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  1. There was a reason Trump beat out those other 12 Repubs 4 yrs ago.
  2. right. Just like everyone assumed Gardenhire wasn't because he had been around. Probably weak assumptions in both cases. I think the real dilemma for a manager on the field wrt all the statistical tendency data collection is that you are still going to have to decide based on a particular situation whether the team you are facing has the skill and inclination to deliberately play against their own numbers to beat you in that situation. The solution to that matrix still requires scouting and a certain level of skill at reading the opposing manager's mind. and you still have to have a 6th sense about what a pitcher has left in the tank in a given inning, which Brad seemed to struggle with.
  3. knocking off Tuberville would be real fantasy fulfilment. Another snake oil salesman. Do they really do that much better in the South or does it just seem that way, and if so, why?
  4. True, though I don't remember anyone ever talking up Ausmus with regard to anything having to do with analytics. Of course DD not being a fan, there wouldn't have been much reason for a candidate at that time to blow that horn.
  5. You would think a bi-lingual manager would be a huge advantage with a young largely Spanish speaking team.
  6. I would say the difference is he was immediately canned. That tends to put an end to the story. It's denial and defense and 'whatabout''ism that makes for the reaction. Sort of like in the Franken case, it's hard to accuse people of double standards when a standard is actually enforced.
  7. Barbara Frum was not a Canadien? Impossible!
  8. he will be able to say he made the gesture, but not much else.
  9. LOL - Then he and Avila should make the perfect odd-couple. I mean, there certainly are people who know exactly what they are doing without being able to sound like it, and I generally give Avila credit in that direction, but would be sort of comic to have a really smooth communicator contrasting to Al in the next seat. Ausmus was supposed to be smart, but the only vibe I ever sensed with him was "smart-azs"
  10. But the modern player is sooo much more athletic than in the old game......
  11. and the problem is of course is that you can find slackers to use to score political points. Of course the thing about slackers is that turn up in every population - right up to and including presidential families.....
  12. Yet the sociology argues it's the GOP voter who is more likely to stay home. Fear plays a much larger role in the lives of Repubs than Dems.
  13. If work requirements are designed to be practical and not punitive and if that is what you need to do to diffuse the political opposition it's reasonable strategy. Work is fine as long as it's really possible.
  14. oh - sure. I guess what I was arguing earlier is that while I don't question the optics are what they are, they are only politically effective because people don't really understand what they are looking at, and that applies to both SS/Medicare and to Medicaid, though for the very different reasons I offered in each case.
  15. and given all that they still can't engineer a Trump lead?
  16. Well, one thing that is true is that the worries about there not being enough cases to get the phase three trials completed in good time were completely unfounded.
  17. No, it's not the idea that you are saving for later that it's foolish, it's the belief that that is what we are doing. It is really not logistically possible for the US government to 'save' your money even if it wanted to (and of course it doesn't!) We have made an artificial division in the collection pots for income taxes, but in reality the money all goes into the same pot every year and SSI and Medicare benefits are just one of things paid out of the pot - financially it is exactly the same thing as in any Euro nation that just 'pays' retirement and medical coverage. The clever trick of splitting the income tax take does two things - it creates a natural scaling level for what percentage of taxes we are willing to pay for retired benefits, and it certainly creates the illusion that people are getting their own money back, but it is no more true here than in France or Sweden where people paid ordinary taxes all their lives then then got their government medical and pension. What is outright foolish (IMHO) is believing there is any 'reform' value (or for that matter any moral value) in making life harder for people who are already behind.
  18. and the joke is on the American people who believe that - because SS and Medicare have always been pay as you go - the gov pays most of each year's expenses out of each year's tax receipts. The public is also foolish not to understand that healthier poor people are far more likely to eventually become working people than sick ones and even more to the point, today sick poor people get taken care of in ERs which those people who don't want to pay for 'freeloaders' are already paying for in their insurance premiums now. These are just typical examples of how a fact free politics like we practice today leads to stupid policy. So I would say the real drivers in these things is less populism vs not, but simply mass ignorance of the true state of reality vs not. The 'populist' appeal only works given that ignorance of how the world actually works.
  19. Around the state today: UM dorm situation still getting worse, though the potential for that to spread beyond has been reduced some with the lockdown of sections of dorm buildings. Another week like this and the remaining live classes will probably be shut down. Also out of control is the prison in Marquette, where they are running of out of guards that are not in quarantine. Best place to be seems to be the city of Detroit!
  20. Al is the GM right? You can always create a desk at team President.
  21. It's spot on though. When I was that kid's age I knew where everything in the house was down to the last square inch. Parents are about the most oblivious creatures in the universe. If you don't have a gun in a gun safe with the key on your body, your kids know where it is and how to get at it.
  22. It's seems clear one thing the Dems should probably do in midwest states where they are in charge is shovel money into rural education. That will be counter intuitive given that those will not have been the people who elected them, but it seems the surest way to improve their electorate!
  23. The arthropods are just biding their time until this is all theirs.
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