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  1. This is the first Biden-produced ad of the cycle I've enjoyed. Up to now, Lincoln Project has been killing it, but a solid ad by Team Biden.
  2. Before there was the Ticket there was DFN. I listened to the fan nonstop growing up. Jamie and Gregg, It Is What It Is with Sean Baligian, Stoney & Wojo, Archie Bunker, Gov, Producer Marty, Mr. Ford, The Millen Man March, Happy New Year. It's a shame Cheap Channel/iHateLocalRadio refused to flip the station to the FM dial all of those years.
  3. Someone or multiple someone's are likely out as a host/update person/producer then if this is true.
  4. Amy McGrath outspent Charles Booker 40:1 and won the primary by less than 2 points. McGrath spent $91 per vote and Booker spent $2.25 per vote. Mitch McConnell spent $34 per vote in 2014. The win number this year is 1 million votes. She needs $91 million to win but McConnell needs just $34 million if total dollars per vote is a metric worth measuring. She literally allowed a completely unknown State Legislator, with almost no money on hand at the start, in about a month's time, catch up and nearly beat here. Dems probably weren't winning that seat anyways. but McGrath isn't a solid candidate. Maybe she'll pull a page out of the Allison Lundgren-Grimes 2014 playbook and refuse to say who she voted for in 2016.
  5. I used to love the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. I saw them all, Ron White, Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, and Larry the Cable Guy live at the Fox. Then Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy came back to town at the Fox together. I realized that I was watching the same exact set, with the same exact jokes from those guys and it wasn't at all funny. Trump is indeed the same, he doesn't know how to pivot or coalition build or even keep the lose coalition he did build. Just like Larry and Jeff were funny the first time I saw them, Trump was exciting when voters first saw him. The zeal and shine have worn off though and the pony has no tricks left to perform. If you're going to do the same thing over and over again at least try to be more like Steven Wright.
  6. "I decided to go with the younger guy" - Ken Holland LOL. What the **** happened Kenny? Why didn't you decide to go with the younger guy when Gustav Nyquist was playing in Grand Rapids and Tomas Tatar was eating popcorn in the press box to start the 2014 season? Why did you decide to go with Mikael Samuelsson and Dan Clearly instead? Whatever, old news now. Congratulations to Kenny on a deserved induction into the Hall of Fame.
  7. Russ Thomas was Old Man Ford's drinking buddy and GM for over 25 years. Chuck Schmidt got a decade as GM, Millen got almost a decade, Mayhew got 7 seasons, and now Quinn has had 4 seasons. This organization is not like the Jimmy Haslam run Cleveland Browns, we don't blow out regimes every two seasons, which is a good thing. If anything, we give regimes too much time.
  8. CNN is reporting it is down to Demings, Harris, Lance-Bottoms, and Warren as the top 4 for VP for Biden.
  9. If they go 9-7, which Quinn himself said wasn't good enough, miss the playoffs, and get brought back then fans will have every right to think Sheila accepts mediocrity just like her father.
  10. I don't think Booker will beat the Kremlin from Kentucky in the end if I had to place a bet, I just feel he's better positioned and ran a better campaign than McGrath did, to give the Democrats any shot. It's a similar template to what Democrats are doing in South Carolina trying to unseat Lindsay.
  11. It probably won't matter either way, Booker or McGrath, but I think following a similar playbook as is being done in South Carolina with Jamie Harrison, isn't a bad strategy for Kentucky Democrats. McGrath had her shot against Andy Barr and fell short.
  12. Andy Bashear ran against Matt Bevin under a cloud of scandal hanging over Bevin. Bevin's favorable numbers had dropped and he was (I believe) having the FBI look into a number of his pardon's as Governor. They'd call McGrath a looney liberal or socialist just the same as they would Booker. They'd run TV ads depicting McGrath being cozy with Washington liberals like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, just the same as they will do to Booker. You can't not run a candidate because of how the other side might brand you.
  13. The hope is that with an African-American nominee Louisville/Louisville Metro will turn out at a higher percentage than they otherwise would have with McGrath at the top of the ticket. I would guess the murder of Breonna Taylor was a motivating force for some votes in the Louisville area and Booker is a hometown son that can continue to speak to that anger and channel that energy.
  14. The base of the Democratic party in that state is overwhelmingly African-American. Why not follow the same template as South Carolina and run an African-American candidate who is better suited to drive up turnout among the voter base. Furthermore, Amy McGrath had a chance, in a lean-R/toss up district to win, in a year which there was a blue tsunami on Congress, and she still came up short to Andy Barr.
  15. McGrath couldn't beat Andy Barr in a blue tsunami, but she was going to beat McConnell? Also, do you really want a Democratic Senator who would have voted in favor of Brett Kavanaugh?
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