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  1. if I have to watch something this bad, I guess I might as well put on some MST3k and at least get some laughs out of it.
  2. bad throw to first, Jones plays soccer and kicks it down the line, ends up on 3rd. sac fly from Stewart, 3-2 Tigers.
  3. had the Tigers had back-to-back homers yet this year? edit: 3rd time this year, says Dan.
  4. video appears to be back. edit: well, for about 5 seconds.
  5. I'm not having any problems with the ESPN feed on my Roku, FWIW. EDIT: well, until now. got the "commercial break in progress" since the 2nd started.
  6. yeah, the I-5 corridor from Eugene to Portland is about as blue as it gets and easily outweighs the rest of the state.
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