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  1. Very cool pic! When was this taken?
  2. That wasn't me! I get 'em any way I can!
  3. Milt is going to be exhibiting his Ultimate Air Dogs at Outdoorama in Novi this week. Is he the kind of guy that would sign a card if I brought one to the show???
  4. I would be thankful if 97.1 just brought together some popular--or hard-to-get--athletes, put them in one room, and charged the going rate for an auto. There could also be others who would sign for "free." Would this change the event too much or keep people away? How many of you would have paid for Cecil, or any of the other signers, if you were guaranteed to get an auto??? I know that times are tough--unless, of course you play 1B for our beloved Tigers--but, I'd like to hear what you guys think about this idea. I know there is talk about the Tigers doing this for Tiger Fest, but the Ticket event is not an official Tigers production.
  5. I just got back from this year's Fest. The Ticket website said the event began @ 10. We got there about 9:30 and were about 400th in line. Though we abandoned the idea of autos, I did ask around. Delmas and Avril were on opposite sides of the event. I saw a guy who got Delmas and was standing in what looked to be a Wing's line. He told me that he got Delmas and was subsequently told that other lines had been shut down after a certain number of people had lined up. He didn't seem too optimistic about landing additional autos. All in all, it was a great time for the kids--who walked away with a ton of swag. I am not known in these parts as Mr. Positive, but have to admit a good time was had by all. Definitely worth the $5 we paid for parking!
  6. After reading the description of the event to my seven year-old, I received the following one-word response: B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Looks like we'll be counting the days to the rebirth of Tiger Fest--which is not being held due to scoreboard construction (so they say:silly:). Translated: The event will continue to be held outdoors. As always, the boys in the admin. offices have their fingers on pulse of the fans! Sad!!!
  7. The thought of dealers having access to random kids creeps me out. Where exactly are dealers finding these children? How about situations where my youngest, who just likes to meet the players, gets a card signed for me? I am not a dealer. My kids and I all collect cards/autos. And, anything we ever get signed stays in the family. Finally, the Reds, Bucs, and other teams have already held their fests--with the reviews being generally positive. Why is it that only our team and players seem to be so adversely impacted by people--including dealers and other adults--seeking autos??? If there is a team that treats their fans worse, I'd like to hear about it. Just from what I read in this forum, it truly seems like the Tigers do everything they can to alienate their fan base.
  8. Let's say I like to drive a particular brand of car--perhaps GM products--and have been brand loyal for years. Do I not have the right to criticize MANAGEMENT when they close a plant, invest $$$ in projects that do not work, or act in a fiscally irresponsible manner? Starting to see the similarity???
  9. Wed. @ noon!!!??? Kids in school. Parents at work. 40 degrees in early April. Sounds like a great opportuniy for old guys to freeze their butts off!!! As always, Tigers brass gives us a bowl of poo and acts like they're fan friendly. Just an opportunity to sell more schlock on the concourse! Tigers organization=shameless!!!
  10. The scoreboard should be moved to CF and the fountain moved to the scrapheap. The green fuzz covering CF is embarassing. What purpose do the fountains serve? When should we expext them to come on??? HRs? Runs scored??? I do not see the entertainment value! The big question is: Why do we delude ouselves into believing that the Tigers will not screw this up??? They are ALWAYS one of the last teams to do anything (put up a ST schedule, put tix on sale, send out season tix, announce their fain fest). Maybe they can have people stand behind the scoreboard and manually display information to the fans. Now, there's an idea! They need to look at other teams and other parks to see how to do things right. CoPa is the filthies "modern" park I've been to. Get the exalted Mr. I. to allow real Detroit restaurants to sell their food. Fake Chinese, Mexican and Lil Seizures pizza??? Is ther no better representation of our city's cuisine than that??? Look at the Pirate fest website. No playing hide and go seek and waiting in line for two hours to get a coveted Cale Iorg auto. The actually announcw when and where the players will be signing (INDOORS, BTW!!!). I have always said that I love the team but believe the organization is arrogant, greedy, and dismissive. I have already decided to only see them play on the road. Tiger Fest was going to be our one planned trip down to CoPa. It's not even next year, and they have managed to start things off with the usual whimper. Sad, sad, sad...
  11. So he's embarrassed? injured? rude? all of the above???
  12. 1. Does anyone know why Stafford no-showed at DCS Lakeside on Monday? 2. Is there ANY reason why Calvin Johnson/DCS is charging $65 in December when he/they charged $45 last week? 3. Why was the turnout for Pettigrew so low at FanaticU Southfield last night? Just wondering...
  13. Filled out their online form. Was told I'd be receiving a confirmation. Never heard from them.
  14. The last of my AFACs came rolling in this week. The Jackson cards were sent 5/31 and Cabrera 6/3. The Cabrera check cleared on the last day of the season! Overall, a great year!!!
  15. Good news: Game starts 5 hours after the work day ends and I'm taking my 7 year-old to her first playoff game Bad news: The game starts at her bed time:sleeping: That said: It's going to be a GREAT night:happy::happy:
  16. Any best guesses as to what Monday's start time will be? Or, when TBS will decide? Maybe I'm overthinking, but wouldn't NYY vs. DET, rather than TEX vs. TB, match up better against Monday Night Football as far as ratings go???
  17. Let's see, Verlander, uhh, uhh... Could I please have a Sharpie, a hat, and eight little pieces of paper???
  18. His move to send two human sacrifices to the mound tonight and tomorrow is the most Bush League move I can remember. Add this to Weaver's irrational attacks--both with a baseball and verbally--on the Tigs this season, and there may be a price to pay when the two teams meet next July. I am not convinced that there is a team that we Tiger fans truly, viscerally love to hate--admittedly, I have only been on board since 2005. Is this the making of bad blood for decades to come??? On a related note: Kinda sad that Weaver's ERA ended up .01 behind JV's. Nahhh, not really!!!
  19. I just received the set I cobbled together from eBay. Is it me, or is the image quality on some of these cards terrible??? My Castellanos looks almost cartoon-like! Anyone else feel the same???
  20. Detroit City Sports New Upcoming Signing: Detroit Tigers Pitchers Doug Fister and Al Alburquerque to sign on September 8th from 7-8 p.m. at 12 Oaks Mall. Pricing is $20 for flats up to 11x14/balls and $25 for premium items. SAVE $5 on combo tickets (one of each player): flats at $35 for both and premiums at $45 for both. Pre-ordering online will be available over the weekend.
  21. I watch nearly every Tigers game on television, and long ago resolved to not watch any game Penny is pitching. Unfortunately, I paid to attend yesterday's game, and did not have the option of changing the channel. I had to explain to my kid that he used to be a decent pitcher but "stinks" (her words) now because he's old and worn out. This guy is just another part of the scrap heap that DD has assembled. IMO , starting Penny equals waving a white flag. Unfortunately, I truly believe that Leyland feels the same way. we will win the division, but I won't be pretty. Good thing Penny's talents--or lack thereof--will not be a factor in a three-man playoff rotation.
  22. O-VER-RA-TED!!! His at bats are just bad. A periodic circus catch (which NEVER includes leaving his feet) and a once-in-a-while hit ain't cuttin' it. Gotta go with Dirks! Time to send AJ to play with Brandon for a stretch.
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