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  1. The President made it a white hot issue. Who's comments carry more weight? Gingrich or President Obama. Gingrich speaks and it's news on FOX and Right Wing talk radio. President Obama weighs in and it becomes GLOBAL. Just saying. Presidents are human starting pistols when it comes to debates. When they weigh in on an already controversial issue - it becomes way bigger than it was before. Just ask the Cambridge Police.
  2. I completely disagree. Where does it end? Maybe they shouldn't show replays of errors. Maybe they should always say questionable calls should have gone the Tigers way. I've never seen bias to this extreme on ANY of the other FSN stations while watching MLB Extra Innings. This crossed the line. And saying we shouldn't be upset that the only people on earth that didn't see this were the ones watching FSD is kinda silly. Even if they are just 'selling' us something. If a car dealer left out key details on my car, I think I'd have the right to be upset. Whether or not it was expected.
  3. Again, I don't necessarily agree with this.........but............... I think some people's perception is that Islam is evil. That it has an anti-West agenda built into it's current day philosophy and that Mosques are places where this attitude is cultivated. If the American Nazi Party wanted to build a Nazi Center next to the Holocaust Museum, they could argue the same thing. That THEY didn't do it. THEY weren't responsible. Just because it's the same political philosophy doesn't really mean much. I guess what I'm saying here is that some/many view Islam in the same manner as people view the Nazi's. That there is an inherent philosophy which makes them the enemy. Again, I don't subscribe to that, but I think that's some of the thinking behind the protests.
  4. It's just absolutely embarrassing. Either they are completely in the pocket of the Tigers and are literally being censored about what they can report on, or FSD was just purely incompetent. Either way, it's unacceptable coverage. I shouldn't be turning on MLB Network and be asking "WTF??" when they start discussing an incident like this that occurred during a ballgame I watched - and had no idea that the lead story from the game wasn't even talked about, shown, recapped or mentioned. If they missed it when it occurred, ok - that's bad enough. But they can't tell me honestly that nobody in the truck, Rod, Mario, the director, that NOBODY knew this happened. They just clammed up and chose not to say anything. As if nobody was ever going to find out? I'm just perplexed at this type of coverage. It's not fair to the viewers. This is almost threadworthy on it's own.
  5. Oblong, not that I agree with any of this, but I thought I'd post an answer. These are quotes from SIOA executive director Pamela Geller who is a leader of one of the groups against the mosque.... Also, there is objection to the Imam of this proposed mosque.
  6. I don't think anyone here said Rod and Mario make the decision as to what gets shown. The issue is that it WASN'T shown. We shouldn't have to have the Chicago feed giving us our Tiger news.
  7. Leyland has the media intimidated imo. Especially that dope John Keating. When they are on the road and it's just him asking the questions - might as well not even watch. The fact that FSD didn't show this is disgraceful.
  8. I have to post again, having just watched THIS WEEK. I didn't know that Obama had sort of (as the entire panel agreed) walked back from his comments on Friday by saying that he didn't think it was wise to build the mosque there. I agree with Cokie (and again - the entire panel) who said that watching him do that after he had already taken all the flack for the Friday statements made little political sense. And it certainly diminishes any political 'bravery' he showed. Obama has a unique ability lately to be sure and piss EVERYONE off, both the left and the right. Which, imo, shows the lack of experience some talked about during the 2008 election. So far on this issue, the White House has 1. Said nothing 2. Waded in and gave a compelling statement of support on Friday 3. Walked back from the Friday statement when he says he was not referring to the "wisdom" of this particular mosque in this particular spot. Once again, Obama can't help himself. He gets into something he shouldn't have, took the bait, and now HE is the story - and not in a good way. He's got everyone nipping at his heals. Personally, I can't believe how he's handling this.
  9. I would agree. But from a political standpoint - he doesn't add anything to the discussion. He only ends up appearing to be against a majority of the nation. And in an election year, that's not what he should be doing - politically. If this was an effort to ban Isamic Mosques across the country - then I would expect him to get involved. But he can't and shouldn't open his mouth every time an isolated issue like this pops up. This is professional politics we are talking about. Obama diving in doesn't help here. Right now - he's a very polarizing figure - and this is a very polarizing issue - and you don't want to be polarizing in an election year. Plus - he's raised the issue to another whole level. When the President wades into something like this - it becomes INTERNATIONAL news, not just local or domestic. And how do we think this will play in the Middle East? Obama, as the President, is a human starting pistol for this kind of stuff. And his presence in the debate adds nothing, because at this stage, there isn't anything he can do about it. He's not going to send in the National Guard. He's not going to have the AG file a lawsuit. There's nothing to be gained here by him getting involved in this. There's a political time for Presidents to get involved in things. IMO this wasn't the time. If you don't agree, that's cool. Won't be the last time I'm sure.
  10. Just because you don't agree with it, and it doesn't help the GOP with you, doesn't mean it's not favoring the GOP. When Huey points out polling that shows 84% agree with the "We don't want a mosque built there" position, I'd say siding with 84% works. In any event, Obama needs to stop swinging at pitches in the dirt. It's not something the President should get involved with, imo. Why is it crap to say it's about discrimination? Of course it's about discrimination. If it were a Catholic, or Lutheran, or Evangelical Church being built there - there likely would be no outcry. Certainly not on a national level. And limiting caring about this to New Yorkers sounds like the same thing I hear when people on LET IT RIP on FOX 2 always say that nobody except citizens of Detroit have a stake in what happens down there and shouldn't be commenting. Banning something based on religion alone is not a NYC issue, it's a Constitutional issue. IMO - I am not thrilled to see a mosque go up near Ground Zero - but I don't think there is anything that can be done about it. It's not illegal to do it. Do I wish they would build it somewhere else? Absolutely. But banning a building based on what religion it is can't be allowed, imo. Once you open that precedent, where does it end? But I can also understand the emotional response it's triggering. I also think the people trying to build the mosque understand it too, and don't care. And I do think people like Palin and Newt and Beck and Hannity are stoking those emotions. Let's face it, everyone involved in this fiasco has an agenda. Why Obama is getting involved in this mess is beyond me.
  11. I'd say it's become a national issue because it's become about discrimination more than a zoning controversy. Kinda how Southern discrimination became a national issue. They didn't ban people from drinking fountains in the North, but Northerners had something to say about it happening in say....Alabama and Mississippi. . Now - I'm not saying this is the same thing - and there are several unique nuances with this Mosque issue. But I can see how it's become national. I do agree though that the President shouldn't' have gotten involved. What he's done is to fan the fire. And it's made it even more political. But I think President Obama just can't help himself sometimes. He obviously had made a conscious decision to stay out of it, but change course. And I don't think what he's said has helped at all. And with an issue that poll so poorly, I don't think he did Democrats any favors this close to the election. I think Palin and Newt put the bait out there, and he shouldn't have taken it. IMO.
  12. I'm not claiming any 'moral high ground'. I'm also not the one who has admitted he posts intentionally stupid responses. And yes, I've seen people get swayed here. But not with intentionally stupid replies.
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