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  1. So the Chiefs just traded their 1st and 2nd to the Seahawks for Frank Clark and then signed him @ 5 years/$105mil. Now, I wanted Clark over Flowers initially in the off-season, but I would have never traded that draft capital and given out that size a contract to him.
  2. So with the draft less than two days away who does everyone want the pick to be and who do you think the pick will be? Want: Montez Sweat, DE/Miss State Think: TJ Hockenson, TE/Iowa
  3. We bailed out GM to the tune of nearly $12 billion and not a decade later, this is how taxpayers are repaid, with plant closures and layoffs.
  4. Why redevelop properties when you can charge $45 a car to park. Just keep building parking lots.
  5. https://scholars.unh.edu/survey_center_polls/558/ Bernie up 12% in the latest wayo too early University of New Hampshire poll for the New Hampshire Democratic Primary. Bernie Sanders - 30% Joe Biden - 18% Mayor Pete - 15% Warren - 5% Kamala Harris - 4% Beto O'Roruke - 3%
  6. Trump smells things alright, and depending on whether she shaves, there may or may not be hair there.
  7. Don't tell that to Kenny. He gave one dimensional Darren Helm a 3 year/$3.85 million dollar extension.
  8. If the scenario Cruzer posted from 97.1 played itself out (and it won't) I would be disappointed if Kyler Murray wasn't our pick. I wouldn't have a problem if the organization had a multi-year plan to draft Murray and sit him this year and then trade Stafford next off-season when the cap hit lessens. I'd be willing to give Quinn the time and job security necessary to try that.
  9. Why make trades when every year "we like our team."
  10. Always my favorite Easter cartoon. Don't worry though, he loves you.
  11. This is exactly how I feel, beyond being relieved that Kenny isn't making contractual decisions anymore. The obvious, correct decision was made and it's refreshing that no one or no thing got in the way of it.
  12. Now that we have (a redacted version) of the Mueller report, do you believe Nancy Pelosi should give into members of her caucus and start the impeachment proceedings?
  13. THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bon Voyage Kenny and welcome back Stevie Y!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to miss the whole "we like our team" bit though.
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