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  1. Natasha does't understand triage. The basic idea is a good one - but possibly the Navy/admin is screwing it up. An armed services Hosp ship was probably not designed primarily for infectious diseases. In general a ship is too close quarters to use for a highly infectious disease, - it probably has nowhere near the air purification capacity of a modern hospital - etc. It makes perfect sense to use it to treat the seriously ill with other conditions that there is not room for in the regular system now and who it would be too dangerous to expose to the virus even if there were room in the regular Hosps. There are still a enough of people in NY who will die of things other than COIVD19 if they can't get a hospital bed to fill the ship. SO the objective is keep COVID off the ship and treat critically ill who are not COVID patients. The set-up concept was fine, whether the managers may be screwing it up is a different question. This and the "EMTs will not resuscitate you" story are good examples of what's wrong with Twitter. Thoughtless, breathless, un-researched reporting.
  2. The guys that run the drill lines know they have a skill that will be in demand again soon enough. Boom and bust on the operating end of the oil business is nothing new to them. For the suits that bet wrong.....?
  3. world case count crossed 1 million today. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  4. the producers have no choice now - they are just bowing to reality. They can't find any customers to take oil. There is a lot of storage out there, but it doesn't take that long before all the tanks and tankers are full when the market falls by 30 million BBL/day. US production will fall because it is unprofitable and fracking is relatively easy to shut down and restart later. Big expensive off-shore platforms will not want to shut down. The Russians and Saudi's are both in a bind because whether they cut back and get a better price at lower volume or try to steal market share to keep pumping into fallen prices, they still can't make their budget requirements.
  5. California still doing remarkably well, maybe the bug doesn't travel well in the desert.
  6. interesting that a team would buy a plane with trans-pacific range. Maybe they got a 767 cheap because they have fallen out of favor with the airlines?
  7. Not accurate. The advice was not to transport to the hospital if they they failed at resuscitation. If paramedics can't get you going at the scene with a defib, your chances were pretty much zero. IOW, don't bring more bodies to the hospital morgue. That's bad enough, but the tweet was nonsense. https://www.businessinsider.com/nyc-ambulance-service-stretched-heart-attack-sufferers-left-home-2020-4
  8. I'm actually looking for safe ways to spend money with retailers that are still working. We've placed orders at a local small grocer and our ACE, which are both doing curbside pick-up now. I'm going to see if I can still get some landscape materials from HomeDepot by delivery. I have the good fortune to still be employed and it seems unfair not to keep doing some commerce where it can be done safely.
  9. who knew the Georgia governor's mansion fit under a rock?
  10. yes this is key. The M4A people need to be talk less about their aspirations - which everyone already understands, and more about the nuts and bolts of a workable 10 -15 yr plan to get there.
  11. Yes the public option is designed for people who work, in theory medicaid would cover those with incomes as low as the unemployed, but how long do you have to have low income before you are eligible for medicare? Do you have to have a whole year's low income rate before you qualify? I've never gotten the impression that you could qualify for medicaid just because you lost you job.
  12. I hope your SO locked up all the sharp objects this morning....
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