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  1. This line nearly made spaghetti come out of my nose. Well done. And I don't really care what the intended message was I agree with this.
  2. All I remember from that commercial is "you're gonna love my nuts", and the irony that he was arrested for beating up a hooker.
  3. I'm having a terrible, terrible, terrible day and the only thing I have seen posted today that was entertaining at all was the cat pics.
  4. You just made Diet Coke come out of my nose. Well done.
  5. I would say he's wrong. DD mentioned specifically going after a "corner" spot to fill the middle of the order. That hasn't happened, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet.
  6. It only irritates me because Jackson earned it. He was simply more valuable than Feliz. After having to wait so long to be given a shot because he was buried in the Yankee's system and having the year he did he deserved it. Not to mention Feliz had experience from pitching in the bigs last year where Austin was thrown into Center and lead-off without having seen a big league pitch. And he was just so consistent. This makes me think of Jeter having won "A" Golden Glove let alone multiple. These awards are losing their validity and/or legitimacy rapidly in my eyes. For what that's worth I suppose. I'm just some slob that has to buy tickets to go to a game so likely not too much Oh well, I think time will prove that he is a much more valuable piece to the Tiger's puzzle than Feliz is to the Ranger's. He's scary good and we all know it.
  7. I like both the way they are. I would actually be upset if they ever messed with the classic home jersey. A navy blue alternate would be cool though.
  8. This just feels like the Tigers are hedging their bets. And I think that's a smart move. Peralta may not look great as trade bait to play SS, but he's likely more enticing as 3B trade fodder. If a better option comes along for SS they could now likely be able to move either Inge or Peralta and slot the other at 3B. Or, such an option doesn't present itself and they have a less than stellar, but not bad left side with livable contracts for the next two years. A relatively familiar downside with a potentially very up, flexible upside. Not to mention now much room to negotiate with upper tier talent to fill other holes. I see this as shrewd. I'm excited to see what this leads to.
  9. I would be on board with any of the Tiger's pitching staff burning one whenever they felt like it if they pitched like Big-time Timmy Jim.
  10. I remember it coming down to the wire with his availability for opening day. He had the abbreviated ST because he wasn't fully recovered.
  11. I'd argue that he spent the better part of this season if not the entire season recovering from said surgery so it would be illogical to assume this past season is a good indicator of performance moving forward. FWIW, I will wait to form a solid opinion on the move until we see what they do elsewhere. If this is the extent of the moves, we'll have something to discuss at length. If this allows them to make the team as a whole better, it's a win.
  12. It was fairly early this year. I think it was the series against the Dodgers in LA. Rod was talking about Santa Monica and Boesch, and how much he loved SoCal. I can't remember how exactly but the topic of surfing came up. Out of left field, Rod chimes in with "but brothahs don't surf... so I wouldn't know anything about that", and he was obviously dead serious. After a few minutes of Mario's awkward white guy doesn't know how to respond silence, he says " Thanks for letting me know..." I was rolling. It was sit-com awkward and hilarious.
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