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  1. JD reached a 900 OPS season at age 26 after 975 MLB PA. Nick will be 28 next season and will have had 3600 MLB PA. it would be interesting to see Nick with a completel retool of his approach as per JD. I've never cared for tall guys standing straight up in the box like Nick does, too far to move your head to get it into the pitch plane - but you never know....
  2. batting practice pitch to Maldonado there. 89 right down the middle.
  3. Dan said Anderson wants every Detroit pitcher to be able to locate a FB down and away and Turnbull could not throw it there tonight.
  4. Manning and Pinto have combined for a one hitter through 7 and the game is delayed again. Seawolves have 4 hits, 2 each for Gibson and Paredes.Gibson HR & walk, Clemens in his Erie debut has 2 walks. Manning's last start was also an Erie combined 1 hitter. Welhaf with 7 IP 2H 1R 3K for the Whitecaps but WM hitters shut out.
  5. Thompson and DeJesus combine for a 7 inning SO for Lakeland against Jupiter. 2-0 final in the first game, then Lakeland takes the 2nd game 2-1.
  6. Has Turnbull turned into a pumpkin now or is he just gassed?
  7. automated strike zone can't get here soon enough.
  8. I'd love to see an iso to see what his 1st step was like, but those are damn nice catches for a future 1st baseman.
  9. I suppose if they were firm in their commitment to move Greene and Rosenthal had settled down quickly enough they would have just used him the rest of the way. The team can see Jimenez's weaknesses as well as we can. Even if your team is effectively in tank mode you still want a closer than can put away the few games you may find yourself leading as blown saves are so demoralizing to both fans and players. But then he was still intermittently too wild.
  10. It would have been pretty miraculous for Trevor to demonstrate flippable value for any real value by Jul 31 when they didn't pick him up until June 29
  11. Only 74 IP for the season. Big disappointment there. But he is still only 23
  12. that's a little harsh - he was pitching well at the point he went out in Aug '17. If you can reliably throw 99 you are going to generate interest. Jimenez is not terrible, he is inconsistent. In fact Rosenthal is a good contrast because even early in a TJ comeback his velo was pretty reliable even if his command was not. Jimemez's FB comes and goes day to day. 93 Monday, 97 Wednesday. He's like Forrest Gump's proverbial box of chocolates. He won't be a successful reliever until he has his good FB every time out.
  13. I have a hard time believing an org and manager that won't even make obvious defensive substitutions to help win a game late/close is worried enough about individual game outcomes not to give a guy trying to work his way back into shape the rope to fail occasionally as an investment in having a future lock down closer. That said - Rosenthal could also have made it easier on himself if he had agreed to stay at AAA until more of his command had returned..
  14. This is a fair but also very complex point. I think both reasoned debate and ridicule can have both positive and negative outcomes. There are times when positions are so odious (Trumps blatant appeal to racism and white nationalists) that reasoned debate only gives them a patina of legitimacy they do not deserve - i.e. "fine people on both sides" - NO. I think ridicule and people understanding exactly that people will think poorly of them intellectually and morally for supporting such positions can be the correct response. OTOH, it is true that many Trump supporters are seeing the world through lenses that are much different than most of us here have. Dismissing or refusing to hear people (other than the obvious trolls) is not a good political strategy - as Hillary so aptly demonstrated. OTOH, we are not running for office here - . And this goes back to the issue of digital media. A lot of what irritates both sides about the other is when people are simply venting - a natural human behavior which used to be done at the water cooler or the lunch counter or a study hall to a private audience, but is now done in places where the whole world gets to react to it in real time.
  15. LOL - you know, I wouldn't be surprised if at some level the analytics growth has made pitchers more attractive or comfortable for FOs to work on in the sense that there is so much data you can slice and dice about a pitcher. You can decide what you want and go for a guy whose pitches are exactly the ones you want. You can coach a guy to throw in the manner you believe maximizes his value. Hitters are a mystery by comparison. You can catalog what they do, but the kind of predictive data you can measure for a pitcher: velo, spin, break, accuracy, have no counterparts for determining whether a guy's pitch recognition and reaction capability will play against MLB pitching. There is probably not a single piece of hitting advice that is not the wrong thing to do for some hitter.
  16. because they could not afford to sign him and they get a lot less when he walks after the season ends. Nor did they have DH open for him. Now you may well reject that last premise, but the Tigers have become an org that is trying to play by the numbers regardless of how any of us feel about it.
  17. Rosenthal needed to pitch. TBH, he is probably going to tell any team he is talking to that he would consider signing after "seeing how things go." I suspect that it was exactly as soon as it became clear to the Tigers there was not going to be any possibility of a future deal on terms they would accept, they cut him loose. The nonsense about guys working longer was certifiable BS.
  18. That point has been made here pretty much since inauguration day.
  19. If the complaint is that no-one gives Trump any credit for anything, I would say the response is that he does so many bad things that over-arch everything else, there seems little point to focusing on his positives, he still has to go! A person would be more interested in 'both sides' when there was still a possibility of an opinion change. Trump is so wrong on so many fundamental issues that he could announce he'd found the cure for cancer on 5th Avenue and I still would have zero chance of ever voting to return him to office. (to paraphrase the meme!) But for the sake of argument, if you just want to hear an opponent give Trump some credit, sure I will give Trump credit for trying to bring US involvement in Afghanistan to a close. He will not get a good deal that sticks though, and I will wager that it will end up looking like Vietnam, within a few years the Taliban will control the country again. The best he can hope for is a deal that the Taliban suppress the local expression of ISIS.
  20. They had to move JD rebuild or not so that to me that was a more ambiguous marker. I don't believe they were 100% committed to a total rebuild until JV finally agreed to his trade. If he had not, I suppose it could have been worse, they might have been stuck in middling purgatory like the Pistons, and we would not have Greene or Mize, or Rogers. But I think they would have played it differently
  21. Free at last! That is 6 IF on the Erie roster. Paredes to Toledo? or is Peterson back in Toledo? Or someone dropped back?
  22. Indeed. Take me back to the ASB 2017 and I still wouldn't have traded Fulmer for Bregman even up. His OPS was 721 and he had been under 800 in his short debut in 2016 as well. Fulmer's ERA was at that point in 2017 was 3.19 coming off ROY. Bregman exploded in the 2nd half of 2017 with an OPS >950, but that is pure 20/20 hindsight.
  23. The GOP in the old confederacy will be still be a strong regional party even if they fully lose control of the Federal government. Maybe the GOP ends up looking like the post WWII Democratic party, where a more moderate northern GOP reconstructs itself in a lose confederation with a southern evangelist/white nationalist GOP. I'm thinking along the lines of the way the Democratic party looked post WWII, with an economically left northern wing and the segregationist southern wing. I don't know if that kind of internal contradiction could be as stable as it was 70 yr ago but it would be an ironic inversion of fate if it happened.
  24. It was basically a freebie for the Tigers, so there was no real downside, though it was also pointless if they were not interested or could not persuade him to sign a longer term deal. In the end a nothingburger.
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