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  1. But... came in here to talk about the new season of Fargo. I thought it was good, but weak by Fargo standards, until this past week which was amazing.
  2. I recently plowed through the office after having given up on it in its penultimate season originally. It was elite the first three seasons, slow decline with some good episodes until Carrell left. The episodes with Ferrell right after Carrell left were still good. The bottom fell out after that with a slight recovery the final season. Ultimately, ensemble comedies don't work when the cast is separated due to schedule constraints.
  3. How many SOS gave into this pressure and swung their states?
  4. A few other names from my list... Nolan Blackwood, Angel De Jesus, Jason Foley, Zac Houston, Alex Lange, Wencel Perez, Wladimir Pinto, Jake Robson, Danny Woodrow
  5. I read it... I subscribed to support them. Just didn't want to spill anything that was in there. Just wondering if anybody had anything from somewhere else. I saw Sugarland made the jump to Houston's AAA squad.
  6. Any updates on the Tigers minor league shuffle? I read Lynn's column last week and don't really want to reach behind the paywall, but... my questions: Is Erie a definite to stick around? Will the Tigers be allowed to still have two gulf coast and DSL teams?
  7. They couldn't name their sham company after another school?
  8. AOC has done a helluva job at QB for a walk on in the Big Ten.
  9. The IC wasn't saying that Hillary won and Trump stole the election. The IC was investigating the Russia meddling. There is a difference.
  10. The Russia stuff was misframed. I don't think they cheated the election, and the Dems should have been sure to frame it that way. I just wanted illegal actions brought to bare. Once again, the extreme messaging of the far left had downstream effects.
  11. Also was one of the poll watchers who was trying to encroach on counters.
  12. Maggie Lizer helps out daddy's lawfirm. I'm sure there's been more motorcycle crashes with people out and about for them to chase down ambulances.
  13. Minimum wage in Florida passing and Trump winning Florida doesn't surprise me. I've been going on lengthy bike rides on weekends lately, and some through some iffier parts of town, lower incoming housing for sure. A TON of Trump signs. The parties are less divided on economic lines than it used to be. Trump's populist message can resonate with people who vote for a minimum wage increase.
  14. I know many who voted third party this time because they didn't like the BLM protests/riots and didn't like how the left condoned the rioting/looting. "Defund the police" was a terrible slogan that turned a lot of people off.
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