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  1. actually I don't agree. I think at the individual level the majority of people are more conscious of being tolerant than ever. The disconnect in society today (in my view) it that individually tolerant people don't recognize how the natural operation of any democracy tends to disenfranchise minorities. As long as society stays geographically segregated and voting is done by district, then the simple and theoretically intended action of democracy in which people are supposed to vote for their own interests is going to produce institutional bias against geographically isolated minorities. That is what 'institutional' racism actually is and the problem for both the left and the right is that no one recognizes what is really going on because it demands too fundamental a re-examination of the assumptions of democracy. The left wants to just blame it on bad people on the right, and of course they can find real racists on the right to embody their argument. The right wants to deny the problem exists at all because individually and at their workplace, they don't hold any bias against the minority at the next locker or cubicle so what could be wrong? They they both have it wrong.
  2. The reality is that Lear wanted it that way. He wanted it to play direct to Archie's fans for the ratings while being able to take the stroking from in his own 'smart set' circle for how well he was skewering the great unwashed. Lear was pretty much a jerk.
  3. yeah - The whole premise of AITF is decidedly unfunny in the Trump era. Even at the time, I know a lot of may fathers gen watched the show and never got that it was supposed to satire at all. They were just with Archie right down the line.
  4. and just because as a Tiger fan the addition of any additional salt in the wounds would be hard to even notice tonight, there is this: Justin Verlander 2019 American League Pitching: Quality Starts: 1st IP: 1st Ks: 2nd WHIP: 1st ERA: 2nd War: 2nd His 8 wins are as many the Tiger team since April 23.
  5. Turning out to be a nice gig for VerHagen. His inconsistency means he'll continue to get bounced back and forth to the Tigers and his status means he'll get a few days off each time waiting to clear waivers. How many baseball players get to take time off in the Summer? 🤔
  6. It's reaching a point they are going to have to do something to change things up just to give the hitters a little confidence again. These guys are defeated before they even leave the on-deck circle right now. I don't know if it rises to deciding Lloyd has to fall on his sword but something. Try some live pitcher batting practice if they are not doing that, hire a sports shrink, introduce some new approach concept - I don't think it matters what, it's just the idea of changing what is failing just to give the guys reason to believe the failure can be changed,And get Harrison out of the lineup. It's OK to admit some experiments are failures.
  7. LOL - Chris Sale has a WHIP 1.08, has K'd 83 in 56.1 IP, and is 1 and 5.
  8. LOL, can you believe it? 4 IP, 2H, 3K 0BB, 0 ER (1 unearned run) The Tigers hitters may be inept, but the Mudhens had on their hitting shoes. 10 runs. Castro Bros 5 for 10 with a HR (Willie), Cameron 2/4 Mahtook 2/4 - HR Erie went to Hartford and lost 3-1. Shore 5.2IP, 4H, 3ER,2BB,2K, 1HR Hill and Azocar 1/4 Lakeland hosted Palm Beach and got hosed 8-1 Clemens 1/4, Peterson 3/5
  9. Offense suffered another little Hickup there.
  10. Miguel rolls over on one and grounds to short
  11. Nick takes a center cut FB for strike one. What on earth is he looking for? But then gets an excuse me single trying to protect the runner. Tigers in business for Miguel.
  12. Austin Brice? Isn't that Bert's alter ego? Bab's other half?
  13. Price just beside himself that Farmer pitched to Rojas' bat speed.
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