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  1. yeah - however you want to cut it, there are a couple of guys I'd like to see some more out of this season and he is one of them.
  2. Tigers get the tying run to the plate. EDIT: that's enough right? Just getting the guy to the plate?
  3. I think at this point the biggest frustrations with this short season is not seeing Manning or more starts for Skubal, and the fact that Cabrera is starting to find his HR stroke.
  4. No doubt. Generalizing cohorts is good media but it's usually lazy sociology. 🤔
  5. Cave makes an easy basket catch in to a highlight reel dive against Reyes.
  6. Petry and Morris having an interesting discussion about being able to add and subtract from the FB. Jack says he never could, Dan said late in career he found it a needed strategy. Again, using Verlander as a benchmark, early in his career his ability to throw his FB anywhere from 91 to 99 gave him enough change of speed to challenge hitters even before he had great command of any breaking ball options.
  7. He's got a good enough arm and good stuff, but he's learning he's got a lot of work left to do. It's probably tougher for a finesse guy like Mize than for a Verlander. JV's FB was so hard to tee up that he could make mistakes and they still end up as pop-ups. That gave him a couple of years to learn enough command to pitch when he didn't have that great FB. Casey's FB isn't good enough for him to make mistakes with it. He's young enough he might learn to add a little more or spin it better, if not his command and breaking balls are going to have to catch up faster.
  8. Oh boy, 1-1 draft choice that can only go once through the order!
  9. this is always a good point. We have seen in Ann Arbor a lot of agitation for more testing, more testing, but the positive rate in the community is already so low that more testing is going to start generating as many false positives as real positives, and at that point things get counter productive.
  10. two things with Mize. Doesn't seem to be able to do much out of the stretch, and related, he doesn't seem to have anything in the way of an extra gear when he is in trouble.
  11. We've had this discussion before. At least half of the boomers, especially the older ones, were always straight arrow frats. They just didn't get the press. They didn't grow out their hair, they went to class, they went to Nam (or applied to OCS) when they were drafted, went to work for GM and IBM and they got married when they wanted to shack up. There is always some drift to economic conservatism when people are in their peak earning years and are most greedy of the tax bite, but you already had a lot of fertile ground there in the boomers.
  12. Don't disagree that is the view now, but it's never safe to say never in politics....
  13. this is an interesting take. Also I'd be curious what other boomers think as I have never seen any data on this, but at least in my anecdotal circle of acquaintances, divorce appears more common in the older half of the boomer cohort - perhaps the pull to get married young/early for 'traditional reasons' was still stronger for them than for their younger siblings by - say the middle 70's.
  14. Not that I am in any way impugning anything to Al Avlia, but for the sake of context I would point out that bigotry among and between non-white ethnic and racial groups is no less possible than it is between whites and other groups.
  15. agree. The process to charge is always open - there is nothing like a double jeopardy clause for how many times you can be investigated for the same crime. It is possible some GJ processes have internal rules about not going back over old ground within that particular process, but a prosecutor isn't bound by the negative actions of any particular GJ once it's over. He can always re-start an investigation with or w/o another GJ.
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