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  1. Yes. It IS getting very old to see a hapless pitching staff lead a hapless team. The 05 model was to sign a couple vets to help the kids. Might help when they can unload Miggy's ungodly salary. He's at .188 now? Jeesh?
  2. What a great excuse. Years of ineptitude because it's really hard to win and Bill Walsh lost too. Especially hard for the Lions on a consistent basis.
  3. You could say that about any coach. The talent around them is what leads to success. It's who the HC's choose for their staff and how they motivate players.
  4. Yup, 9 wins in 2 years is really impressive. Not to mention not having your team ready by opening day. Fatty is a disaster!
  5. He did NOT have good D's. I would have loved Vrabel. Titans? You a patricia fan? An undisciplined A hole who is late for meetings and worries about reporter's posture? Plus he's a short obese puck!
  6. why was he? You are claiming he was. His D was marginal in NE.
  7. NO, he was not qualified. Browns is your bench mark?
  8. LOL, nope, morning dumps will continue
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