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  1. Pride of Detroit: Bob Quinn Values Speed and Athleticism the Most
  2. MCS do you think Baligian would get along with Valenti as a co-host?
  3. Chris Webber coming over from TNT would be fantastic as well. It would be nothing but "Webber calls timeout" drops all show long.
  4. Former Lions Wideout Herman Moore would be another interesting choice. I'm not sure what Herm knows about non-football related sports. However, when 105.1 used to have him on the air he was always an enjoyable listen, had a good voice for radio and clearly knowledgeable about the issues that were brought up. I do doubt though that Valenti would be willing to work side-by-side with a former athlete given how much he likes to call out and dog other athletes, while never showing a willingness to step into the locker room and face them. Valenti also habitually trashes the Lions as an organization and on the field. Herm probably wouldn't stand for that either.
  5. We were told not to focus on Ebron's drop rate either. We see how that has turned out . . .
  6. Is it a fools errand to focus on his 11% drop rate in college?
  7. If those were our final four guys I would be cool with everyone but Njoku because of the obvious with him. Anyone of Barnett, Foster or Watt could make an immediate impact on our defense as a starter from game one.
  8. Would a women like Jennifer Hammond work in the slot and with a guy like Valenti? It would certainly be a very different twist. Add onto to that, Hammer has experience doing radio having been on WDFN back in the day.
  9. What about moving Tony Ortiz into the afternoon slot? Maybe hiring Woody Woodriffe from Fox 2 Sports?
  10. With Reuben Foster failing a drug test, would you still take him at #21?
  11. Watt has been steadily rising up organization's draft boards it seems. Just a few weeks ago he seemed like a 2nd round lock and now he's getting into the early 20's of the 1st round. I don't think I'd have a problem with Watt at #21 to be honest. If nothing else, the football pedigree makes me intrigued.
  12. It is sad to see Terry's run end due to health complications and not on his own accord. The guy is as deserving as anyone to have a final run to wave and say goodbye on his own time-table. I wasn't the biggest Foster fan in the world, but I will still miss being on the air. I wonder who replaces Foster as Valenti's new sidekick? I'm personally hoping they bring back Matt Dery. On the days when it would just be Valenti and Dery together I thought they did a great job.
  13. Since you see Cunningham potentially falling out of the first do you still have him getting picked ahead of guys like Jarred Davis and Raekown McMillan?
  14. Not that I have a clue who would honestly be a good fit, but these are a couple of names I have suggested in the past in regards to the question of who would replace Kenny . . . Michael Futa (LA Kings: Director of Player Personnel) Paul Fenton (Nashville: Director of Scouting and Assistant GM) Julien BriseBois (Tampa Bay: Assistant GM) Ryan Stewart (Chicago: Director of Pro Scouting) Joe Will (San Jose: Assistant GM)
  15. So I'm the new Jeff Moss?