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  1. So... if Mark Kelly wins, because it's a special election, he takes over November 30.
  2. I saw the left wing twitter bubble erupting over this yesterday, but what is the end effect? How many college students vote in person versus absentee? Nobody has been able to answer that; they just accused me of wanting to suppress the vote for Trump.
  3. https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/5809446002?__twitter_impression=true This article to the extreme.
  4. Thoughts on teachers violating social distancing protocol? On my social media today, I saw... One in a tightly packed group at a bar watching football yesterday. One at a church this morning with a lot of people there (masked, but still there) Another (who some may know here through our fantasy league) at an NFL game. How can they, in good conscience, go in person to teach a class tomorrow?
  5. Yeah... Daines has led the last few polls.
  6. Senate race tipping point may be the Presidential tipping point race... Anyways, this is my map for it...
  7. Carville is a hedgehog. Just says things. That said, I agree. Alaska is weird.
  8. 538 model... raw output data brought into a google sheet. This one changed today... The most common/likely model in their run. Up until today it matched the favorite in every state: Second most likely:
  9. More people will be voting that way though, right?
  10. Swing states with Vote By Mail deadlines after November 3: Alaska (November 13) Georgia (November 6) Iowa (November 9) Minnesota (November 10) Nevada (November 10) North Carolina (November 6) Ohio (November 12) Texas (November 4) Likely won't know any of the above election night if they are close. Be ready. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/how-to-vote-2020/
  11. Problem is I don't think Indiana is called until at least 8 because the polls in the Chicago suburbs don't close then. Whoops... i was wrong.
  12. following up an article where his lawyer wasn't the main source had the actual text.
  13. Within margin of error is not a tie. Repeat after me.
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