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  1. ha. nah, I'll save both for a movie later. or now. I'm busy coding right now anyway.
  2. I was thinking this might be a beer-and-popcorn game. I, too, thought wrong.
  3. Sorry, I only have a picture of him as QB of the Broncos.
  4. So why, again, hasn't Mujica pitched in the majors in two years?
  5. Yeah, that was stupid. Even I saw the cell heading right for the park before the first delay ended.
  6. Did someone say "rain delay"?
  7. Did someone say "gas can"?
  8. OK, a quick, angled look on Google Maps seems to indicate it's at or above street level. Dunno then. ¯\_(º•º)_/¯
  9. Is Yankee Stadium's field at street level or below? might be draining the wrong way.
  10. Kid Nance is watching you. And don't you forget it.
  11. huh, took 5 guys to fill Dave Mlicki's shoes.