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  1. Lets just face facts, The Twinkies are a better team when Price or Verlander are not pitching.
  2. Wasn't Referee Pete Morelli the same clown who screwed the Vikings with a series of bad calls in the 2009 NFC Championship? If I remember correctly, that was the year the NFL wanted the Saints to win the Super Bowl for the Katrina victims.
  3. The Twins top prospects are still a year or two away, but when they get called up I can see the Twins passing the Tigers in the standings as early as next season. With that said, I believe the Tigers win tonight and Sunday to salvage a split. Kansas City is not that good, so there is still a good shot we can get into the playoffs this season.
  4. Good season Wings. As much as I hate to admit it Chicago is the better team. With that said, I will be rooting for the Kings next round. Before the playoffs started, I thought this was the last run for the Wings? Moving into the weaker Eastern Conference will help us next season.
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