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  1. I guess the Trumpflakes need a safe space.
  2. NYT: White House Bars Times and Other News Outlets From Briefing It was once said by Milton Friedman that "We're all Keynesians now." We should update that phrase with the word fascists IMO.
  3. It's bluish-green here in Faarmington Hills right now. We got a quick spirt of rain (15 minutes or so) and then it stopped.
  4. I know a team that's got desire, set the NHL on fire . . .
  5. The guy that auto-correct thinks plays defense for the Red Wings.
  6. It makes perfects sense in Kenny's mind because the guy is a complete dolt. This guy is putting himself in the running for worst GM of the major four sports. What on Earth (or any of the 7 newly discovered planets) would possess you to hang onto Brandon Smith? We aren't going to be a winning franchise anytime soon, so no reason not to trade him and get draft picks.
  7. I've always respected the guy. He's the only politician I know who takes to Facebook to explain the votes he makes in Congress to his constituents. He tells you what the legislation was that he voted on, how he voted and why. That's some true transparency and accountability there.
  8. Our playoff chances, mapped out below . . .
  9. I'm sorry, I was lying badly there, way off base with my numbers.
  10. You mean 50% of the 38% who approve of the job he's done?
  11. They usually don't **** the bed the first night they sleep in it though.
  12. EmmyLou Harris does a fantastic version of "I Still Miss Someone: . . .
  13. There is the argument to be made though that a solid front 7 will help a mediocre secondary cover its weaknesses up and look better than it actually is (see Lions Defense circa 2014). With that, some may feel there is no need to spend a 1st rounder on a corner when you have potentially have the chance to upgrade the DL.
  14. Rust belt, blue-collar, union voters who went for Trump aren't what people mean when they say Bernie Bro though. What people mean to imply is that Bernie Bros are a bunch of punk-***, spoiled millennials between 21 and 34 who refused to vote for Hillary based on the ideological purity standards that she failed to meet and the idea that somehow the primary was rigged on her behalf by her surrogates. But point taken on the rust belt voters crossing over, they certainly hurt her a lot. In a lot of ways though, she created the mess she was in with rust belt voters. Whether her support for NAFTA/PNTR with China over the last two and a half decades, having no real economic message this election cycle, being a terrible campaigner, ignoring rustbelt states when campaigning, etc. She made her own bed in that regard.
  15. Bernie Bros. didn't cost her the election as much as her campaigns own arrogance not to campaign in Wisconsin even one time and to wait until the last minute to visit Michigan. She also had no message and stood for nothing that related to the struggle of the working class. They blew it big time in the rust belt.