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  1. I went down to Cleveland to see a Tribe/Texas Rangers game a few years ago. My then 9 year-old and I quietly sat down in the Key Center lobby and got Hamilton, Ron Washington, Kinsler, and a few others. Once their security guy saw us, we were escorted out of the hotel and asked to wait by barriers set up on either side of the main entrance. As players headed toward taxis, we were able to get Young, Murphy, and a few others. Cruz, Byrd, and Feliz walked right by us. If you are an early riser, camp out near the nearby Starbucks. Many of the autos we got were from players returning to the hotel with coffee in hand. All in all, it was a pretty successful effort. We're heading down to Balto. next week, and are staying in the Tigs hotel. Maybe a room key will buy us some access. They can't boot us out of the hotel, right??? Good luck in Cleveland!
  2. Jose Valverde said he was surprised that Caspar Wells, or maybe it was Boesch, likes to listen to Latin music. Was Jose racially stereotyping?
  3. Unfortunately, they are pretty serious about it. At least that has been my experience. We gave up going to photo card events long ago.
  4. Got Carlos in Toledo last night. Still waiting for Porcello, Jackson, Inge and Cabrera from AFAC.
  5. Received my 3 cards from Maggs yesterday. One was slightly smeared! All in all, not a bad experience. I, too, sent mine in April (15th). It's been 5 weeks since I sent cards to Porcello, Inge, and Jackson. Has anyone had any recent returns from them???
  6. What does it say about us that we forgot about Penny--or, did he do a signing somewhere that I missed???
  7. I sent them an 84 John Martin to be signed last week and received an 82 Cardinals card in return. I have tried to contact them, but their emails keep bouncing back. I've left phone messages, but no return calls. Anyone else have such a lousy experience??? Anyone have any suggestions as to how I get this corrected?
  8. From the folks at Fanatic U: 15% OFF Father's Day Sale and Lou Whitaker Meet & Greet What's the perfect Father's Day Gift? Well that depends... If your dad is a Tigers fan, then he just might LOVE to meet retired Detroit Tiger: Lou Whitaker! He will be in our Garden City store to greet fans and sign autographs on June 25th. We're also offering 15% off any item on orders placed between now and 12Noon on Tuesday. All orders placed by this time are GUARANTEED to arrive before father's day. Event: Lou Whitaker meet and greet Date: Saturday, June 25th Time: 1:00pm Cost: Free to meet and greet $30.00 For signed photos/balls $35.00 for signed bats/shirts/jerseys Everything on our website is better than a tie!
  9. Looks like Fanatic U is back in the game. Lou will be doing a "Meet and Greet" on the 25th--already a busy day for autos. More info. on the website.
  10. Thanks for the detective work, Los Gatos. So, Maggs is pretty much MIA and Carlos, at best, sporadic. I guess patience is a wise man's virtue. Too bad I ain't so wise!!!
  11. My feeling is that even though these guys are on the DL, they are still drawing a pretty fat pay check. As this is for charity, couldn't someone fly these guys in, feed 'em some "Hot and Ready" free grub, and have them sign stuff for an hour or two??? Hasn't Maggs been working out in the "D" anyway? Just thinking out loud...
  12. Has anyone gotten anything back from these guys??? If so, how long did it take?
  13. Got mine back yesterday. It definitely looks like he was crankin' 'em out! Last year's sigs were definitely better. Does it look like he used an ultra fine or am I just imagining things? The Foundation WILL cash your check. It sometimes takes a week or so. I got my cards back in 5-1/2 weeks. Still nothing from Maggs (sent the same time).
  14. I guess you really do learn something every day!
  15. Andrew Miller was actually sitting in the stands, along with other Pawtucket players, during the game. If not for the help of a helpful (and quite knowledgeable) fellow autograph seeker, we would have hung by the PawSox dugout and never gotten an auto. Looks like I need to start scanning the stands as part of my pre-game ritual.
  16. is a Monday, not Saturday as DC Sports is advertising. Possibly the 18th???
  17. Saturday in Pittsburgh: Brookens Wells Dombrowski Valverde Sunday in Toledo: Andrew Miller Dlugach
  18. Received my AFAC cards from Inge. They look pretty close to what I have paid $30 IP. A great deal--and a portion of the money goes to charity! Definitely a win-win!!!
  19. Thanks for the responses gentlemen. I'll post as soon as I find something good n my mailbox!!!
  20. Has anyone gotten any AFAC returns from Inge yet?
  21. Even those places had the decency not to stick him in a twelve degree tent!!!
  22. I will use two words that should have been uttered by the Einstein who brings us that little slice of summer in subzero Detroit (aka TigerFest) each year: I QUIT!!! Enjoy the slippery floors, cascading ice, free hand warmers, yummy hot chocolate, Victor's wee wee issues, and so on, and so on, and... Time to hang up my 8 x 10 of Kenny Williams, love Ozzie for who he is, and move on. Enjoy the Kool-Aid. It's really good FROZEN!!!
  23. The poor guy was blowing on his hand to keep it warm!!! What a fine welcome to the never-fail world of the Tigers!!1 He shoul nEVER have been put in such a situation!!!
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