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  1. apologies in advance to SB, but this is a good column by Paul Krugman https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/13/opinion/trump-suburbs-racism.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage
  2. I would guess that beyond the non revenue sports admin you mentioned, the other reason to have the umbrella org is that it probably helps keep conferences from changing rules and creating a bidding war/race to the bottom situation. Without the NCAA the big conferences probably don't trust themselves to keep any kind of level playing field - such as the current one even is.
  3. granted. But these things all exist on a continuum. You will still get more of what the game environment favors and less of what it doesn't. I think a game where it was favorable to shift 10-30% of the time could be a more entertaining game than one where it's favorable to shift 70% of the time.
  4. so these are the letters that Bolton said would make Trump look silly? Like that could make a difference at this point.
  5. yeah - it's odd. I'm waiting to see if we hit a really high total test number today. The other odd thing is that non-Detroit Wayne county tends to track with eastern Washtenaw, but Washtenaw doesn't appear to be up much.
  6. you know, I half suspect that this whole process was a lot about raising the national visibility of all these Democratic women. I really have a hard time believing the serious choice was ever between more than Warren and Harris and maybe a governor or two. I would believe that as much as he would never criticize Obama for it out loud, and old poll like Biden had to notice how little party building Obama did while in office.
  7. to be honest, I don't get why anyone has much cared for all these years about Plato's prescription for designing a city state for the express purpose of defeating Sparta militarily. Sparta may have won the battle, but Athens as it was has long since won history. 🤔
  8. I started lurking here and some at WSI in 2005/6 but didn't register/post here for a long time, 2010 ( I think). Sportz would show up on MLive (at that time Tom Kowalski was at MLive and he was a big draw) and encourage people to come here. I think Romad and I started posting about the same time. MLive is gone, this place is still going pretty good and WSI appears to be a ghost town.
  9. Isn't everyone? Capable that is. Do you suppose his publicist writes his tweets?
  10. I worked my way through school in the shipping/receiving dept of the student bookstore. I think I could still pack books in my sleep.
  11. so in Gaelic Caber also refers to antlers - from which comes "Caberfae" (Stag's head) after which someone named a resort in Cadillac.
  12. You know what they call liberals in Ohio? Michiganders who've gotten lost.
  13. OMG! Did he fall under the sway of some kind of cult? Nobody gives away their philosophy books! Then again, I should have more confidence in the rationality of anyone who slogged through Critique of Pure Reason.
  14. yes, yesterday's testing total was one of highest ever, >40K test done. If that trend continued today then that would be part of it.
  15. I think one possible consequence would be that the difference in winning % between winning and losing teams might go up. Or at least the winning % of good pitchers vs bad ones. The umpires are a huge injector of noise into pitching results, and I would guess that hurts good pitchers who are able to work close to the zone edges a lot more than bad ones.
  16. worst counties in the LP seem to be Macomb, Saginaw, Muskegon, Bay. Macomb case rate at 15/100K. Oakland near 10/100k. There are some crazy high counties in the UP (Luce Cty=59/100k!) but that is still a small absolute number.
  17. what? You have a GOP minority there, they are in dark masks.
  18. I seem to remember it was everything - couldn't pick up the ball, couldn't throw the ball, couldn't throw the ball to the right base.
  19. and it's not one voice you are hearing. The athletic dept, which is working to make the schedule - is on go. In fact they have to be to keep up their end of the argument with the Admin. Nothing could be worse for the AthDept than for the Admin to come to them and say, "we would have OK'd you to play but you don't look ready to us."
  20. I'm sure they would give it serious consideration, but you know many journalists bring these things on themselves, and so we mustn't be hasty. And after all, e-mails.
  21. true enough , which is why I re-phrased it as what people believe!
  22. OTOH, they were trying to maintain every possibility of playing. If they had cancelled a month earlier and incidence had fallen dramatically they would have been hammered. And I think that institutionally, it's easier to stop something than restart it, so better to keep planning right up until you have to pull the plug.
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