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  1. canceled his appearance or got hit by Cancel Culture™?
  2. I was waiting for the truck to end up flipping onto its side.
  3. I do edibles only. I don't especially care for the taste of the cannabis, but I can deal fine when it's in dark chocolate. lately the chocolate offerings have been less great, so I've switched to mints, and I can't taste the cannabis at all. whether it's to help me sleep or just get me buzzed for fun, I like about 5 mg of THC and 7.5-10 mg of CBD. there are countless dispensaries in the Portland metropolis. the best name I've seen is Electric Lettuce.
  4. I don't think it's so much a senior moment as it was a "2020 was a constant stream of fnords" moment.
  5. Several comments in that tweet suggest that the video is not from _Perseverance_ and the sound is of unknown origin.
  6. his mother was a US citizen when he was born. some detail: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Cruz_2016_presidential_campaign#Eligibility
  7. in ancient beer news today: https://scienceblog.com/521087/worlds-oldest-industrial-scale-brewery-3000-bc/
  8. sorta too bad that his name wasn't still on it, but I'll definitely take it. so long, sucka.
  9. Posting for the article. Limerick is a bonus.
  10. Now it appears she's closed her account altogether. Snowflake!
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