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  1. I'm not writing the kid off as a major leaguer so much as assuming the likelihood he's not going to be the player that balance the trade for JV - e.g . At his point I could see Cameron turning into a 2 WAR player for 6 yrs. JV has already put up 16 since he left Det!
  2. the digital version of cheesecloth. I suppose with 4K they almost have to - it's is pretty cruel. You don't often look at anyone's skin that close in person and few people's can stand that kind of magnification.
  3. I have a feeling the flow went the other way. I rather suspect Rudi is working his own get rich quick schemes in the east block and he put the buzz in Trump's ear that in turn got him a Presidential imprimatur to run around the ex-east block on a personal/client dual track. I don't see Trump as a guy curious enough to have self-started a dossier on Hunter Biden working in Ukraine. Someone whose initials rhyme with BAR FEE brought it to him, probably pre-wrapped in an attractively appealing (to Trump) conspiracy theory.
  4. Reuben Garcia didn't pitch much in 2018 because of a 50 game suspension for amphetamine use. Still not clear why only 17 IP in 2017. In any case this is a guy with almost no wear and tear on his arm yet. OTOH that means it will be a minor miracle if he throws strikes consistently.
  5. also notable the Tigers lost no-one. That could mean our system is just overrated, or Al did a decent job of figuring out who he didn't need to protect.
  6. From https://www.mlb.com/breaking-news/rule-5-draft-2019 SO what is the story with him. He spent two years in A ball with only a total of 30 IP. Is there a surgery sandwiched in there or something?
  7. I don't find this surprising. I think the main reason long-shot candidates get into races is to be able to raise a little money they can spend on what amounts to vacation travel. 👍
  8. What I don't get is that if you are running against Biden in 2020, I think raising the objection that Joe should have avoided working in policy areas where he could have collided with the interests of a member of his family is a perfectly reasonable critique to make, and that is already in the oppo-research bag for who ever runs against Joe. Trump's problem here is that he didn't know when to quit.
  9. of course, don't forget the Tigers would not have offered JV much in the way of decent BP support so how much different would their record have been? The Tigers of the last two years have been perfectly capable of scoring so few runs that they have only needed the last 2 or 3 innings to lose games even with a good start.
  10. It's not too late for Rogers and Perez to save the deal, it does look like Daz is not destined to be a star.
  11. I believe you most certainly will not, because I see this as a pretty simple case of Hunter getting a sweetheart deal where he was simply the useful idiot. It's pretty obvious to anyone inside a system like the old east block that one way you insulate yourself from scrutiny is by taking the children of the power structure on board your org. It has been done that way by the commissars since there were commissars. To some degree or another, *everybody* projects their understanding of the world they know onto the rest of world they do not. Why wouldn't the managers of Burysma think that pulling Hunter into the org would protect them from any investigator who didn't want to embarrass a good patron like the US? Whatever corrupt intent there was would have been on the part of Burysma, which is why is was bad judgement either for Hunter go there or for Joe not to stay away from anything Hunter was tied to that didn't meed the Caesar's wife test. Now, all that said, is any of this in a league with or relevant to a President trying to use foreign policy games to jemmy an election? No.
  12. Doubt it. Who would it have mattered to? Houston is a strong quantitative analysis team, a CY isn't going to add or subtract from their calculus. Would a 2nd CY on JV's mantle have persuaded Avila and Ilitch to pursue some alternate rebuild strategy? I don't really see it. I think all we get from the history is that the Tigers were right not to pay Porcello what the Sox were willing to, and wrong not to pay Max what the Nats were willing to.
  13. I agree with you in principle and in practice, but the problem is that we live in a 'no-one is required to give something up for anyone' culture now. We simply are not allowed to demand that spouses, siblings, children, parents, S.O. etc, be kept arm's length from the business of their political relations on the grounds (which have a certain merit) that it ends up being discriminatory by class, for example against married women. And the problem for elected officials, (in the main - though NOT the particular case for Joe & Hunter Biden) is that an elected legislative official cannot recuse himself from a situation the way a LEO or judicial officer can - an elected official cannot delegate their legislative vote to any other person. So the way it should work is that if the system can't demand that an LEO or Judicial person's near relatives can't work too close to what they do for ethical comfort, those people should recuse themselves when appropriate, though they often don't (see Thomas, Clarence; Scalia, Antonin for examples ). On the legislative side we are just stuck. We can't tell McConnell's wife she can't work on things related to legislation and McConnell cannot not vote on legislation his wife has an interest in. We have just baked ourselves a crooked cake on this. Now in Biden's case, he COULD and SHOULD have told Obama he had a conflict dealing with Ukraine and simply not taken the portfolio - or he should have persuaded Hunter to step away. I agree 100% that was what I regard as a lapse of good judgement on Joe's part. But the problem is that in Washington they are all so habituated to ignoring that kind of conflict I can understand (though not agree ) with why no-one ever considered it an issue.
