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  1. KJ worries me. He runs too upright. I hope he stays healthy.
  2. No record gets him fired. Lions stayed with Millen how long? Looks like 7-9 to me.
  3. Agree. This is primarily Quinn's team now.
  4. I understand that. Just saying Lions deficient with hiring choices. Quinn has had 4 years. Do you think he is successful?
  5. Not relevant. He was never a GM. You think everyone associated with Pats are successful with other teams?
  6. Today you have an owner that cares very little about winning. This "rebuild" has been bungled from the start. How do you trade the core of your rotation for prospects? DD brought in Pudge and Kenny Rogers, vets that stabilized the catching position and enhanced the young roatation. The Tigers are doomed until a good rotation can be built.
  7. Would not be surprised if they lose that zona game. Not a lot of reason to be optimistic. But that TE pick in the 1st rd will save the day! right
  8. I'm seeing 7-9, but no management changes. when have the lions ever hired front office with a record of success? The opener in arizona may tell us a lot.
  9. MLB needs to employ a mercy rule. Just send the Tigers home now and end this pathetic season.
  10. Miggy using PEDS??? PLEASE! perish the thought!
  11. How in the world do you pass on Oliver?? BAD!!
  12. I guess the bottom line here, it's the Lions. Anything can happen.
  13. Brady had nothing to do with Gronk's success? I think so.
  14. You are spot on. But, this IS the Lions and a lost GM. The need for DL is so obvious it is absurd there is even mention of a frikin TE!
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