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  1. I'm not saying it would work, I'm just saying that if anyone was to do it, Sanders is the type of person that would.
  2. Slotkin no, but Stevens potentially. I believe had he been President in 2018 he's potentially publicly endorsing Fayrouz Saad in that primary race.
  3. That's why I think you'll see that strategy implemented in safer blue seats where he thinks he can flip it to a progressive Democrat. I don't think he would go after a Manchin or a Tester. The Dan Lapinski (anti-choice, moderate Dem) vs. Marie Newman (progressive. pro choice Dem) in Illinois 3rd Congressional District comes to mind as an example of a race he would potentially meddle in.
  4. I believe it would be the opposite, to a point. I think a Sanders Presidency would consist of lots of rallies, marches, protests, and press conferences against the wealthy, corporations, Republicans, and those in his own party that won't go along with the major parts of his agenda. Say for example if the Democrats controlled the House and either refused to bring M4A up to a floor vote or they voted it down, I could easily see Bernie holding a press conference everyday there after railing on about how it is day #476, #477, #478 since the Democratic majority in the House refused to bring universal healthcare to a vote and/or voted it down. I think he would strategically pick fights with his own party over major parts of his agenda to either pressure them into voting for it or at minimum raise awareness around the issue. I also think for those that don't go along (see AOC vs. Joe Crowley as an example) that Sanders would, in certain instances, welcome primaries to more moderate, centrist Democrats. I don't believe he would welcome that as a universal strategy, but for centrist Democrats he believes are in safe blue seats, I think he would back more progressive options.
  5. Do you believe that suburban moderates, most suburban especially women, who voted for candidates like Gretchen Whitmer or Haley Stevens in Michigan, Tony Evers in Wisconsin, Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania in 2018, etc. will suddenly shift back to Trump and/or stay home if Bernie Sanders is the nominee? Are the ideas of debt free college for their kids/grandkids, universal childcare, M4A, a humble foreign policy, corporate accountability, a federal jobs guarantee really so scary that they'd vote or stay home to keep Trump in office? Would it be some video clip from 1982 about Sanders talking about Daniel Ortega and the Sandistas (the average person thinks a Sandista is the person who makes your drink at Starbucks) or some other dirt dug up by Republicans that does it? The Democratic-Socialism label? Conversely, the 18-35 crowd was told to shut up and get in line behind Hillary in 2016 and they watched as she lost to Donald Trump. I don't know that you can get them in line two election cycles in a row if Biden is the nominee.
  6. RIP to Terry Jones of Monty Python. As someone who has watched Holy Grail, Life of Brian, and Meaning of Life probably 100 times combined I am sad to see Jones pass. This new learning amazes me Sir Bedevere. Explain to me again how sheep’s bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes. Certainly sire!
  7. No thanks on Minshew but yes on Oliver. I wanted one of Oliver, Burns, Sweat, Bush at the time over Hockenson. We didn't go that direction so I can only hope TJ develops into a stud TE and those other guys fizzle out. I'm guessing that Mel Kiper didn't particpate in this redraft because all we heard from Mel is what an awesome player Hockenson would be. He called him Gronkowski 2.0.
  8. I think it would be easier to get a 40 and up, more moderate/conservative Democrat to plug their nose and go for Bernie or Warren than it would be getting a younger person to go for Biden. To your point, the 18-39 crowd has wanted a big shift and change for some time now. I think many thought they were going to get that under Obama and were disappointed when they did not and are now only amplified on their desires. Given the overwhelming number of young people polled who think capitalism is a problem, the Democratic Party is eventually going to get to a point where being pro capitalist or at least not being a capitalist reformer ala Warren, is going to be a determent to your campaign. We are starting to see the tip of that conflict with the Biden vs. Bernie feud that's playing out now. I believe with voices like AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Ro Khanna, etc. gaining a higher profile in the party that this rift will only grow in election cycles to come.
  9. I wouldn't have hired Lynch but am capable of admitting he's done a nice job and better than our guy Quinn.
  10. If he wasn't a bad GM then what prevented this team from taking the next step when he was running the show? Did someone walk under a ladder or did a black cat sneak in to Ford Field and the Lions draft war room?
  11. And if they make the wrong decision, shouldn't they go along with the GM who didn't work out? Again, I'm not going to die on the hill of firing Rod Wood, but would prefer a different Team President.
  12. Of course I am not arguing he is Mike's son. I'm saying that Kyle and John never worked or played together, unlike Quinn and Patrica. Are you inferring Martin Mayhew is a reason for the 49'ers success?
  13. I could be wrong, but I believe Rod worked with Accorsi on that. I'm not dead set on him being fired, but Quinn has to be an incredibly short leash next season.
  14. Right and he and Kyle never player, coached, or held any front office position together. Quinn and Patricia were, by dozens of reports, close with one another and personal friends outside of the work environment.
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