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  1. Come on, guys. Major moves aren't made in April. They are made either in the off season, or in July, when the trading deadline nears. Not that the Tigers would have much to trade. The only other way a trade could possibly happen early on in the season is if a team loses a position player to a long-term injury. Inge could then be a tempting pickup for someone. Now if by a major move you mean a Tiger reliever or two is sent down or released, and the minor league relief pitching shuttle fires up, then the Tigers could make a "major" move. But the everyday lineup is what it is, no way will there be any change. Everyone will just have to ride out the hitting slump. It will end...Hopefully very, very soon.
  2. I'm with T33. Marinelli hasn't proved anything as a head coach, other than he can lose just as many games as Marty and Mooch. Marinelli has been mostly talk to this point. Despite saying all the right things, a 3-13 record isn't going to get him the benefit of the doubt. Remember, Bobby Ross preached discipline, said the same sort of things as Marinelli, and he actually had a track record. We all know how that ended. Now that he has supposedly cleared out the locker room malcontents, I think this coming season is the make or break year for Marinelli. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't have my hopes up.
  3. Let Terry Foster begin with the soon to be rampant speculation about Joe Dumars' next move...
  4. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/blog/index?name=simmons It's mentioned about halfway down...
  5. I'm another longtime lurker who always made a point to read Brian's posts. I really don't know what I can add, other than my thoughts go out to Brian's, and all the other families, who lost loved ones in the awful events of yesterday.
  6. I live in Monroe County, and have the same issues with Charter. I sent them an email last night, and got this in reply... In other words, they supposedly don't have the room. I find that hard to believe.
  7. Wins: 94 Home record: 52-29 HR: Monroe RBI: Sheffield BA: Polanco
  8. When you don't know the plays, you're going to look slow and tentative. Nazr Mohammed has had all season to learn the offense, and he rarely came close to the production that Webber gave them in only his 2nd game. Give Webber time, he'll be fine.
  9. Why not take a chance on C-Webb? It's just going to cost money. He brings skills to the table that none of the other big men have. But it's not a slam dunk that he's the answer. The downsides being his knees, defense, and the U of M/Ed Martin baggage, which you know the media is going to ask about. Even though he's no longer as good as he once was, he's still better than Nazr Mohammed. From everything I've read, Nazr is probably the odd man out, not Maxiel. Thank goodness. I think all the rumors surrounding the Pistons interest in Webber, plus Wells and Mo-Pete, confirms that Dumars' believes that the Pistons are not winning the NBA title as currently constructed. It leads one to think... That the Spurs were right about Nazr Mohammed, and the Pistons now realize the contract was a mistake. His minutes are rapidly diminishing. They don't think that McDyess' slow start is a temporary thing, but a sign that he's begun his decline. The team needs a spark similar to the boost 'Sheed gave them in 2004. That they have 1 more good run in them, so they need to pull out the stops before the title window closes all together.
  10. All is not yet lost for cable viewers. A quick search of Google News turned this up... http://www.multichannel.com/article/CA6404687.html
  11. Randy Smith was run of the mill bad. But Matt Millen? Millen is historically bad. Legendarily bad. The sort of bad that will be talked about for generations. When you look up bad in the encyclopedia, you'll see Millen's picture. Millen will be the comparison used when talking about how low a GM can take a franchise. Millen is so bad, that no other GM will ever be allowed to surpass Millen's ineptness, as they would have been canned long before they could do Millen-esque damage to a franchise. Millen gets my vote.
  12. You kick because if you don't get the TD on 4th down, the game is, for all intents and purposes, over. It was a gimme FG, so you kick it, take the points, and you are down only 1 score. The way that Minny's offense was sitting on their lead, plus the Lions D was playing well at that point, Detroit was going to get the ball back with plenty of time to try and get the tying TD. Not kicking the FG was as dumb as Morhinwheg taking the wind to start OT, and Ross going for 2 when down 4. OK, maybe not as dumb as taking the wind... It was just another bad decision by an inexperienced head coach who is in over his head.
  13. The fact that I'm still watching this debacle unfold between 2 teams going nowhere but to the top of the draft proves that I must be some sort of masochist. You can take nothing positive from this game, other than the season will be one game closer to ending.
  14. It's official, the latest BCS has the wolverines still #2. http://msn.foxsports.com/cfb/story/6188380 It's going to come down to the USC - ND game, period.
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