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  1. Seems to me the solution is to tell people when they are 17 not to go to college if it isn't going to pay itself off. Also, I suspect a lot of dropouts are among the indebted.
  2. Can I get at least a vacation or two I missed out on by saving up to pay mine off early? A lot of student loan debt is really people spending discretionary dollars instead of paying off the debt.
  3. Great headline https://www.vice.com/en/article/bvx5a8/the-guy-who-flew-a-confederate-flag-in-the-capitol-has-predictably-surrendered
  4. How many political donations are there typically in January of odd years? All these companies are just PR-ing it.
  5. With that backdrop, it is hard to blame them when there is no need for them to support it. Liz Chaney likely gets secret service protection through her Dad, no? Is that why she was willing to speak out?
  6. She is on record as getting death threats.
  7. In late 2015, a fellow moderate (who is black) and I joked about going to a Trump rally for the people watching. We didn't, but we had no clue what those people would turn into five years later.
  8. Remember when Mo Brooks was the sane alternative to Roy Moore in the 2017 primary?
  9. Trumpism isn't the only dangerous cult like belief he's taken on.
  10. I had relatives killed at Auschwitz. **** that guy.
  11. He should be locked up for his Parler post saying Pence should be killed.
  12. I read yesterday it is temporary but can be made permanent on the second try.
  13. She was trying to attack the Vice President and got the Lee Harvey Oswald treatment.
  14. Coming from the guy who signed off on Ruby Ridge and Waco.
  15. 4 of them were elected in 2020. They are questioning their own election.
  16. Watching Romney say "bull****" with his eyes behind his mask right now is great.
  17. They were still at it this morning... I think it was the failed coup.
  18. Duckworth is real life Chang from Veep. I served. I served. When I served. I was in the military. When I served. I'm a veteran.
  19. And there were bangs outside the chamber as that happened.
  20. When are they sworn in? Is Loughler still in the Senate or is it vacant?
  21. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  22. Safe to say the script has flipped, at least for the time being?
  23. The south got slammed in the summer. I do think being indoors plays a role.
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