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  1. Miggy using PEDS??? PLEASE! perish the thought!
  2. How in the world do you pass on Oliver?? BAD!!
  3. I guess the bottom line here, it's the Lions. Anything can happen.
  4. Brady had nothing to do with Gronk's success? I think so.
  5. You are spot on. But, this IS the Lions and a lost GM. The need for DL is so obvious it is absurd there is even mention of a frikin TE!
  6. https://www.mlive.com/lions/index.ssf/2018/01/matthew_stafford_wants_jim_bob.html
  7. Yup. I mean, Matt patricia??? Why?? His D sucked in NE. And Pats D misses him??
  8. No, I love what stafford has choked over the last 10 yrs. Do you believe that the Lions would be win less this year without Stafford. QB and RB comparisons are ridiculous. You can start one, two and they can enhance on another
  9. thought you weren't wired. Just trying to refute the no arm nonsense. He can throw a pass
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