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  1. I am hesitantly looking to sell my collection of Topps and Bowman Heritage cards. I have sets from the first through this year. Includes ROAs and buybacks. Hundreds of base and SP cards are autographed in blue Sharpie— numerous Kalines, Miggie, Fielder, Porcello, Scherzer, and one Verlander. Can anyone estimate what such a collection is worth? Thanks!!!
  2. Real One Auto Kaline prices are ridiculously high so far -- $150 for blue and $350 for red sig. Seeing lots of ROAs going for $650-$999! Not sure why so high.
  3. call the tigers main number and ask for chandler gilbert. he's been helpful to me in the past.
  4. i just call the main number and ask for the foundation
  5. ran his hand right across the auto. got an "Oops!" and a blue blob on my card.
  6. Still haven't cashed checks, no cards, and no return call from Foundation guy. JD started the year by ruining my card at Tigerfest, now this. Might be time to hang up the ol' sharpie.
  7. sent cards on april 22! still waiting for sanchez, martinez, martinez, and iggy. spoke to tigers foundation last week and was told many cards were signed during the last homestand. was supposed to get a call to let me know the status-- still waiting. six months and no autos, no cards, and $130 tied up for six months. i could/should be earning interest on that money! disappointing!!!
  8. Thanks guys!!! Apparently, once you pay they send you the address. When you send the confirmation email and a SASE, you get your stuff back in a month or so. I'll post again when I receive my cards.
  9. Just sent these guys 3 x $8 for three cards. Cannot for the life of me find an address to send the cards to them. Are these guys reputable???
  10. Are the Castellanos autos from the Menard's event???
  11. One can only hope that they actually sign things before the trade deadline! On a related note, sent down to the Nats for their program with Scherzer a few weeks ago, check was just cashed. Sent cards to Tigers in March, haven't heard anything.
  12. I was wondering if anyone has received any returns from this year's Autographs for a Cause players.
  13. Twenty bucks for a prospect!!!??? Time to stop graphing and take up a new hobby--like collecting Picassos and Rembrandts.
  14. I had him sign my 84 cards TTM. I sent them to him c/o the Royals. I got them back in a few weeks, and they looked great.
  15. For what it's worth, I have had NO success with Ruffin over the years.
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