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  1. Could this potentially be worked into a three team trade with the Celtics where the Pistons could both dump Drummond's contract and add 1st round pick in the process? Would Danny Ainge have any interest in a player like DeAndre Jordan as his inside presence on defense protecting the basket and rebounding?
  2. So what if he doesn't tell the cop he has a gun, goes to grab his driver license and the cop sees a gun at that point? You think the situation is somehow different if he doesn't inform the officer?
  3. WaPo: Aren’t more white people than black people killed by police? Yes, but no. Percentages matter.
  4. The cop told him to get his license, which he was more than likely going for. Should he have not told the cop about the gun and allowed the cop to be surprised when he saw that there was a gun in the car?
  5. He was scared because the guy was black most likely. If that same scenario happened with lily white people in the the car, the man in that scenario would most likely still be alive.
  6. That's the go to excuse for a cop, "he was going for his gun." Why would Castile tell the officer he had a firearm in the car if he intended to use it against the cop?
  7. If you expect cups you're in the wrong league!
  8. This is so disheartening to watch the dashcam video. What a huge injustice done to Phialndo Castile by that officer.
  9. Moved post to a different thread.
  10. I'm glad that a city that was on the brink of bankruptcy and complete fiscal collapse a few years ago, and whose school district got taken over by the state, has its priorities in line. I don't know if you saw the John Oliver Last Week Tonight rant about taxpayer subsidized sports stadiums, but if you haven't you should check it out.
  11. I think the comparison is apt because both have created teams that are stuck in neutral and either don't realize it or think their plan will get them out of it.
  12. Yup! As I stated earlier, Holland is the SVG of hockey, a guy incapable of seeing that his team is stuck in neutral and a guy who thinks being sub.500 as a franchise is acceptable.
  13. I meant Lee Iacocca . . . Yeah Hackett, not Fields. In any case, all these jobs were supposed to be saved or brought back by imposing a massive import tax at the border on products that were made overseas and shipped here. So if Trump is going to keep his word I guess we can expect to see such a tax imposed onto FoMoCo. for making the Focus overseas and importing it back to the states.
  14. Detroit News: Ford to shift Focus production to China in 2019 Make America Great Again! Right? RIGHT? I thought he was going to save AMERICAN JOBS for AMERICANS? He's a great negotiator right? Why isn't he negotiating with Mark Fields, Ford's CEO to save these jobs? Where is the 20% tariff he was going to impose at the border for anyone that thinks they can make something overseas and bring it into the states to sell?
  15. Sunn Sweeney killing it with REAL country music . . .