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  1. yeah - this is pretty much it. And it will be on the top floor of Trump Tower and the elevator ride to the top will be a $14.99 surcharge.
  2. well for sure there is enough brain research that shows that there is more volatility in the the judgment of young adults, but on the other hand, I also think that in the last generation or so, the US in particular has pretty much forgotten about teaching teenagers that life is serious business and I think that lack of countervailing knowledge/experience to counter-balance that volatile judgment is at least as large an overall effect.
  3. I guess the vintage just goes straight to vinegar when you start with such sour grapes.
  4. I doubt it. I don't think a person with even a shred of introspection could remain a Trumper for more than 30 seconds.
  5. Didn't Long get derailed by injury? He may not be fair to group here. Ware and Harrington were picked by the Lions so that disqualifies them as well . Leaf - no question a lot of teams would have taken him and been wrong.
  6. Or Cromwell and the Irish, or the IRA and the Ulsters, or the Sunni and Shia, or the Muslims and the Hindus, or the Muslim and the Hebrews,...or
  7. Someday the US Christian Right is going to rate right up there in the blacker pages of Church History.
  8. as I've noted before, the problem for Fulmer is that he had suffered a loss of effectiveness prior to and unrelated to his UCL failure, so for him it's not just a matter of TJ surgery recovery and he is back to good. Even at 100% recovery to where he was pre-surgery, he needed to re-invent his arsenal and do it while protecting the bad knee. Which is not to say he can't do it, only there are a lot of moving pieces - which mean a lot of possible failure points, all of which he needs to succeed on.
  9. Right now the way I look at it is that every week that goes by without the announcement of Harbaugh extension increases the odds that there won't be one. This may have been a 'W', and McNamara may turn out to be the season's find, but I cannot believe that game added anything to Harbaugh's case to stay.
  10. A bad offense is one thing, but you should be able to avoid being shut out just on the strength of 2 INTs.
  11. Even though it seemed a waste of potential talent, Gardy probably had the right idea with Norris - put him in the BP where he can't think about his starts or at least bring him in as a 'second' starter where the game is already in flow. Norris is also the kind of case where maybe a new coaching regime could click for him. I think the best case with Fulmer may end up being the BP also. If he gets his velo back - which he may, he's still not a more than once through the order guy as long as it's all sinker-slider because hitters adjust to that too easily on second look - but it can probably work from the BP, especially if you bring him in after a guy that does throw a high riding fastball.
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