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  1. Haha, as long as it's more like big band music and less like that Pat Metheny freeform ****.
  2. Oregon is going on a two-week "freeze" starting on the 18th. Multnomah County (where Portland is) gets 4 weeks. no dine-in, no gatherings of more than 6 people from more than 2 households, all the usual jazz. plus one of my friends was exposed at work to someone who tested positive a few days after. she doesn't have the results yet, so she's in quarantine until at least Tuesday. so I guess my Thanksgiving will be over Zoom.
  3. definitely fair. as far as I'm aware, his new job is also one that would be open to basically any one of us. SFA? I think I can guess the "FA", but the "S" isn't coming through for me. no idea if it was worth it to him. not really a friend, just a former coworker. I don't know why he did it, but I would guess it was for the love of knowledge.
  4. re ^^ Mitch? I always knew there was something fake about him.
  5. heh. I used to work with a PhD, and it bugs the **** out of him when people call him "Dr.", so it's pretty much reserved for trolling him. he also makes (I would guess) ~$150k because he's in the private sector ("reliability engineer" at a software company before we were both laid off), but that's a normal pay range for any senior-level non-manager in our industry, degreed or not. at least out west here.
  6. yeah, my watching time has generally been limited to evenings (US Eastern at first and now Pacific) and weekends, and I'm not a morning person, especially on weekends. so I pretty much have to watch after the fact. when I had cable TV, I could watch whatever ESPN had rights to, which I think was anything taking place in England or NZ (and IPL if I'd coughed up extra money). without cable, my option (as far as I'm aware, at least) is now willow.tv, which gives me home-nation coverage of anything outside of those 3. so I could totally watch TV coverage of a Boxing Day test in Aus. but I actually don't have willow.tv any more—just wasn't taking the time to watch it. maybe I'd have stuck with it if I still had ESPN and England. 🤷 but maybe I'll see what I can find for England cricket on the Tubes this summer. thanks for the pointer.
  7. slight correction: if Australia is playing, then F them. beyond that, it doesn't matter. I have no idea how available that is in the states, especially for replays. AFAIK, I'm stuck with home-nation TV commentary.
  8. yep. I started with T20 and then fell in love with first class. test matches specifically, since those have been the easiest for me to get ahold of. nice to just leave it on the TV and go about my day. doesn't even matter who's playing.
  9. Who exactly is Tucker Carlson, this man who claims to be a news anchor? We probably oughtta find out. We have no clue what Tucker Carlson actually thinks or even if he's capable of thinking. He hasn't told us. No one's made him tell us. etc, etc.
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