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  1. The internet was made to share things like this.
  2. All the Reyes talk has me excited, I didn't think he would be a great idea but there is no denying he would correct a lot of the things people complained about on here throughout the year. I like Bruce Chen as a Left Handed SP pickup. He'd be cheap, tried and tested in the AL(Central), solid numbers the last 2 years for a #4/5 starter and available. Turner could start the year at AAA if the main 4 from this year are all back, and be sure when he comes up, he is up for good. We need a backup catcher for Avila. I don't think Martinez will be catching again, and I don't mind. If Inge would agree to catch 30/40 games over the year, I could certainly live with it. If he doesn't, its hard to justify his roster spot, as much as I would like too. Santos could certainly catch, but his bat would more than likely be hopeless. Ryan Doumit anyone? Could catch, play some 1B to spell Miggy and be a 6th OF to boot. His bat would certainly be a lot more useful than Santos' too. For the bullpen, Joel Peralta. Were set at the back end, Coke will be back in the pen and hopefully Al Al will return to what he was - he'll certainly be given the chance to do so. I was happy when we were linked with Peralta at the trade deadline, so would like it if we went for him now. He'd give another solid RHP in the pen and would hopefully mean Perry could be in AAA or possible trade bait. And lastly yeah, Reyes. Lead off hitter with excellent speed and defense, sign me up. Jhonny could move over to 3B and the left side of the infield would all of a sudden have 2 very good bats and gloves. Verlander - God Fister - RHP Scherzer - RHP Porcello - RHP Chen - LHP Valverde - 9th Benoit - 8th Coke - LHP Peralta - RHP Al Al - RHP Schlereth - LHP Reyes - SS Boesch - OF Cabrera - 1B Martinez - DH Avila - C Peralta - 3B Young - OF Santiago - 2B Jackson - CF Dirks - OF Doumit - C/1B/OF Inge - 3B Raburn - 2B/OF Kelly - Everywhere My only issue was trying to justify a roster spot for Inge if he is only going to play 3B. If we sign Reyes, Peralta moves across and Kelly is there to back him up. I could have another bullpen arm without having to consider him. Signed for $5 million though, I think he will probably be around. Obviously, at this time of year, its all a load of 'What Ifs?' but heck, its fun trying to work it out! I need something to do over the Winter bar compare Tigers schedule and Expedia flight searches.
  3. Still feeling the effects..
  4. Off to the game now, hopefully it will be as exciting as the last day of last season. (with the same result )
  5. They do! Every game live, pre-season, HD, archived etc. I had the Season Pass for two years, then just the team pass for the Lions last year, though with the very small price difference I might go back to the full thing for this year. *EDIT* : You also get to NFL network live, archived things from NFL network, and archived games from 2009 and 2010 in full too. No post-season on it though.
  6. I'd be lost without it, always watch games in HD through my TV.
  7. No. They are unarmed. Not talking just guns, we have no rubber bullets, water cannons, tear gas, nothing. Rioters aren't even remotely scared of the police or any consequences because the jails are over full already. They are outnumbered. Every police force in the country is cutting numbers and not recruiting, they are having to draft in police from 30 different forces to save the capital tonight. They fear for their jobs. Criminals are protected more than police in this country. Rioting and get hit by a shield/baton? Oh, never mind, just sue the police, get compensation and the officer loses his job to boot. England is a right, royal, mess.
  8. That and 50 more unfortunately! The worst use of video editing software, ever.
  9. Westlake is playing for Vandy now in the CWS on ESPN.
  10. Oh I know, could just as easily never hear of them again I guess. I just think expecting so much from picks in the 300s is a bit.. far-fetched a reason to be crapping on a draft or draft strategy.
  11. The first ten? You'd be passing on a whole bunch of picks then, you think there is 100s of plus major leaguers in every draft class? End of the day, plucking someone like Worth, Wells, Kelly or whoever in the kinda early rounds (5-6 onwards?) can hardly be a disaster.
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