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  1. This is what my friend had to say to me earlier today, I will cut and paste... names will be withheld to protect the innocent... <<want me to be honest? Laird for DH. Not Inge.>> Okay.... then the argument shifted from Inge to Dirks vs. Laird for DH, I said he was nuts for ever suggesting Liard for DH, and stated Dirks would be a better option if they insist on Delmon Young being in the field.... more quotes... actually this was my response: **Delmon Young should DH, with Dirks in left and Boesh in right, although Boesh sucks in the field too.. Don Kelly or Ramon Santiago should start at 2nd, and Inge should be in Toledo or watching on TV at home. Lard is fine as a backup catcher.** here was his: <<Lard can hit, he's been better this year. I'd say give him a chance to shine, just one though. Young can stay in the field, I hate the concept that he's a poor fielder because he's made some good plays since we acquired him..>> annnnnnd... go..
  2. Am I crazy, or is there a guy who keeps yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in the crowd?
  3. http://chzupnextinsports.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/funny-sports-pictures-untitled5.gif Even if you're safe...you're out!!
  4. The Pistons are down by double digits..at home..in the 4th quarter... to the Minnesota Timberwolves.. just nuke the whole team.
  5. Thanks guys, but I don't want opening day tickets. I have 8 games picked out on the schedule I want to get Skyline tickets for, and I just want to make sure I get them. Getting skyline tickets online defeats the purpose for me, because I'll be paying just as much in service charges as the ticket itself. I am originally from New York (don't hate), but moved here last year. I just want to make sure I get tickets to the Yankees, Red Sox, and a few other assorted teams, including the White Sox and Twins.. But yeah they have to be skyline tickets, which is why I wanted to be there on day 1 of sales.
  6. I plan on going down to Comerica Saturday morning, but this is my first real full baseball season here, so I was wondering what time I should get there. I know the box office opens at 10am, but how early should I get there if I want to get my pick of the litter. I'm interested in getting skyline tickets to about 8 different games, and due to the fact that I'm poor, I need to get those tickets in order to even be able to go to the games. So what time should I arrive? How long does the line get? Anyone that can help me gets 5,000 awesome points, redeemable for absolutely nothing whatsoever, other than undying gratitude.
  7. Stuckey's not going anywhere... Face it... next year the team will have Stuckey Gordon Charlie V Daye Monroe Jerebko Bynum The rest of the team, that's up in the air I imagine...
  8. I keep checking websites and coming to this message board waiting to see something along the lines of "Players Fined", or "Players Suspended", or "Kuester Fired"... I am hoping for all three to be honest.... but nothing... What the hell is going on?
  9. McGrady is the one that disapoints me the most honestly. I really thought he'd be above that. This team gave him a chance to prove that he still had it, and this is what they get in return...
  10. I'll keep it short since this is the basketball forum.. But the way they have just kind of brushed it off "he's bigger and stronger than ever", "he'll be there opening day", and how Leyland has basically played his "the media is making this a big deal, nothing to see here, move along"... doesn't sit well with me.. Dude could have killed himself and/or someone else... They could have handled it in a much more stern fashion. Sorry that was longer than I intended.
  11. I feel sorry for the FSN Detroit and 97.1 the ticket broadcasters and production people... who have to do everything in their power to do damage control for this train wreck, and attempt to tie a pretty bow on this pile of....excrement of a team.
  12. I mentioned a few months back that I just moved here this past summer and was adopting the Detroit home teams since I live here now... I think the Pistons just lost me with that, and honestly, they should lose a lot more than just one fan for acting like that. K is a terrible coach, but if you're going to sit there and make fun of the fact that he got tossed, then just leave. That shows no respect for the organization, or it's fans honestly. Detroit's not repping well for me with sports lately, first how the whole Miggy thing was handled by the Tigers... and now this?? No good.
  13. Summers getting a start?? This is going to be must see TV. Summers and CV31 in the game at the same time is too much awesome for the Palace to possibly contain. I hope they televise the team introduction, I want to hear how the PA guy spins this lineup into sounding exciting.
  14. Well it wasn't any more than 3 days ago that Joe D said he wanted to bring back T-Mac, Prince, and Stuckey.... All 3 of which took the morning off, even though St-St-Stuckey(uckey) showed up at the end of the shoot around.
  15. This needs to be K's last game as coach....It just has to.
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