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  1. I could feel a lot better about the remainder of the season if I thought that bullpen was going to show up the rest of the way. But I don't.
  2. It was a serious effort, though he actually made it a little more difficult by coming in a little too far.
  3. Well, we've now gotten to the soft underbelly of the BP. ....Annnnnd there is the lead-off triple
  4. Tigers get the big chance, Nick can't get low enough to dodge the tag.
  5. I don't know if it's the knee, or the move to 100% DH, but he had been at least been steadily hitting better in every aspect except the long ball in May and June. But it's like a switch flipped in July. He is under the Mendoza line in his last 50 AB or so.
  6. the sad thing is that all these great relief performances could have helped them win half a dozen games if they had come over the last few weeks.
  7. DO NOT Bunt here! Let Castro hit. Bunt and FAIL.
  8. Other than Nick, the Tigers refuse to hunt a curveball on the 1st pitch despite almost every Philly pitcher throwing it.
  9. Miguel looking like baseball is a game he's never played.
  10. I don't know if a better LF would have caught that ball or not but Stewart had himself crossed up enough he gave himself no chance. Amazingly enough, Hardy gets out of it anyway.
  11. so on the 1st pitch of Hick's AB, Realmuto set up with one leg out. I don't care if Stewart doesn't have base stealing speed, you see a catcher do that when you need to get to 2nd to score the winning run, you have to go.
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