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  1. Breaking news - Pfizer stock drops as Jim Leyland has cancelled his prescription for Viagra. He now just thinks of his everyday lineup and has instant pleasure.
  2. What's the rule for how long a player has to be with a team before they can be traded? Wasn't that the reason Bonderman was originally a PTBNL in that deal?
  3. It's been a while since I posted here...but if memory serves correctly I recall being in the Chat Room during Tigers Spring Training games a few years back (during the glorious Jose Macias Gold Glove days) and chatting with Brian giving updates off the radio. Great guy from what I recall then & wish I would've been around here more to chat with him and all the rest of you. A tragic lose to be certain.
  4. Since Dombrowski is throwing in the towel on the season can I do the same & get reimbursed for the remaining tickets on my mini-plan?
  5. Did the game sound anything like MLB Showdown game that was out a few years back? http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=showdown/mlb
  6. Can't remember if we're allowed to do this or not...but anyway, I have 2 tickets for Saturday's evening game that I can't use and figure a true Tiger fan should get first dibs on them. $32 for both tickets, row A in Section 149 right in the middle of the bullpen on the wall. Price includes cost for shipping the tickets through the Tigers site.
  7. I agree, bad pitches made by a guy who's done pretty damn good this year so far...it happens, but hopefully not too often. I'm surprised one of the batters didn't complain about his necklace hanging out...of course it obviously didn't bother them since they lit him up more than that obscene thing was shining.
  8. Hopefully this won't get me in trouble but....I have 2 tickets to the nite game on Saturday from my mini-plan that I can't use. First person interested that PM's me I'll sell them to you. $32 for both tickets (covers ticket price & the fee for emailing them to you from the Tigers site). Seats are in section 149 (leftfield) Row A right on the wall smack dab in the middle of the bullpen so you can see both teams pitchers getting warmed up. I thought Verlander was going to start the first game so I made other plans then found out too late that he was in fact for the second...oh well, I'm sure I'll get to see plenty more of him in the future
  9. I'm sure in U.S. years he is much older.
  10. I read this when they announced it Tuesday & was wondering if the season ticket folks are now not going to have to buy all 3 days worth of tix for the AS Game now. I'm not that interested in Sunday's events but Mon. & Tues. I want to go for sure. If I can save a few $ but not buying one day I'll be happy
  11. Crosseye


    I would much rather ship out Ugie. He scares me as a setup guy.
  12. My thoughts exactly (well without the typos ) I remember quite a few plays where Sanchez would be able to run to the ball but due to his lack of other talent the ball would go off his glove, he would take a bad angle, his throw would roll to the cutoff guy, etc. I would rather see Dmitri Young rumble around in CF than see Alex Sanchez in the starting lineup. I almost hope he does one of his stupid headfirst slides into 1B during ST and is injured for the season just so we won't have to worry about him accidentally playing.
  13. Visit the Tigers website, find someone else's e-mail addy & you are on your way to finding the answer.
  14. I might have to check that out. Anyone happen to listen to DFN this morning when the Kids were talking to Rosenthal? I was already at work by the time they started talking with him.
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