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  1. I count 62,984,828 people who are to blame.
  2. Is "us" in this scenario the country or the Trump family?
  3. Does anybody else follow their GOP congressman on Facebook? I'm curious about coordinated posts.
  4. One of those judges is a Trump appointee. Rao backfilled Kavanaugh. Ahhh... she dissented. Carry on.
  5. Stormy, Stormy, oh God I love you Stormy. Ivanka, Ivanka, oh God I love you Ivanka.
  6. It's a big assumption to assume a crowd is all supporters. I almost went to a rally in 2015 just for the people watching.
  7. What good does returning donations from an election cycle that is already completed do?
  8. The Occam's razor explanation that most of the GOP has accepted some Russian help in the last three cycles and it is being used as blackmail certainly gained some credence today.
  9. Still... The indictment was returned by a Grand Jury.
  10. Lee (or should I say Lev), why are you laundering Ukranian money?
  11. The indictment was returned by a grand jury. SDNY is hardly carrying Trump's water. I doubt it.
  12. Is there a new Congressman 1 in this indictment or are we going back to the IRA indictment? I assumed then it was Gaetz because the date lined up with a competitive primary he had in 2016.
  13. I wonder if the scuttlebutt about Gowdy joining the legal team is simply because Rudy is being pushed out.
  14. His bosses did, and Farrow outed them today.
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