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  1. Zimmerman will start opening day

    nothing says "Baseball Excitement" like a 30yr old minor league journeyman leadoff man.
  2. Zimmerman will start opening day

    bad backs are a *****.
  3. Investing

    you couldn't pay me to buy whatever it is that Aramco eventually decides they are selling.
  4. Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    OK - here is 'way back then story'. So I was in grade school in the 60's in Detroit. You could almost certainly find a paddle hanging on the wall in the school office of any Detroit elem school. Now the odd thing was - and I can only speak for the school I went to - the 'corporal' part was - a bit like noted above - not much of the objective. Our admin used it 95% percent as a shaming ritual. I think in 9 yrs at my K-8 the paddle may have been used twice - always with a get deal of prior publicity and always in front a class that was not the student's own. And the paddle was a slap stick unit designed to make a lot of noise. So just with that as background from where I have been - I would say A) trying that kind of think on HS students is both stupid, pointless and counter productive -they are well past the age where the kind of psychological gamesmanship our teachers used in elementary school could work. B) Whatever punishment of any kind a student receives from a school must be related to activity IN the SCHOOL. No district has the right to even attempt to control what kids do outside. I would never be on board for that. Unless every student who ever stayed home with a running nose was paddled too, the adults running this district needs to slapped silly themselves.
  5. Zimmerman will start opening day

    I would not discount this angle.
  6. Zimmerman will start opening day

    He went on the DL, went to rehab, did *really* horribly in rehab. Basically provided no evidence at all he was ready to get big league hitters out, but still came up and took the ball, whence he proceeded to lose all the games he started, mostly badly, just driving one more spike into any chances the Tiger may still had had for the season. I know the CBA demands that is the process, but it was still bush league in my book. I just plain don't like Zimmerman as a player on my team period. Call it a pet Peeve at this point.
  7. Political Pot-pourri

    what is so stupid about this even on genetic science grounds in the US context is that there has been so much genetic intermixing here that skin color is virtually a single isolated trait that no longer even acts as much of a marker for how 'African' a person in the US's heritage is. Can we all say 'race is a social construct" children?
  8. Zimmerman will start opening day

    I could be wrong, but any idea that Zimmermann cares more about the team than his own success went out the window for me in '16. In the absence of any compelling reason to change my mind, that make this a poor decision to me as well.
  9. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    There you have it - 30 yrs ago to today: STABLE GENIUS!
  10. 3/16 @1:05 p.m. Philadelphia Phillies vs Detroit Tigers

    his stock fell a lot last year - I guess he has to earn his way back. I still don't like the way he falls of the mound - I would have thought they would have fixed that in 3 seasons. I guess we'll see what Bosio can do.
  11. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Fair point
  12. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    >but I doubt the Lions moves are tied with preparing the team for sale. I do too, but I was struck at how the same kinds of moves by the Tigers had been taken as incontrovertible proof the Ilitch's were selling so thought I throw it out there for the contrast. >The Fords would be fools to sell the team. I don't know if there is such a thing as a single interest that you can call 'The Fords' If you are one of the daughters who has never been involved with the team, wouldn't you just as soon put a couple of hundred million (your share of a sale) into your own trust for your own family - especially if you are looking out at the possible end of the sports television gravy train? You're tied to an asset that has had a great run, but nothing goes on forever, and it's an asset you would have little control over if one of the other sibs becomes managing trustee/owner. I only raise the point because just looking at the investment angles, if it were me, I would want out unless I was managing.
  13. Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    My suspicion is that this is at least a much a result of small family sizes as anything else - though that is just my speculation. I can't help but think sibling interaction - especially at preschool ages, has to be one of the more powerful vectors for developing empathy.
  14. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    What ever Martha sets up depends on the siblings agreeing to agree after she is gone. Only one person gets to run the team - human nature argues there is a fair chance at least of couple of the remaining siblings would just as soon have their money out instead.
  15. Political Pot-pourri

    Anyone in the GOP today who wants a career as an honest person is going to have to leave the party. They don't necessarily have to join today's opposition with the Dems, but they have to walk away from the scumpit the national GOP is today to some new place if they are going to retain any shred of respectability or credibility. Trump may fall - he will eventually go away one way or another, but the fascist/racist/atavist/truth demeaning/democracyBeDamned majority of the GOP primary electorate that has remade the GOP in its own image is not going anywhere.