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  1. troll must be getting fat from all this feeding.
  2. glad he was investigating the Russia investigation instead of, you know, Russia.
  3. my employer recently signed leases to take over two more floors in this building. I hope to **** my team can get a room on one of those floors. I'll take the potential street noise from being 6-8 floors lower over this open-floorplan ghetto any day. nothing really to do with WeWork, just a tangent on the subject of workspaces.
  4. And then he makes a nice sliding catch and gets some road rash for his trouble.
  5. Not complaining really, but I wish it were for reasons other than market forces.
  6. ugh ugh ugh. now Cisnero can't handle a poor bunt and doesn't even give himself a chance to throw to 2B.
  7. ugh, Farmer should have thrown to 2nd on Puig's bunt. Candelario made a nice save on the throw to 1B.
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