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  1. I have a feeling if Delmon Young is traded the Tigers will sign Juan Pierre. I have that feeling they want to add a speed guy regardless if he's good or not.
  2. Atlanta said they would be open to trading everyone, I would look into a package deal for Prado and Bourn.
  3. Introducing the cat clawing through the D was a major debacle. The Yankees wouldn't desecrate their logo like that.
  4. Prado is a perfect fit. After losing Ordonez and Guillen, the Tigers need more Venezuelans.
  5. @JimBowdenESPNxm JIM BOWDEN Fredi Gonzalez said that he can't deny or say yes or no to rumor that they are talking about a Prado for Delmon Young deal @mlbnetworkradio
  6. I find it bizzare that you could've watched this game and found these two things to complain about. I didn't praise the run game. When you're down 31 points, you have to throw. When they did run, they were effective. Since Morris has taken over the Lions run game has gotten better. They averaged 4.2 yards per carry on 19 carries. It's good enough. When you drop back to pass 63 times, you're going to give up some pressure. It's called the NFL. The OL was pretty good today. It was certainly not the reason the Lions lost. I figured 4 INT's with 2 returned for TD, 3 dropped TD passes, two fumbles, and a punt return TD would be more the culprit, but yet, you continue to complain about the run game and OL. Seriously I don't understand.
  7. I have a feeling the Tigers will end up with Orlando Cabrera at 2B. It kind of seems like the 2008 off season when they went with Everett at SS.
  8. When you drop back and pass 63 times (two games worth), I'll take two sacks. They did stop the run. Forte one of the best backs in the NFL had 61 yards on 18 carries. When your down 37-6 you can't really run.
  9. It's not like Detroit's fanbase exudes class either. I don't see what was so classless about the Chicago fans.
  10. And he passed it along to the AD who should've immediately opened up an investigation. Why is Paterno the only one responsible for going to the police? McQuery should've been the one to alert the police.
  11. If the Tigers got Fister on the off season, most people would be satisfied with the off season. I think the Tigers missed an opportunity with Derek Lowe. He would've been good insurance as a 5th starter and has a lot of experience as a reliever in case Turner solidified the 5th spot. He only cost a low level prospect and the Braves picked up most of his salary.
  12. What gets missed is he blew up the offensive line and got to Cutler and forced him to throw the ball early and incomplete. He's had so few snaps it's too early to judge. DL don't just come in and dominate like Suh did.
  13. I don't think they look that bad except for the Amazon with the afro.
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