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  1. RonRod breaks the perfect game, no-hitter, and shutout all at once.
  2. doubles by Demeritte and Mercer make it 2-0 Tigers.
  3. Niko is killin' at SS tonight. edit: or 2B or whatever he's playing.
  4. what the ******* ****? I hope that's a prosecutable crime, not that I expect him to get taken down.
  5. Soto needs to stay after class for some extra PFP.
  6. Dickerson seems to be into it as well, at least to the extent that he's into interleague play.
  7. so Goodrum and Dixon ran into each other, causing Goodrum to Raburn the ball over the wall? is that about what happened? I just have the radio broadcast here.
  8. Niko gets his run back from the GR double, scoring on a wild pitch.
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