mismatch that creates problems. I can't wait for the "Pitts isn't really a true TE but TE's take two years to develop conversation" and the "think of the two TE sets with him and Hockenson!!!!!"
  11. It's a failure on Harbaugh from a player development standpoint. Milton was never ready to be the starter of this team. And it goes back to the question that I have asked previously. If Milton was this bad as a starter, how bad must Dylan McCaffery and Cade McNamara have looked in camp for this guy to beat them both out? And if neither McCaffery nor McNamara actually looked worse than Milton in camp, then that's yet another mark against Harbaugh for not only player development, but player evaluation when it comes to picking a starter.
  12. Another failed Harbaugh recruit who didn't live up to the hype. I was so excited for Joe Milton too because we finally had our own recruit at QB and Harbaugh failed in developing Milton. This is what the University wants though. People were pleading for him to be fired, but instead he was given an extension by the powers that be. Joe Milton's transfer is just another symptom of the real problem in Schembechler Hall at Michigan. Until Harbaugh is relieved of his duties this embarrassing ride will continue.
  13. Didn't Pills Limbaugh refer to Obama as a Magic Negro? I mean, I used to be a libertarian and I voted against Obama, but don't think I ever referred to him as a Negro. I feel no sadness for him.
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