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  1. If only it stays that black and white. More likely he shows up to run taped up after having tweaked an ankle in a workout and proceeds to post 4.53.
  2. I agree that is what they are banking on. I still think it's better politics than public health.
  3. For Michigan, after we came out of the 1st wave we got down to under 5/100K (which is just about 500 per day) with a postive test rate under 3%, so it wasn't cases not seen for lack of testing. But it didn't hold long, rising to about 7/100k but holding there through July and August and Sept, which wasn't too bad, but then total loss of control beginning in October/Nov.
  4. Probably tougher to find wideouts that will block than wideouts that can block ---
  5. OK - that may be usually be a fair assumption.
  6. True - but his loss still counts as part of the changes in the Tigers this season as compared to last - as in at this point he was better than anyone has proved they will be at 1b this season. Nunez could change that, or if Paredes can force Schoop to 1b then he might be an upgrade or at least a non-downgrade there. Or lightening could strike and Cabrera could play 1b well..... In any case I don't think Torkelson is coming north so Candelario (our other 2020 1b) seems likely to stay at 3rd.
  7. My wife is an old school newspaper addict so we have a digital to both the News and Freep, but TBH, if you follow Seidel and McCosky on twitter most of their raw reporting is available there. What you do get with the Freep this year is a LOT of player and Hinch video - most of which is just sports boilerplate but yields a nugget once in a while.
  8. I'm generally in the same boat. My only interest in that end is that I think the CBA can have a lot to do with the quality of the game as the fan experiences it, both in terms of player mobility and the degree to which it's the economic structure created by the CBA that contributes to the boom/bust cycle so many teams seem to get stuck in today. Not that as fans we can do anything about it, all we get is the catharsis of bitc_hing about it!
  9. TBF, Ted Williams advocated taking the 1st pitch you saw, which if I understand it correctly referred to the 1st pitch you saw *in the game*, which is fine for setting your timing. Over the years I've heard people quote him more than once to have said look at the first pitch in each at bat which I'm not sure is what he really said.
  10. I am really happy to hear that Hinch et al are talking about swinging at more 1st pitches. It droves me crazy that the in the past Tigers' idea of taking more pitches was to give pitchers a called strike one. Taking pitches should mostly mean not swinging at so many bad ones, not taking good ones!
  11. well that is what the politicians are banking on, but it's a cynical play for votes not to force the level lower when things were in place and they had the current chance to really squash it. Like I said, it's not going to be another fall 2020 disaster but tell that to the family that loses a loved one in next few weeks that didn't have to.
  12. All along, IHME has rated anything over 10/100K as outbreak potential. As noted, if anything the evidence is that there are more contagious versions of the bug out there than initially.
  13. Last week we did 350K shots in MI. If we keep that up we will cut it off before the irresponsibility can lead to another November level outbreak, but we are still going to kill people we don't need to.
  14. Mize with control issues in his second inning - gets out of it with a K.
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