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  1. Might cost less $$ wise, but there's a ton of excess baggage that follows that guy wherever he goes
  2. Friday- Verlander (10-5, 3.85 ERA) vs. Liriano (6-6, 3.32 ERA) Saturday- Bonderman (4-6, 4.81 ERA) vs. Blackburn (7-6, 6.00 ERA) Sunday- Oliver (0-2, 5.93 ERA) vs. Pavano (9-6, 3.58 ERA) Friday night should be fun. Verlander's been real hot lately, 10 Ks in his last outing and Liriano always pitches well at Comerica. Minnesota keeping a close watch on Morneau as he is day to day after the slide last the other night. I can't imagine him benched throughout the weekend considering the closeness of the race before the break. Then again, the Twins have proven recently they have no problem handling the Tigers without him, and Cuddyer has played pretty good 1B. Would be nice though considering what him and Mauer have done to Verlander in the past. I think this game will set the tone for the rest of the series. Saturday is kind of hard to put a guess on. Bondo's been really unpredictable this year. Not entirely his fault though as it seems like the offense disappears on nights he pitches. He did get the W against the Twinkies on the 28th, although he did start to struggle early and went only 5 1/3 giving up 4 runs. One upside is that he has been much better at home. I like Jeremy matched up with Blackburn due to the fact I feel the Tigs can give him a little more run support against Nick rather than somebody else. Sunday is the scary one. If Andrew Oliver's next home start is anything like his last he won't make it out of the 1st. I understand there is a blossoming period and hopefully he can speed his up as Sunday will be by far the biggest start of his young career. It may decide the Central leader at the break. Not to mention he's gotta face Carl Pavano. There are certain guys that seem to be kryptonite for the Tigers. Other than Luke Scott, they play for/have played for the Minnesota Twins . Joe Crede, Jim Thome, and Carl Pavano. Lifetime 2.88 ERA against Detroit having done 90% of that damage in 2009 going 4-1 against the Tigs. I think the secret to his recent success has got to be that gawd-awful stache'. If I was at the plate, I'm sure I could do nothing but laugh. Rather see Baker or Slowey on Sunday for sure. The Blue Jays walked on the Twins last night so the worst shape the Tigers can be in going into Sunday is tied. No matter how the first two games go I think Sunday is most important as it can be a real good momentum boost getting a win against a rival going into the halfway point. As Tiger fans I think getting 2 out of 3 from the Twins should be very satisfying. ( By the way check this out........heavethehawk.com)
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