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  1. Felt like the line to be delivered there was; "Bob...Do you want bullet...Or the bite?"
  2. That lawn chair really ties the meth lab together.
  3. Any of the Nexus crowd make a run at Android L yet?
  4. Catch a little March Madness. Group ID - 334442 Password - tigers
  5. Pretty unlikely. Every player on the MSU and OSU travel rosters were administered mandatory drug tests prior to the BTCG. That's how Noah Spence got nabbed for ecstasy.
  6. I assumed, but thought perhaps you'd stumbled upon something on the internets...I should have figured that when I couldn't stumble upon an answer on rootzwiki or xda (short of the convoluted root option you referenced), that there probably wasn't an answer available yet.
  7. Question for Walt in particular, but open to anyone with knowledge (this particular inquiry features a lot of intersection between he and I)... Have you found a method/app for using your X as a WiFi hotspot? I mean short of the root method (which I may just do anyway). I think we're both moto X owners with Verizon unlimited.
  8. They're real...And they're spectacular! I did the old third line shuffle on my RAZR Maxx.
  9. I went back and forth 38 times, but I'm jumping on the Moto X bandwagon. A 32 Gig, green and white X is in my hands. The reviews are almost universally positive... I was able to pick one up off-contract, $350, keep my Verizon unlimited...Feels like a win-win. I've had good experiences with Motorola products, and expect that with their Google affiliation things should be great moving forward.
  10. If I change my font color to green, will that help?
  11. Hate to harp on this subject, but I really would like to see that list of 10 teams that are decisively superior to OSU and MSU. Shelton, I think the 4-team field would line up FSU/MSU and an Iron Bowl rematch.
  12. that time of year... Here's the link. League ID# - 5801 Password - Bluth
  13. I remember a load of uninformed rhetoric like this two years ago, when MSU was meeting SEC East Champ Georgia in a FL bowl game. How'd that pan out? Additionally, I enjoy the fact that MSU is now ranked 4th nationally in both polls, and would theoretically be in place to make the national semifinals, had that system been in place for the 2013 campaign. I don't know about you, but to me that feels like something resembling national relevance. Incidentally, where's that list of 6 other teams?
  14. Count me among the posters that will eagerly await the other 6 teams that would clearly keep MSU (or OSU for that matter) out of a list of college football's ten best teams in 2013... And ftr, I absolutely believe MSU could give Auburn a competitive game...Perhaps FSU too.
  15. Sagarin's SOS ratings: FSU - 63 'Bama - 45 Baylor - 60 MSU - 55 Going into yesterday's action the FEI ratings: FSU - 98 (Duke will raise this a bit) Bama - 40 Mizzou - 57 (AU will raise it) Okie St - 87 (up) OSU - 95 (up) MSU - 66 (will move up) Baylor - 79 Louisville - 117 The idea that neither MSU nor OSU are deserving of top 5 let alone top 10 consideration is nutty...And illustrative of a poster that may lack perpesective and the proper context to draw a reliable conclusion. There's but one undefeated program in the BCS this season, the debate for who should join FSU in the MNC is a legit one, and I have no problem with Dantonio making the case for his 1-loss team... I'm not even saying I agree, but there's a case to be made that if the objective is to find the two best teams in the country and have them compete for all the marbles...
  16. I don't know, have you read a few posts from this nut stanpa...Oh wait.
  17. "Irene" - Beach House "Your Drums Your Love" - Aluna George "Supersonic" - Oasis "So Insane" - Discovery "Nineteen" - Tegan and Sara "German Love" - STRFKR "Girls and Boys" - Blur "Street Spirit" - Radiohead "When I'm Small" - Phantogram "Go Outside" - Cults * "D'ya Wanna Be a Spaceman" - Oasis
  18. Friend of mine turned me onto Haim last year with their Forever EP. Not bad. I bought Chvrches debut LP a couple days ago, and I'm giving it a first go right now. Love the lead singer's sound. Additionally, in anticipation of Jake Bugg's sophomore album, I've revisited his debut... Impressive talent.
  19. Between the ridiculously substandard WR play, the horrendously poor injury luck on the offensive line (lost 2 starters for the season before Big Ten play even started, and another couple for multiple starts including Michigan - where we were out both starting tackles and our center), and some very mediocre play-calling...I'd have to agree with you. I've got some more on Dantonio and the QB battle that I'll get to later.
  20. I've got an awfully good source on arguably the State's top prospect, Brian Cole...MSU is and has been out in front (he has a top 3 of MSU, OSU and Tennessee), Cole would like to see his recruitment over with sooner rather than later (which would bode well for MSU) but his parents want him to take his time. It can't hurt that Cole has very good relationships with the Cass Tech guys, Stallworth and Tyson Smith, as well as the kid from Oak Park we just offered. Dantonio wanted a difference maker in this area... I believe he found one. In other news the first serious scrimmage of the "fall" occurred Saturday. Some takes of mine: Round one to Maxwell...Conklin seems to grabbing ahold of the starting LT slot, and there's a great battle ongoing at RG between Allen and France...It sounds like Jeremy Langford is in this thing for real (to start at RB )...If you can get somebody to take the wager, bet your house on the offense in the next scrimmage...Really glad to see some QB pressure from the DE slots (Rush, Calhoun, Lyles, Heath) as well as Taiwan Jones, all recorded at least one sack...That pressure (and the turnovers that often accompany it) was/were the only thing(s) missing from what was a pretty dominant defense...Nice to hear some positives coming from the wide out position.
  21. I don't think there's any question that we lost some Detroit steam not long after we lost Enos. Regardless, the Blackwell hire looks fantastic on paper, and if any of the rumblings flyin' around the net tonight are true... It'll sound even better "verbalized" later this week.
  22. Even though we're off to a very solid recruiting start, MSU football may have nabbed it's biggest prize of the whole shebang... Curtis Blackwell. Founder of Sound Mind Sound Body, HC of the Max Exposure 7v7 team...Gets named Director of Personnel and Advancement/Camp Director (see recruiting coordinator) ! Folks in the know are saying it's a massive massive add. Lots of positive things happening "behind the scenes" with respect to MSU Football (from a personnel and infrastructure standpoint)...Now let's put a season together worthy of it all and get this ship back on course.
  23. Anybody own one yet? I realize early functionality is somewhat limited (although still worth every penny of its fantastic price point), but considering it has its own SDK - developers are going to be able to do some awesome stuff.
  24. Couldn't agree more. I had a near love at first listen with Youth and Young Manhood (actually with their Holy Roller Novocaine EP) , and thought Aha was a pretty good follow-up...When Because of the Times came out I honestly thought they had a legit shot at claiming the mantle of best American Rock Band going...And then Only by the Night happened (don't get me wrong there are a couple redeemable tracks on there) but they just plain lost "it". Sold out, stadium rock, overproduced, mainstreamed... However you want to characterize it - it had happened. And they sure as hell didn't recapture it with Come Around Sundown. Here's to hopefully better days ahead.
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