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  1. I was about to mock Torkelson, but it does seem like can openers just fail at the most inopportune times.
  2. I know. I know you know. Just wanted to add that context.
  3. There is a role for college stats though. Scouting resources are limited, so an analytics staff that can parse the data and find diamonds in the rough for scouts to prioritize is potentially huge.
  4. Yawn. Let me know when he sets a career high in innings. Or when he and his teammates combine for a complete game.
  5. TLDR, sounds like my work secured them for people who work in person on the front lines, but since many of those people are MAGA/been brainwashed, many of them refused, so they are available for some of the remote office workers. Not gonna turn one down, but feel kinda icky.
  6. Yes, I know I am very lucky. I'm hoping to do something similar to @Oblong and put upcoming immunity to good use.
  7. Welp, I have a vaccine appointment on Friday through work.
  8. Any quote tweet by a baseball writer mocking a conservative take is punching down. And then they go and say Trevor Bauer is the worst person on earth for punching down.
  9. If Pfizer is recommending one dose, then by golly the FDA should get on that in a hurry. Pfizer has every incentive to want people to take two.
  10. Chapelle condoning hitting women? Get your facts straight. That was Wayne Brady.
  11. Well at least he was right about the Duke accuser.
  12. I'd be curious if Fetter could help Porcello with some pitch design.
  13. You can easily make a case Porcello >>> Walker. I'm seeing a lot of Tigers Twitter Groupthink saying Walker is the second coming. Just checking out BP's DRA, Porcello was better than Walker last year. Porcello also can eat a lot of innings.
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