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  1. Does anyone know why Fanatic U stopped their signings???
  2. I agree that this really sucks. But, I am not surprised, The Tigers and ABC Warehouse want to: a) give the community a chance to meet new players (and rev up ticket sales), and b) get people to buy big screen TVs and refrigerators. In other words, they are targeting families willing to bring out their kids, get a few hugs from Paws, and donate last year's equipment that doesn't fit little Billy anymore. Instead, the lines are filled with 40-70 year old men, who put the stuff on e-bay before the ink is even dry on the 8X10 or baseball they had signed. I've taken my family the last few years, we get stuff signed, and we add it to our personal collection. The photo cards are mass-reproduced garbage, and not worth waiting 2 hours for! Too bad!!!
  3. The key verbiage is "new" or "gently used." We have gone to a number of these events. The rules change from year-to-year. As of last year, one donation, i.e. the cleats my kid wore for one 7-week season and immediately grew out of, got us one auto from each of the players. They will not accept old, beaten up stuff. We typically, donate last year's bat, glove, or a 6-pack of practice baseballs. They will also take cash ($10 per player) Free hot dogs, cookies, popcorn, and pop are also sometimes available! And Paws signs for the kids--for free! See ya' there!!!
  4. I just joined this site. Could someone tell me what TTM means? Any other key acronyms I should be aware of? Thanks to all!!!
  5. Just got back from Toledo. Had a ball and cards signed by: Durham, Lugo, Rainwater (handed a ball to a little girl and auto'd it for her), Boesch, Sborz, Rabelo (Great guy!), Frazier (Another great guy!), Wells, and others. That said, Clete Thomas looked right through those who asked for autos, and Galaraga was simply miserable. I guess getting sent down doesn't much agree with them!
  6. He appears for free at a car dealer in the area--apparently when the lease on his car expires!
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