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  1. Norris has no particular trouble at least twice through a batting order. His ERA is basically flat through 5 IP this season. He is only working short now so they don't have to shut him down completely - they want to keep him on a starter's schedule for the full season. And if anything I would say the trend this year is that he has been able to reduce his pitches per inning somewhat. Also, when he was throwing 100 pitches per start his velo was not falling off at the end of his starts - fatigue does not appear to be a problem for him. I would guess he will fail or succeed as a regular starter one way or the other.
  2. and VerHagen give up 3 but without walking anyone - which is different at least....🤔
  3. Funny thing is that coming out of the gate next year it's not going to be an inexperienced pitching staff other than Turnbull. Boyd, Norris, Zimmermann and even VerHagen have all been around for a while now, and if the first addition to the staff mid-season turns out to be Fulmer the same applies.
  4. the counter point on Reyes is that his line drive rate is over 25%, his K rate is under 20%, his soft contact is under 15% and his hard hit rate is 40%. His BaBIP is certainly unsustainable, but OTOH his success this season is not all BaBIP luck either. The other significant point with Victor is that a lot of guys start out hot in the majors and still have good average numbers after 250 PA but if you look at their trend, they are already starting to fall off as pitchers begin to exploit their weaknesses. Maybe the most hopeful sign with Reyes is that he still trending up even as the season is ending - having added 25 pt to his OPS so far this Sept. So while I wouldn't argue that he still has to keep improving to hold down an MLB starting job and has things he has to work on (like walking more), I would also say that if he can maintain a rate of improvement half of what he did last last year to this, he certainly has as good a shot to play regularly in the majors as any other OF in the system beside Greene - though granted that may not saying all that much!
  5. If I remember the story correctly it was a personal connection. Somebody knew somebody who was close to Trout etc. I don't remember the exact story but they had more input about him than just conventional scouting. he had a strong advocate in their org by the time they picked him.
  6. Norris won't be on an innings limit next season!
  7. Yeah - I saw the critique that he wasn't hard enough on Boeing, but that misses the point of the story. He was taking you inside the nuts and bolts of what really happened. He didn't whitewash Boeing's error, he covered the difference in approach between Boeing and Airbus and the ways in which MCAS was poorly implemented but that wasn't his focus. He's basically trying to explain to the public that a big slice of non Military trained pilots around the world don't know how to actually fly an airplane or understand how their airplanes fly. That is his story and MCAS is just the background event that makes his story relevant. It's still an amazing piece for the depth of information and quality of explanation it supplies. Interestingly enough, immediately after the LionAir crash and before the story even started to grow with the second crash, I saw on a couple of US pilots forums basically the same point made, that MCAS was trivially easy to turn off and any pilot should have known to do it. Just not in any where near this kind of detail. And another point that could be made and you might appreciate, is that one of the roots of this fiasco is a poorly written regulation. The equivalent certification requirement is not the plane actually fly the same way, only that the control has to 'Feel' the same. In the era before fly by wire this was probably a distinction without a difference, but in the computer control age it turns into a huge loophole. Without that loophole MCAS would never have been a possible answer for the Max in the first place. The rule really should state that a plane actually has to have the same aerodynamic flight properties to be certified equivalent. Big difference.
  8. I like the theory here, but in practice a starting pitcher is either in the rotation or out. You can't easily share time or positions to give a guy innings like you can with a position player. We have 5 starters on the 25 now who have the inside track to the 2020 rotation and the guy you might want to move to the pen to make room, VerHagen, has already shown much better value working on a 5 day schedule that on call out of the pen. So you don't have too much room to work with. I could see them bringing in one guy. Unless they move Boyd of course.
  9. Another tease. On his good days his stuff is elite, but will he ever have enough good days? I don't know what a team is supposed to do with guys like that. I guess when you are not very good you can afford to give them a lot of rope hoping they figure it out, and some proportion of guys inevitably will.
  10. Other than a better K rate, if you look at Jimenez's and Cisnero's stat lines for this season there isn't all that much to choose between them, and Cisnero is hot garbage.
  11. Cisnero has to get Puig to get out of bases loaded, 2 out.
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