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  1. Peppers-Saturday! Please come. If you can't make it. Message me discounted items if your not going. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys. Long time-no talk... Miguel Cabrera Private Signing $140 Small Flats and Balls $150 Large Flats and Canvas $195 All Bats Equipment and Jerseys $60 inscripts TC stats HR/RBI/Runs. $110. Discounts for 6+ pieces. Items can be mailed to me or taken to the Fanatic U in Fraser. Message Me first if taking items to Fraser. Need items by 5/14. If you just want a baseball, please let me know. We will order some and sell them at cost plus actual ship. But will save you guys on shipping. Second- pencil in Jabrill Peppers for Late May. Should have that confirmed soon. Will be a Gibraltar If all goes well
  3. Get in line now! Hi. I wanted to let you know that on May 11th from 6pm-7:30pm in the D Shop, JD Martinez will be conducting his first public autograph signing in Detroit. Tickets will be available that day. Most importantly, unlike all other public signings, your item will be AUTHENTICATED by Major League Baseball. That's right, a MLB Authenticator will be present to affix a hologram to your item. Pricing is as follows: Baseballs and flats-$50 Premiums: All other items-$75 Inscription: $15
  4. Stan, Im not 100% positive. But I think Joe at MCSG set it up.
  5. Darren McCarty will be at the Taylor town card show March 7. $15 for one autograph or 2 for $25. Books are $30 which includes the autograph
  6. Private Signing with Kurtis Drummond from Michigan State! Would need items by Tuesday! FLATS ONLY! $20 ANY SIZE includes inscript!!! I can get 8x10s, 11x14s and 16x20s printed prices below include shipping 8x10 $27 11x14 $31 16x20 $35 THIS IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH MOTOR CITY SPORTS GALLERY!
  7. Chris Chelios MCSG Monday 1/5 6-8 $30 Any item $35 for a signed book.
  8. Ya, there was suppose to be over the summer, but then he had signed with the Leafs and the deal evaporated. It was a verbal deal that was done. Thanks for posting the Hull signing, need him on some GU gloves
  9. Nyquist Helm Dekeyser Mrazek and Ouellete on Sunday at MCSG. Pm for details.
  10. If all the money went to charity it's one thing. But I bet you its 10-15%. I have never heard of another team doing a "Paid signing" without all the money going to charity or something along those lines. Just seems crappy to me. Watch he will be reading and taking photos at tigerfest.
  11. Am I the only one that has a problem with the Tigers actually charging for autos?
  12. I am personally (And not affilitaed with MCSG) having a private signing with Matt Shoemaker froim the Angels Autos are $15 any item (Inscriptions $5) . I will have OMLBs available 16x20s and 11x14s. Or you can send your own item. gleng2@gmail.com
  13. Free one today. CHARLIE SANDERS, JOIQUE BELL & ERIC EBRON Detroit Lions Sunday, September 7, 2014 12:00pm – 5:30pm The Mall at Patrirdge Creek (map) 17420 Hall Rd Charter Township of Clinton, MI, 48038 (586)226-0330 Tags: Michigan, Lions, NFL ✚ gCal ✚ iCal Verification Link Free event. GMC Ultimate Tailgate Experience. Charlie Sanders 12:00pm-1:30 pm Joique Bell 2:00pm-3:30 pm Eric Ebron 4:00pm-5:30 pm
  14. It was a decent turnout. We appreciate everyone for coming out. Thanks alot
  15. Yes it's next to Dino Ciccerellis bar
  16. I'll be honest. They like to keep it to Detroit people for a few reasons. 1. Better turn out. 2. Usually there isn't much of a transportation fee or none at all. It's a combination of those things that decide if a signing will work or not. If they brought them in and even paid them $2,500 a piece. They would need to sell a lot just to break even.
  17. Is anyone coming to the Coffey signing?
  18. Thanks guys. I am usually just the mouth piece for MCSG. Joe, is the one that sets up literally 99% of the signings. This one MCSG was able to get a decent price and pass it on to everyone else. Hope to see you guys there. I personally think it will be rather busy.
  20. Here is the Calvin pricing. Really isn't that bad considering your getting the consensus #2 player in the league. A couple dealers actually told us we should have charged $10-20 more per sig and another $10 per inscript. I'm sure some will still complain. Discounts are available for 6+ items. Send me a email and gleng2@gmail.com
  21. Fact is We would have loved to have had Calvin public. The turnout would be massive. And for the record when I posted about the slowdown of drop offs and about selling after shows, this signing wasn't even discussed. Further more it's Calvin. He doesn't mind being with fans. But he has been screwed by a couple promoters. Ie saying a 300 piece signing, then getting there and they sold 400 public tickets. (And lots more) Again a Calvin public would probably be almost as good as Barry at DC last year. And the prices would have been higher altogether. You will see that for the player Calvin is, the pricing will be very fair.
  22. ******Megatron Private Alert****** Motor city sports will be having him for a private signing. Details to come this week
  23. Kind of pricey is right on. But I won't bash DC for a change. This hobby. And especially this market (Midwest) has changed. It is more about meeting the athlete than getting the autograph. All along the meeting of the athlete hAs been important. But I can tell you personally with a lot of signings I have worked at in the last couple years. 2 things. Mail orders and drop offs are wayyyyyy down. And it's a lot harder to sell items after a signing. Not that prices were ever gonna go down. But it doesn't help when promoters don't make money on the back end.
  24. Next Saturday Ted Lindsay Kroger Canton. Going of Memory so double check. But free signing.
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