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  1. Great finish, tough health night. Maybin was having trouble with his hand and VMart bang's one off his foot.....hope it's just "a day of rest"
  2. Impressed with Rod's response time on the HR. Starting laughing a millisecond after JD's contact.
  3. They're just drilling Dickey. If they can find a way not to get thrown out on the bases, they could make it a game.
  4. Wow, fans take cover today down the left side. Hard hit balls, a plenty.
  5. Use this one now: he's got a bunch of 3-run saves.....just wait until he has a string of one-run saves to protect.....yeah, I'm in a bad mood with this non=play=making team.
  6. Sparky (with the Reds) used to cooler the other team by continually changing pitchers, stopping the momentum; BA needs to try this method.
  7. Man, just leave the guy out there to die; game blown out of reach with no resistance.
  8. Line score for top of 4th: 2 hits, one walk, two SB's, one error........zero runs. i'm going to put them up there for worst base running squad in MLB history.
  9. The question I have is, Kinsler started to return to third and only headed back home when he saw the ball get away. Not like he's coming home and the deflection off VMart killed the defenses chance......seems like that should be a return to third deal.
  10. Maybin's BABIP about .900; he couldn't hit a ball at somebody if they had 100 fielders out there.
  11. Agree, not sure why he's not getting any run. They were putting VerHagen in there, who had proven he didn't have it.
  12. Sanchez probably thinks he's owed one, since they pulled him last game and Ryan unloaded the bases on him.
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