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  1. forget staying lit—my dad tried that exactly once and got enough ash back in his face that he never tried it again. (plus he eventually quit smoking.)
  2. Sigh. I can only assume they got pasted as links, even though (I'm pretty sure) I did "copy image" and then paste. WEAK. (the links definitely wouldn't work from outside of my home network.) I'll try again later.
  3. yeah, hard to say. he seemed pretty firm that it was true and so he didn't care whether people thought it was fake, but anyone can say that. it did seem pretty wild.
  4. The account (https://twitter.com/archer_rs/) has apparently been removed.
  5. Oh, yeah, forgot about old IDE drives/protocol. I actually asked the authors of the software I referenced above about things, and apparently they added back "primary"/"secondary" as config aliases a couple years ago, though I haven't found docs yet that acknowledge that change. My systems may not be the most up-to-date, though, and googling stuff of course can be a bit of a crap shoot.
  6. I remember about 20 years ago when a particular piece of internet software switch from using "primary"/"secondary" for its role names to "master"/"slave", and there was a bit of controversy, but apparently not enough. here's hoping that changes back now.
  7. I'd rather he'd murdered him before the House or Senate, but whatcha gonna do?
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