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  1. I will *not* hex tomorrow by saying JV *should* make us the favorite to get the split in this series.
  2. with the Hens, Jones 2/4 tonight VerHagen only goes 2 (long rain delay), Stumpf hit a bit, Ryan and Leon with clean innings.
  3. Indeed, the dreaded "Needs work" situation.
  4. Jankowski's inning: K,K 3B, HR, K. 3 ks, 7 bases. He wins tonight's 'Anibal' award
  5. No save situation. Sit down Justin.
  6. Tell me the balls and bats aren't juiced!
  7. Greene's breaking stuff is nasty, but what I really like is the way he uses both a 2 seam fastball down and the 4 seam fastball up. No way a batter can do much to be ready for that or read it coming in.
  8. Upton has redeemed his last AB
  9. OK Shane, don't make your fans looks bad here.....
  10. 2 run rally. Unfortunately Upton was scheduled to bat that inning. Man, when he goes cold, he goes arctic.
  11. yeah - for no apparent reason Marisnik just airmailed the ball over even the catchers head. Kinsler could walk to 2nd. I'll bet he just lost track of how far in he had charged, but still a bad play.
  12. Ha!. More hero ball. And Iggy wasn't even going home.
  13. will you take about 140 ft?
  14. 7 pitches for Greene. He has to go another, right?
  15. I'd have typed this post to agree about one runner sooner but I had to pick myself up off the floor after Brad pulled him *before* he put on a runner!