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  1. If there is a candidate who will take it from Biden I think Warren is it. She has gone up in poll after poll, steadily, over a period of 4-5 months now. I think she will continue to rope in more college educated Democrats, young people, leftward progressives, and women into her coalition and build it up even stronger. She has no significant negatives going against her at this point either and is likely viewed as one of the most honest and authentic candidates in the race.
  2. Pride of Detroit: Former Patriots Wide Out Dontrelle Inman Vists Lions Another day, another former Patriot. We need a backup QB more than another wide out. Anyone know what Drew Beldsoe is up to these days?
  3. If 2020 was a bloodbath for Republicans at the polls and Democrats ended up in control of all three branches of government, would the party leadership (RNC, McConnell, McCarthy, etc.) finally gravitate away from the Trump stranglehold or would they double-down on it since they are so far into the weeds with this guy and his troglodyte supporters?
  4. Yep, agreed. When I talk about the Evers/Whitmer/Wolf voters I am imagining most all of them will hold and vote for the Dem nominee, making it very hard for the Republicans to increase their base or expand the electorate in battleground states they need to win. I think the Dems win the Senate back with, as you mentioned, by nationalizing the election and making it a referendum on anyone who supports Trump getting cleaned out. They also need quality candidates, which they are lacking in a few key states right now. In particular, North Carolina and Georgia, where the former Mayor of Charlotte Anthony Foxx and Stacey Abrams have respectively declined to run.
  5. Yes, that was my point, not that independent voters overall are a myth. Democrats can chase after those >10% voting base, but I think their resources would be better spent reaching out to voters of color, young voters with women, and holding working class voters who swung back their way in the midterms.
  6. The bigger question, assuming he loses, will be if he accepts the election results or if he cries about fake voters and illegal immigrants voting.
  7. Another way I look at it is if you live in a midwest state and in 2018 voted for one of Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan, Tom Wolf in Pennsylvania, or Tony Evers in Wisconsin for Governor you are voting for the Democratic nominee in 2020. I would be surprised to find out there was a large group of voters who showed up and voted for Gretchen Whitmer and then stayed home in 2020 or crossed over for Trump. Same goes for Evers and Wolf in Wisconsin and Penn.
  8. I think for Democrats it is going to be much more beneficial to try and turn out the base and raise the electorate by turning out younger voters + voters of color who dropped off last time than it is chasing after this mythical swatch of independent voters who went Trump last time. As you mentioned, white independent voters are less than 10%, so raising the electorate with young people and persons of color at any age will be a bigger assist to the Democrats in taking back the White House.
  9. It's only the preseason is what I keep telling myself. However, the depth pieces we have don't look good and our guys in general don't look like a team that's done a lot of good practicing together. Hopefully its only meaningless preseason football and we will be better than this as a whole come week one.
  10. They're trying to protect him from criticism by me and all the haters out there. The regular season will be long enough with it. 😂 Seriously though, he should be in there because he needs to get reps in the new offensive scheme.
  11. Opening drive too and we start with a penalty for 12 men on the field. There's that famous Lions disciplined coaching just beaming through.
  12. It's just preseason, but our offensive depth looks suspect.
  13. Jesus groped Mary Magdalene. "And I say onto thee you have a nice set of tits and I runeth thy hand across thy b**b" - Proverbs 8:16 #MAGABible
  14. Hillary may have "won the debates" overall and I don't dispute that she did. That said, Trump had two major moments that I think helped him quite a bit with the right constituency, at the right time. That constituency being white working class voters. Moment one is when he went after Clinton for her husband having signed NAFTA/her support of the TPP and moment two was the "Honest Abe" exchange he had with her.
  15. Do we think Trump could even point out Greenland on a map?
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