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  1. I think Warren did the best overall tonight, if a little too quiet in the second hour. I thought Julian Castro impressed as well, which I didn't expect.
  2. Axel Holstrom was hyped up as a steal at one time, but it looks like that is one of those HFBoards/Twitter fan favorites that has done about what you'd expect out of pick #196.
  3. Where is Stan to defend the "she's not my type comment" in relation to sexual assault? I'm awaiting a response about Bill Clinton or something . . .
  4. I wonder who Harbaugh will transfer in to start over this kid since he likes everybody's QB's but the ones he has on the team and actually recruited.
  5. So we averted War with Iran because of one of the President's mood swings . . . ok! I guess if that's what it took to stop a calamity in Iran it's better than what John Bolton wanted with boots on the ground.
  6. I listened to the studio version of Peter Frampton's Do You Feel Like We Do for the first time ever and didn't care for it. I guess I am so accustomed to hearing the live version that I wasn't really digging the studio cut.
  7. Valenti is on 97.1 today saying that the draft last night is a smoke signal that the Pistons will trade Blake and build around Drummond. Why draft a 3 year project at both 15 and 30 if you are truly trying to win now.
  8. Is this a case where the guy just needs to get on a weight gain program and beef up or does he have a health issue that is causing significant weight loss? 200lbs. seems dangerously low and unhealthy for a 7'2 individual.
  9. Does Bol Bol have a mysterious gun charge against him we all don't know about? Really didn't think he would drop like this.
  10. Is the kid Bol Bol from Oregon when it at #30?
  11. Given that we don't know what this team is and will be, that's a possibility. This is one of the most unknown teams, with the largest variables, in the NFL. Looking at this from the perspective of they could be a really solid team if things click or they could be another 6-10 train wreck. So I could see them blow the Cardinals out or another repeat performance of what Sam Darnold and the Jets did to us.
  12. Probably not. They would either want a prospect or potentially a future 1st to make that deal. I'd at least ask about moving up to 4th though and I trust Yzerman to do his due diligence.
  13. Byram is my top choice as the cupboard is pretty bare defensively and Byram projects to be a #1 pairing guy who can move the puck, has a good shot and can score. He gives this organization just what we need.
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