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  1. It's worth the risk to try to accumulate draft picks.
  2. Why not? He seems like a perfect candidate to me. If the relationship is so strained that the risk of him accepting is reduced, they could and should do it.
  3. I had this epiphany on both these guys today. Less so Greene, more so Boyd. Going year to year means the back end of their arb years will be expensive. Greene probably won't be too much of a concern. The White Sox were able to extract a ton for their three dump trades because they locked Quintana, Sale, and Eaton up with some pre-arb years included and helping keep the AAV steady through the pre-arb years. Yes, they had the same salary as they would have if they didn't sign, but the luxury tax hit was not severe. Boyd's years of control aren't as sexy as Quintana, for example, because he's likely to be a $12-15M or so player in his final arb year, whereas Quintana's AAV was about half his salary in 2018. Long story short, a team up against the luxury tax next year may hold that against Boyd.
  4. Top five pick in the first round, a comp pick for Castellanos, a competitive balance pick if the revenues drop enough, a top five pick in the second round. All of a sudden, some excess money to play with to try to snag some day 3 signability guys... Correction: that competitive balance pick would be between the 2nd and 3rd round.
  5. Inge at 3B in 2008, at least defensively, being the exception...
  6. Not gonna miss that fluff after my "How dare you question Sakowski" block last week... The insistence that Funkhouser had a minor elbow injury a couple years ago was laughable. There's no such thing... But he was nice to her, so yeah... it's minor.
  7. Going back through BA's lists (which go back to 1990)... Tigers in the Top 10. 2006 Justin Verlander (8) 2007 Cameron Maybin (6) 2007 Andrew Miller (10)
  8. Interesting hypothetical. Not that the Angels are a developmental machine, but does he become an all time great going through another system? Jacob Turner was taken with that pick and was traded when Trout had already established. I bet he sticks, plays LF in lieu of Dirks, slides over to center after Austin Jackson is traded. No Gose trade. Not sure he tips the scales any of the playoff years, and who else gets traded to get Infante and Sanchez if no Turner? Castellanos? The team probably makes the 2016 playoffs, but still falls apart in 2017, even more financially strained with Trout making 30 mil plus. No Casey Mize because the 2018 #1 pick probably becomes a #5 or so pick. Maybe Jared Kelenic gets picked instead?
  9. Is there a draft pick that hasn't started there under the current staff? If not for a few days to get acclimated...
  10. Doubling down on Ethan Decaster Top 5 prospect... I needed more laughs. Thanks.
  11. Ethan Decaster Top 5 prospect... I needed a laugh. Thanks.
  12. Go ahead and publish it as your own, and a few years down the road the Tigers will tweet out video of you analyzing their draft.
  13. The Tigers tweeted out a video of the plagiarist Sakowski talking about Greene. If anybody wants to help me convince them to take that down, it would be much appreciated.
  14. Quirk in the draft rules I don't hear reported at all: All the draft penalties that teams have to pay are divided up to revenue sharing recipients that don't exceed their draft pool. Last year there was only one such team, and the Rockies got a nice check for $6.2M from MLB for being good boys. 2017, there were 4 or 5 teams sharing about $4.6M. I say 4 or 5, because I'm not sure if the Astros were eligible. The Tigers could zig while others zag, stay under the limit and get a nice check to fund the next wave of talent.
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