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  1. I think the generation discussions are stupid and overgeneralized.
  2. So the thing I learned with Romney's burner account: follow it before it goes private.
  3. Ding ding ding. This was a recent deep thought I had.
  4. My favorite is the chubby unfit girl on my timeline who got roped into this Ponzi and posts selfies of herself sucking in her gut every week recruiting people.
  5. Caputo and Dickerson's call in show comes up on my podcast feed. I am fairly certain 777 called in there a couple weeks ago.
  6. He moved the goal posts one too many times and I had a Billy Madison "I'm dumber for having listened" moment, so just cut bait and blocked him so I didn't have to deal with it anymore. I forget what the coup de gras was, but it was the supreme pizza of logical fallacies. Edit: found it... He was saying poor international free agent signings under Avila were a main reason that the Tigers were bad under Avila and kept doubling down on it. Guys in his first J2 class were still 19 at the time.
  7. Bought an extra year, too. Edit: never mind. That was true of Porcello though
  8. Honestly, I blocked him a while ago on there, but saw a tweet not showing up in response to one of mine, so investigated. I figured I would share with those who remember him from these parts.
  9. Not to get technical... unless the rule has changed since my umpiring days. It is actually an illegal pitch (dead ball, ball). An illegal pitch with a runner on is a balk.
  10. Never change, sports https://twitter.com/sportz5176/status/1218743070197452801
  11. I found bigger ones in the Rays players this year. Small sample and cherry picked.
  12. I'm trying to think who, given contract status, is the most valuable guy to get on these two teams... I think you can make the case for Yordan Alvarez... or Devers
  13. You could make the case this is true for most war wars
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