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  1. it's a bit more expensive than whatever Kroger-owned chain, but if you have a New Seasons out in your 'burb, they might be worth a shot for your next outing, as they seem to have their cr@p together pretty well. carts/baskets sanitized after every use, limit on number of shoppers in the store, rearrangement of whatever areas need it to accomodate long but well-spaced lines, etc. I went to the Grant Park store over the weekend (though apparently during a low-traffic time) and found it to be a lot less inherently stressful than I was expecting. and if you're old enough, they have dedicated hours for seniors (8-9 AM daily, IIRC).
  2. I was seriously wondering if you'd died right before a particular game. glad you're still around!
  3. well, it's hardly worth it, but... BOOOOOOO.
  4. Don't forget that your sushi is really cheap, too.
  5. holy crackers, that's even more insane than Portland.
  6. yeah, I'm not referring to the amount or quality of trolling. more the person.
  7. so put him on ignore. he's just a wee troll who's not worth the attention.
  8. it's times like this that I wish our forum software had a "facepalm" reaction.
  9. well, I'm sure that $145 million fine will teach everyone a lesson. 🙄
  10. where on the embarrassment scale is "I knew about the arrow years and years ago but then apparently forgot, because I have to think about where the filler is every time"?
  11. not a license plate, but once I bought some towels, and on the receipt, all the non-leading vowels were removed from the item: EGYPTN SPRM BTH short for "Egyptian Supreme Bath (towels)", obviously.
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