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  1. I posted this right after the fake commercial. The final scene was dumb. I think this is Kim's last season.
  2. Maroth wasn't bad. Not great, but a role 45 pitcher.
  3. I've gotten a kick out of it, because I like to tweak the twitter bubble as well.
  4. Somewhat encouraging, I guess... the most recent update from my county had 62 new test results, only two positive. Positives are slowing down, despite negative test results ramping up. Could be a blip, but I'll take anything at this point.
  5. Patrick Lahey was the President Pro Tem last time the Dems held the Senate. Turns out the next President may be a senator from Vermont after all.
  6. Excuse the language in this text thread but this was a good friend of mine after gloating about going to a house party trying to downplay the story of the Italian neighbor I talked to.
  7. I struggle with cases like that. There are two pretty dense cities in Tennessee with lots of tourists (Memphis and Nashville). It makes some sense that it would take off there.
  8. It is amazing how competent Pence appears when compared to Trump.
  9. And if Coronavirus puts things off, helllllloooo President Leahy.
  10. It wasn't just spring breakers. There was a large contingent of people I know on social media saying "We're doing this until they tell us we can't." I wanted to strangle them and shame them into oblivion.
  11. what's the source there? I want to look them all up so they all can be locked up.
  12. Not final yet, but it's not a universal handout.
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