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  1. Doubt that even Belichik wants to deal with him.
  2. Yup. Gruden should have stayed in the booth. Gruden running the show with Mayock as GM in name only.
  3. Funny but sad. What a disgrace the Tigers have become! And no end in sight.
  4. well, martha firing Mayhew WAS decisive, but still don't see the Quinn era a needed change
  5. How would the Quinn era be a "change the Lions needed" if it was a flop?
  6. Chicken or egg thing. Good teams win and develop a culture/swagger.
  7. Quinn was extended through 2022. That's how long they'll wait. This IS the Lions
  8. Not a big believer in the culture thing. Good teams have good players and coaches that win. But, hope they can find something that can lead to post season play
  9. Yes! Quinn has had 4 drafts, enough time! But, Patricia would likely go with Quinn.
  10. You would think so, but I'm not convinced Martha has the stomach for another GM firing. Were it up to me , I'd go Harbaugh as HC. He completely turned the 49er program around.
  11. Why you draft oliver and not Hock!
  12. It's called lions Football! What can go wrong will go wrong!
  13. Sure! I'll take boring wins any time.
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