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  1. He kept shuffling last time and still won.
  2. I lavished my dog in treats and praise after he attacked a Canadian Goose on command that had gotten into the back yard yesterday. Catch and release. Am I the dickhead, the dog the hero?
  3. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/primary-turnout-means-nothing-for-the-general-election/
  4. 530 active hospital cases in Jax right now, that it is finally being tracked.
  5. That is a huge plus then. So much less virus being spread through talking. Part of me is wondering now if the opposite is why retirement homes got hit hard. So much shouting and having to speak louder looking at somebody.
  6. I've been curious about the effect of masks on the deaf.
  7. Somebody on my facebook feed predicts the COVID vaccine will cause infertility problems. I call him on it and get piled on for not allowing him to have an opinion.
  8. Today was the most encouraging update in a month though (very low bar), and it is being painted otherwise. I never said anything is okay, just that the media updates on today's Florida COVID update are misleading.
  9. I know. I live here, and have been immersed in the numbers for four months now. Just be careful of reporting only positive cases, when 80K+ negative tests were also reported today. Today's 15K number is high, but relative to previous days with higher percent positive, today's high number was largely a result of a backlog being unleashed. 83K negatives today... Previous high I could find was 52K. Lowest percent positive in the state since June 25.
  10. Be careful of those Florida numbers. A big backlog, a lot of negative cases were announced today too.
  11. Whoa https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/07/11/mueller-stone-oped/?arc404=true
  12. Cousin specified that a second wave involves a reintroduction. Since it never went away, you may get a second peak, but it is the same wave.
  13. First wave... My epidemiologist cousin confirmed. Fauci confirmed.
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