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  1. Rondon Leyland Lamont Fielder Fister Marte Avila Passed on Rod Allen.
  2. Just saw the info for this year's TwinFest: 3 Days Indoors=Warm $9 Adults/$5 Kids Money goes to charity (not some greedy ghoul of an owner--if the shoe fits Mr. I...)!!! So, why not us??? That said, see you at Tiger Fest next week!!! By Einstein's definition, I am seriously questionable in the sanity department!
  3. Anyone aside from me have the sinking feeling that they are going to move to handing out only signed photo cards (like they do at ABC Warehouse, Meijer, etc.) --not allowing anything from the outside to be brought in? They could sell the idea--not to mention more tickets--as a way to get autos into the hands of more (especially "younger") fans, faster.
  4. Sold my Tyler Pastornicky red auto; Bryce Harper base card; and, also a few team sets. Accounting for ebay and paypal fees, a few top loaders and mailers, I'd say the set has paid for itself!!! If only I was as good with my other (401k) investments...
  5. The AA Reading Phillies have recently re-branded and changed their logo to a boxing OSTRICH--seriously!!! Their rationale is that it appeals to a more youthful fan. This seems to be the same reasoning the Tiger was morphed into the "Ball and Wave" logo. This whole playful, youthful thing seems to be missing the mark with us old folks--the moms and dads who buy the tickets and the merchandise. Maybe this new stuff will be such a flop that we should buy a few and hope they become collectors items when the teams revert back to a more serious logo!
  6. Has anyone bought/received these yet??? I tried to call their customer service number in NYC. Apparently Topps HQ was damaged, but that's not necessarily where their cards ship.
  7. The address for the checklist is: Beckett News » Topps releases Heritage High Number checklist
  8. ... and the only Tiger on it is Smyly. I sure hope the auto and Harper cards sell high!
  9. Does anyone know which Tigs are in the set??? Or, where i can find a checklist???
  10. Jackson and Porcello sent 3/28--got 'em today. Nicely signed. Anyone else get any back???
  11. Thanks! Got Leyland EARLY outside the Westin, Porcello outside after he checked out. At Wrigley, we were down by the dugout.
  12. Just got back from Chicago with: Cabrera (6) Fielder (3) Jackson (2) Leyland (2) Berry Laird Porcello All but Leyland and Porcello were at Wrigley. Next stop: Toronto.
  13. Not surprised, but would feel better if I knew the $$$ were going to charity.
  14. You can try to get a few autos by keeping a low profile and being respectful--then, you will eventually get shown the door. We went down to get Texas Rangers autos. We got there around 8:00, hung in the lobby, and got Hamilton, Feldman, Washington, and a few others. Got Murphy, Young, Guardado (sic?) and turned down by Feliz, Cruz, and a few others outside. The great thing about doing this is that it all comes down to luck. Just got back from a game in Toledo and got nobody. Got 9 each of the last two times we went. Have fun!
  15. They do stay at the Key Center. We have encountered pretty aggressive security in the lobby--and we are very low-key and respectful when we ask a player for a sig or pic. The hotel will typically set up a rope line outside as the players grab cabs to the hotel. You can also catch up with them in the early AM coming and going to the nearby Starbucks. Good luck and have fun!
  16. As we approach the end of month number two of the season, I was wondering if anyone has gotten any returns in the advertised "4-6 week" window.
  17. Does Motor City Sports Gallery have a website? Mailing list? What's the best way to get info. from these guys?
  18. Tigers fifth starter, Drew Smyly, @ Mudhens opener.
  19. Any idea who the starting pitcher will be???
  20. So, a "single" card would really be one cut off of two other cards???
  21. Does anyone know what a "box loader" card is???
  22. We bought 2 boxes. One goes into the "archives" and will not see the light of day until I am long gone (not an intentional EH reference). The kids and I actually busted open the other box for this morning's breakfast. Not quite as good as Tony's frosted flakes, but much better than off-brand versions. I liked 'em, the kids split. Looks like JV is batting .666 in my house. If that would only carry over to Inter-league games...
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