  14. yeah - the hearing demolished that argument. You already have the most corruption fighting ambassador on site and you can her and slide the portfolio to a crony while taking your time just to appoint an 'interim', and you have your people in bed with Lutsenko? Who are we kidding here?
  15. Tactical value of a diesel warship ship the size of the Kusentsov is limited anyway. The reason that all US carriers are nuclear is that the energy requirement to push a 60,000-90,000 ton warship around at tactical speeds are so huge that no Navy could reasonably keep a non-nuke one fueled during an extended conflict. (note that todays huge cruise ships don't go very far between stops, and huge cargo ships go sloooow)
  16. I don't think it is odd at all. I think that what happens is that as we age we all tend to put more questions that used to be in the 'open' bucket into the 'decided' bucket. That tends to re-radicalize us in a minor kind of way. While it was the left, liberal and artistic segments of the baby-boom generation that dominated culture, I don't really believe the baby boom on the whole in absolute numbers was ever more left than right and what we see in the aging-->fox audience-->GOP supporter is just the conservative tendencies that the older boomers have always had just hardening somewhat. But there are also a lot of us out there who were McGovernites in 1972 and a lot of us after wandering around politically during our family and kids years are also returning to a harder liberalism. I think there is also another issue in the very old around loss of agency making people more fearful, but I tend to think the above is the much bigger effect.
  17. Is this true? I thought the Tigers were put into Trust. In which case no-one "inherits" the team, only the Trusteeship. If the trustee sells the team, then some one gets hits with an inheritance assuming the trust disperses the profit to the family. IIRC Chris is the principle/managing Trustee thus he is listed on the ownership list as he has control.
  18. another way to look at it is that if he continues to fumble his relations with the AA community it's an indication that a) he is not sufficiently sympatico himself to understand how his actions play 2) he has not made the effort or been insufficiently successful in any effort to bring effective AA relations advising to his campaign. To have reached this point in his national ambitions without accomplishing either of those things could be taken as an argument that indeed can not do it - or at least has a very low probability of doing it in the time remaining for this cycle.
  19. Oh - I don't have any sympathy for the chief, I'm just commenting that I think you were holding the black community to a standard that a heII of lot of the rest of America is missing pretty badly themselves. But heck, in the US today we are so immersed in hypocrisy on all sides anymore that there are almost too many targets to sort out!
  20. The difficulty is that once you get into the context of a campaign, almost any effort is immediately delegitimized as nothing more than election pandering - and probably for good reason.
  21. And your complaint is that the black community didn't care that their advocate was going about his business in an unacceptable manner? Well welcome to America because about 55% of the whole damn population has the same complaint about the 40% of the White MAGA Trumper population.
  22. I tried to figure this situation out by doing some web delving and it appeared to be more complex than I cared to take the time to figure out. IIRC the feds didn't like the way the chief was investigating his own force but it was also true that his force apparently was in need investigation so who is more wrong - the person doing the right thing incorrectly or the people that want to leave what is wrong alone? Clearly neither was right. And that said once the mayor got involved he apparently didn't handle either side with sufficient skill. It struck me as I read that all the incident really proved was that urban police forces have problems and that the mayor was an in-experienced administrator. Of course to some that may be a bigger red flag to his Presidential fitness that whatever his policy preference in the affair was.
  23. It appears the story about a welding fire at the docks may be true but all the pics linked to it are fake.
  24. To be fair, it goes both ways, Impeachment is not a criminal process, it's a political one. That oath is not from the Constitution and it is quite an idealization. I don't see anything wrong per se in the Senate members of the President's party supporting him in an impeachment process. In the end each Senator makes a political decision and the prices paid or not paid will be a political one.
  25. I think it is an issue, more with older black men and it will play more against a gay man than it would against a gay woman. And by the way I don't think this is race related per se. I think the same is true on the white side - its older men who are most homophobic and they are more homophobic about gay men than lesbian women.
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