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  1. This sounds better with the umps still there.
  2. They might as well -- good luck collecting from Trump if they did want to bill him.
  3. Every child knows the meaning of "do as I say, not as I do" from the age of about 3 onward. Nothing in life changes a lot from that point forward.
  4. Except that if ten people confront the bully together, he will back off before any punches are thrown. I.E. you can accomplish just as much without the damage through doing the work to create a coordinated front of parties to a negotiation with China. Sort of like the interested parties had started down the road to do with the TPP. Instead, with TPP collapsed, almost no nation has the economic independence to confront China on their own and even our leverage is far less alone than we like to give ourselves credit for.
  5. Hmm. This is of academic interest, but I think in general people look at the approval rating as a tracker for likely electability, and Trump will be the only GOP candidate on the general election ballot, so how much do we get out of knowing that Trump is more unpopular relative to other GOP pols (esp dead ones)?
  6. So deep into Trumpolia that they have lost all self awareness of what they sound like to normal people.
  7. you're just a couple of deep state mal-contents.
  8. The OF list is interesting. For all but Azocar I wouldn't say the invite is exactly 'make or break' but Bonifacio, Woodrow, Robson are all guys for whom there is little point in more time in the minors.
  9. You don't have to apologize to Leonard. He'd be right there on this one.
  10. Well that is the weird thing, the way players come and go something like this has to eventually leak out if the whole team knows, so you might think there would be motivation for the org to keep it in a small circle of hitters that they expect will be with the team for some time, but that doesn't seem to be the case as Fiers' knowledge shows. The best JV can do is say "I knew about. I didn't like it. But it was my team and this came from my management and I couldn't throw my teammates under the bus over it" Now none of that may be true - but that is still the best thing he can say!
  11. It's too cold to walk anywhere in Minneapolis.
  12. Last season we came out of the gate with hope for a better IF in Beckham and Mercer (who did perform well, when he was on the field) and we had Castellanos' bat in RF. I don't see Cron and Schoop as very much of an improvement over Mercer and Nick - at least on paper, which is all there is right now. Romine is probably an upgrade over Hicks, but on the other hand 12 months ago we thought we had more in Candelario than we did. So in a position by position comparison I don't see much. Yes, the pitching has the potential to be much better, but again, on paper out of the gate, Norris and Turnbull haven't proved anything. Nova could be a step up but Nova lost a full mph off his fast ball last season and had to increase his proportion of breaking balls thrown by 10%, There is a limit to how far you can go with that. If he is now on the path of losing more of the FB each season, typically that means his effectiveness would be dropping each season as well.
  13. Local TV news (and newspapers) is boomer media.
  14. plus, it is not only about Trump, it is also about the Senate. It's already been shown that the Trump teflon doesn't particularly rub off on Trumpsters. The more craven the Senate is made to appear, the more of them are likely to get bounced.
  15. And it should be just as impeachable an offense - it's basically the prostitution of the US Dept of State in furtherance of corrupt Ukrainian interests. Acceding to the corrupt demand is every bit as bad as the flip side attempt to manipulate Ukraine into aiding a re-election campaign.
  16. Not a rocket science take, but as it stands this roster isn't much better than last year's. It all comes down to how many of Avila's guys do something. Have either Hill or Cameron(or even Reyes) broken through? Has Paredes made the team by the ASB? Can Rogers make it back and supply some of the HR pop that made him a hot prospect, and of course will Norris, Turnbull. and at least one of the the fearless foursome be pitching well and be in the rotation by mid-season? Give me those things I think you could have a team that wins 35 in the second half and maybe the team losses less than 100 for the season (and TBF, 14 games is a good yty improvement). Not impossible, but like every year - a lot of thing have to go right. It's basically just the same one question broken into a lot of smaller pieces, which is: Can Avila, or the org he has put in place, pick talent? Or alternatively, if they don't win 60 or more this season, it's going to hard to see Avila retaining his gig. OTOH, they get nothing out of Cabrera again, nobody makes it out of Toledo, Norris ends up in the BP, Niko and Jones turn back into pumpkins (and/or maybe they trade Boyd) and 48 here we come!
  17. actually, to me this is one piece filled in that I had missed before, which was: why so much emphasis to remove Yovanovich? She worked for the State Dept which means she worked for Trump. They could always demand she do they wanted or just fire her. So she was not really 'in the way' from the Trump perspective. What I missed in the House hearings was the significance of the timeline. Zelensky had not won election yet when all this was put into motion, so it was Lutsenko they were dealing with, and it was Lutsenko who was demanding Yovanovitch be removed before he would play ball. The first quid pro quo actually ran the other way - a Ukrainian demand to Trump, which he and Guliani were more than willing to accommodate. That reading makes a lot more sense. And Trump was probably all the more irritated that after playing along with Lutsenko, Zelensky comes along, wins the election and promptly fires Lutsenko.
  18. Farce has transient value, but becomes stale rapidly enough.
  19. I really, really didn't like Gallant as a player. Of course what kind of player he was has zip to do with what kind of coach he is, but it would take some serious winning for me to get past the gut level negative reaction I have every time I see his mug in a hockey arena.
  20. American housing stock is mal-distributed, I won't argue that, but that is not the same thing as saying the majority of us will still not experience unmet housing needs at some point. The economic point is the general one about how wealth is generated. There are three ways to make things better for people in an economy - ie. make a richer society in the most general sense: 1) take worthless stuff out of the ground and make stuff out of it that serve peoples needs - i.e. take wood, steel, concrete and make a house out of it. 2) develop technology that allow people to increase the amount and efficiency with which people can apply energy to serve their needs - this covers things like the transportation tech, washing machines, electronics tech etc.. 3) the third is to supply more personal services to people - Law, accounting, art, and yes - haircuts and dye jobs. Of these 3 modes of generation - the first two generate tangible goods that become part of the economy's net wealth, (of course still subject to eventual depreciation), where as the third are basically consumables that drain total economic value from the national ledger. Or another way to put the difference: If some one asked you make an investment with them in buying a house vs asking you to make an investment in them getting a day at the spa, which you view as even a conceivable investment?
  21. actually IIRC correctly, wasn't it Mrs. Webber that had the hand outstretched the furthest. If you are Chris that maybe puts you in tough spot.
  22. For certain they don't have enough goal-tending. If nothing else about Holland's tenure as GM was malpractice his development of goal tending was.
  23. I don't know if I agree with your economics. At least with a house at the end of the process there is a durable good which increases the total worth of the nation's housing stock. The hair from last years style is swept up off the floor in next year's cut. Housing also enlarges the stock of skilled trades people. People do over mortage themselves to buy houses, but the average small business probably has a debt to income ratio not much worse than your average mortgage so the banksters are getting paid either way. Granted a LOT of US housing built in the last 30 yrs represents a mal-distribution of resources, but that is because of the nature of the US economy in general, not because there is anything inherently mal-distributative about housing. Housing in the US is too expensive not because there is too much of it but rather because there is too little of it that matches the people that need it. To play Devil's advocate I could argue that the money spent in salons represents an increase in the interest in shallow and transient things and is actually another indication of the self-absorption and decaying state of American Culture.
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