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  1. so what is with Krizan? Late bloomer or was last season at AA/AAA just a fluke? Certainly doesn't seem to be on anyone's radar, but a 368 OBP is pretty nice at any level.
  2. Gilbert has now proposed a major *new* commercial building in Detroit All the renovation work on the classic pre-depression era buildings has been a great thing and has saved an architectural legacy few cities anywhere can claim, but I always though that until someone showed that adding to the existing downtown building stock was viable, you couldn't really say that downtown was ready to move from just 'recovery' to being part of the future. The other relevant news for the City is the rehab investment going at at the FIsher building and the Piston's announcement that they are going to locate their facilities north toward the "New Center" area. It will be interesting to see if there is enough development interest to create a rehabilitated area all the way to G. Blvd. Even as originally envisioned in the '30's, fill in from G.Blvd to Grand Circus Park really never happened the 1st time. Today with WSU taking up so much of that area there may be a better chance.
  3. If you are using wireless in a well packed residential area the cut outs are often your wireless device getting confused about who it is talking to which then creates a drop in the program link requiring a re-authorization cycle. On a PC you may have properties settings available on a wireless card to control how easily it will get distracted by other sources, but usually no such luck on any kind of mobile device. Especially if you have neighbors with Xfinity routers that have left them turned on as unlocked hotspots.
  4. Dixon having the yipps today.
  5. have gamday audio coming through firefox in Win7 - ISP is ATT. Haven't had a hiccup since the game started.
  6. Romine says "Mikie who? JaCoby what"
  7. their aggregate numbers look almost identical through age 32, when Albert started collecting injuries. Miguel has been nicked up also, and from I read his ankle is never going to be 100% again, but he seems to have been able to play over them. The numbers also mask that they are different hitters. Pujols was always more of a pull hitter than Miguel - probably leaves him less margin.
  8. miguel being miguel- 420 ft double.
  9. Verlander make an error on a bouncer off the 1st pitch. Season is doomed. Home town scoring - make it a hit. so he losses his 1st no-hit opportunity on his 1st pitch - we are still doomed.
  10. so how might you do wireless signals? Catcher wears a wrist band on his catching glove arm - maybe something like a quarterback's signal sleeve. Punch in two digits - one for pitch type, one for location (using a 1-9 box for instance). So a 2-9 might be a curve low and away. System should allow the team to enter their own encryption passwords into each pair of devices before each game. Pitcher either wears a pliable in-ear receiver or one eared batting helmet with the receiver.
  11. I'd have to guess that getting guys to stay in the batter's box is where the league is getting the 'pushback' from the union. The other problem I see that isn't talked about much is the signing issue. Partly because of the technology available, the universal availability of the CF camera shot at all games, and mostly because it does seem to happen, teams are psycho-paranoid about sign stealing. This is leading teams, including the Tigers, to using multiple sign systems for virtually whole games. There were countless times last season when McCann could not get his signals straight with his pitcher - of course also partly because they just didn't agree but that whole process is slowed down a lot when it takes four or five signs being flashed before they even know they don't agree. I think a lot of the time on the pitching side is getting wasted there and I don't know how you can tell teams to stop if they believe their signs are being stolen. Maybe replace signs with a wireless beeper system between the pitcher and catcher - but then you still have to secure that communication channel to everyone's satisfaction or it will be hacked.
  12. "But Dear, you did say one tank!"
  13. It's a good look, but I'd rather be skiing....
  14. I had been trying so hard to put that behind me and forget about him.....