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  1. I saw the same thing happen numerous times. It did not snow the night before or day of the event--at least not enough to accumulate!!! That snow should have been knocked off BEFORE Saturday's event. These are people who take your money, cannot wait to tell YOU what you are doing wrong, and simply are not smart enough--and do NOT care enough--to run a top flight event or, for that matter, organization. With DUMBrowski and I'll Itch it is always about the fan coming last. Get a good lawyer and file a suit. I'll bet you will not be alone. SHAME on those imbeciles who did nothing to right an obviously dangerous situation!!!
  2. So, it isn't only me who has an issue with how the Tigers organization does things. Hot chocolate??? Hand warmers??? Is that not the Tigers raising the white flag??? Do they surrender, admit they are wrong, and move the event inside??? Hell no!!! Leyland mentioned that that other teams were doing similar events. One notable difference. Those events were held INSIDE!!! Not that I'd ever want to be a Pirates fan, but they hold a three day event--the first day for season ticket holders only. The dreaded White Sox hold theirs in one of Chi-town's oldest and biggest hotels. Fine, forget the Joe, Cobo, and certainly Ford Field. Doesn't Ilitch own a casino??? Don't casinos have adequate space for an event like TigerFest? Also, we need to remember that people paid their hard-earned money to attend this event. The Tigers are NOT doing us a favor. This is pure, unadulterated advertising. To think this is the organization's annual gift to the masses is naive to say the least. If one pays for an event, one expects some value, Apparently Victor Martinez likes to get up and leave in the middle of his time slot. Why not hold the line until he gets back or have another player on stand-by to fill in? I don't really care who I meet, and understand the "Treasure Hunt" arrangement just fine. But 35 minutes in an unheated, sub-zero tent for Cale Iorg??? Everyone in that line would have gladly waited until a second player showed up. So, the complaints are stated and re-stated every year this disaster has been held outdoors. Will they change the venue? Why would they when Leyland proudly boasts that we are not a "fur coat" crowd? Stay warm!!! See you guys at the park!!! Meet back here same time next year???
  3. At what temperature do you suggest I defrost my children???
  4. Why can't the organization publish the names of the players attending Tigerfest later this week??? When I first attended the event--held in the warmth of the JLA--I was able to pick up a brochure days (if not weeks) before the fest. I know many of you will disagree, but this organization does not care about its fans like other teams do--especially when it comes to these types of events (incl. the Caravan, Gloves for Kids). The Tigers have done much to alienate and irritate their fans--even in events intended to do just the opposite!!! They have become "The Organization of NO!!!"
  5. Do they really allow NO autographs at this event??? Any reason to go if I am going to Tigerfest???
  6. Do they really allow NO autographs at this event??? Any reason to go if I am going to Tigerfest???
  7. Got 'em all by the end of a few months. But, the Tigers lost the card and check for one. I called the office of the guy from the foundation, and they arranged to have me send a replacement that was flagged and signed right before the season ended. My guess is that yours was lost, as I sent all mine around the same time. All in all, for the Tigers, I think the program is a resounding success (not to mention a bargain).
  8. Dontrelle was where the smaller fan shop is--probably around noon or so. We got him on a Heritage card pretty early in the day. I told him I was a big fan--he stared at me blankly!!! It was a special moment, for sure!!! And, I completely agree with Oblong--who is spot on!!! The Joe was the better way to go!!!
  9. You must have missed Dontrelle last year. He was downstairs with Sizemore, Galaraga, Laird, and some other luminaries!
  10. My first Fest was the last year it was held at the Joe. I got Pudge, Granderson, Giarrantano (sic?), Wilson, Verlander, Clevlen, and Jamie "The Cat" Walker. After it moved to CoPa, one more Pudge and a bunch of second tier guys. It really sucks outdoors. How about somewhere warm and multiple days--like well-run teams do???
  11. Anybody know if we can get anything we want signed--or are they going to be handing out over-sized post cards (like Gloves for Kids)???
  12. Has anyone heard when/if there will be additional Heritage cards issued this year?
  13. Received the following autos at tonight's game vs. the Twinkies: Leyland Damon Boesch Coke Inge Scherzer Jackson Laird Looking forward to next year!!!
  14. Glad to hear everyone did so well in GR tonight. My family and I were able to grab a few Carlos autos, but left unhappy anyway. Arriving at the park well before the gate opened, we easily made it down to the side of the dugout where a small crowd quickly formed behind us. Carlos came off the field and began to sign on the other side of the dugout. Like many others, my kids (both pretty small for their ages) bolted towards Carlos. After a few seconds, an orderly line was formed--but for a short time, I could not find my little girl. When I noticed her at the end of the line (about to get an auto) I asked stocky, 60-ish women to excuse me while I went down to get my daughter--who had just been in the middle of crush of adults seeking Carlos' auto. The women simply would not move out of my way, no matter how many times I asked. She just stared at me with an expressionless mask of a face. After raising my voice, an usher came along, and she wouldn't move for him!!! This pathetic excuse for a human being would not allow a father to accompany his daughter back to her seat. Apparently, she wasn't budging until she got her turn at the front of the line! I spoke with Whitecaps management, and eventually the team owner (who graciously invited us back for a future game). She told them that she didn't see me. What a crock!!! This post is not about snagging lotsa autos or free tix for another trip to GR. It is a reminder that we need to take a step back and look at the broader picture. Fan, collector, eBay tycoon, however we envision ourselves, we are ADULTS, at least chronologically. My child could have been injured tonight (Can you say 1-800-CALL-SAM???)!!! For what??? So some decrepit old spinster can tell the girls that she had a momentary brush with a ball player that few will remember in a few years??? Her actions tonight were regrettable, shameful and embarrassing to all involved. We all love the thrill of the hunt--getting that auto that everyone thought was impossible--myself included. BUT, I would hope that our mutually-shared hobby is just that. As such, I ask that we all try to remember that the safety and general well-being of those around us ALWAYS comes before getting that next ball or program or card signed!!!
  15. 2010 Heritage. Blue sharpie. Just under 5 weeks. Whadda deal!!! Still waiting for Carlos, Miggy, Bondo, and Porcello--all mailed the same day.
  16. They made it onto the website this week!!!
  17. Does anyone have any idea if/when the Seawolves are going to put out this year's card set. I am heading to Akron on Thursday, and was hoping to pick up some autos. Called Erie, and received no call back!
  18. Does anyone have any idea if/when the Seawolves are going to put out this year's card set. I am heading to Akron on Thursday, and was hoping to pick up some autos. Called Erie, and received no call back!
  19. I happened to catch a piece Channel 7 did on today's Avila/Galaraga at the Gloves for Kids event. There is no way anyone can tell me Tigers-provided photo cards (Tiger-ese for "junk") are more fan friendly. Take picture. Sign picture. Push picture towards fan. Flash obligatory smile. Move kid over to next player. RIDICULOUS!!! At least a worthwhile charity received some nice baseball equipment.
  20. In person at yesterday's game: Porcello, Coke, Damon, Laird, Avila, Lamont.
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