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  1. oh, it's Garcia pitching. that works. I keep forgetting Joe's out of save situations for now.
  2. can't complain about a 4-run inning. now just white-knuckle it through the 9th.
  3. no play at the plate on a shallow sac fly. that was a little surprising.
  4. Tigers lead 3-2 on RBI singles from Haase and Cameron. woke up from my nap just in time.
  5. wow, to get such a jump trying to steal home and then missing the plate.
  6. ooh, nice pic, @John_Brian_K! (FWIW, I had the problems on my chromebook, and I'm all-in on the google ecosystem, for better or for worse.)
  7. weird, all I see is ⛔ (except grey instead of red) in the center of an area the size of a picture. that's in Chrome. in Firefox, I just see a string of characters. no mushrooms. 🙁
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