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  1. And, while we are at it, the Rule 5 list (anybody in the previous list is also eligible) Darwin Alvarado Jose Appleton Nolan Blackwood Beau Burrows Daz Cameron Mark Ecker Gustavo Figueroa Jason Foley Kyle Funkhouser Bryan Garcia Cam Gibson Carlos Guzman Wilkel Hernandez Derek Hill Zac Houston Pedro Hurtado Xavier Javier A.J. Ladwig Luis Laurencio Josh Lester Joe Navilhon Moises Nunez Isaac Paredes Miguel Paulino Danny Pinero Wladimir Pinto Brady Policelli Jake Robson Elvin Rodriguez Jesus Rodriguez Kade Scivicque Chad Sedio Logan Shore Alfredo Silva Gresuan Silverio A.J. Simcox Trent Szkutnik Christhian Tortosa Jose Vasquez Spenser Watkins Danny Woodrow
  2. Correct, Hill isn't a free agent until after 2020. The minor league free agent list is always pretty fluid as guys get added and subtracted from the 40 man (I anticipate a lot of subtractions after the season adding to this list significantly), but as of now: Austin Adams Tim Adelman Jose Azocar Kory Behenna Liarvis Breto Anthony Castro Tom De Blok Isrreal De La Cruz Doug Domnarski Kody Eaves Jose Fernandez Pete Kozma Mikie Mahtook Victor Medina Gerson Moreno Chace Numata Alberoni Nunez Fernando Perez Frank Schwindel Zach Shepherd Caleb Thielbar Jake Thompson Albert Valdez Bobby Wilson
  3. Hardy was already 60 dayed, so he isn't using up a roster spot until after the World Series
  4. Some stuff about looks, commenting on being a female, etc. last week crossed a line and I commented in that other thread on it. I thought it was a step too far. Having said that, the floodgates did and should have opened when she crowdfunded for a laptop. And the flood water has continued to rise with favoritism, a complete lack of objectivity, tweets that show a lack of understanding of baseball (combined complete game), and writing on par with a fourth grader.
  5. Forget the Trumps and Clintons... You don't think the Royal family has some ties to try to protect Andrew?
  6. They are roughly the same age as Matthau, and older than Lemmon was during that movie.
  7. I think we can evaluate them reasonably well. Projecting them is a big challenge.
  8. Baez is likely a procedural thing... He's on the IL and can't be outrighted.
  9. It's fun to pile on, but imo, the sexism is a step too far.
  10. Career high in innings pitched for Greene? Huge if true.
  11. Does this include public donors? One could say citizen's united applies to tech companies. Plus, what censorship are you talking about? One side has no right to "equal time" if they can't grasp the truth.
  12. Is Google a hostile foreign government or did you not think this one through after reading it on breitbart?
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