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  1. radar read the pitch at 96. Pulling the fast ball is the last piece to see with Cabrera.
  2. I guess one theory is that since they have fewer open dates early than usual, they will keep Norris for long relief, maybe send him down to Toledo to keep starting after the rest of starting staff gets more fully stretched out. I like Norris, but objectively, if I am sitting in Avila's seat, I'm going to use Norris' last option to give Moore and Ross every chance to succeed because I'm hoping to be able to move them for something later.
  3. Like Chris I said, Yzerman is under contract. The world won't stop until then so we have to live with uncertainty until then.
  4. Not sure why. Depending on how much/how long, If you want to leave the deck clear for a management change, extending Blashill is at least as much a hedge about Holland's future as signing a new coach to what would likely be a longer term and bigger dollars.
  5. Yes - a case of the consequence of bad Ideology . The argument by the networks was the FCC either had to regulate cable or dump the doctrine or they were toast. The Gov free marketeers prevailed against the idea of expanding regulation and the result is that all news media is now a shadow of the reliability it used to be. Now the demand grows for regulation in the internet world, and we still have a 1930's structure that hasn't even been updated for cable, let alone the internet.
  6. 2000 wasn't an issue around the EC in terms of a majority of the votes cast being neutered. It was an example of a horrible state recount, from which you could extrapolate out the worst case scenario in a presidential election that was within a few 1/10 of a per cent and had 50 such circuses going on simultaneously.
  7. not stolen votes - the idea that a close vote on a national election would require 50 recounts and all the complexity that recounts in 50 separate states with different rules would entail - IOW, chaos. Now if Federal elections were "nationalized" and secured under some system the public felt it could trust, or at least was actually worthy of the republic's trust, you'd be a step closer. But that is an aspect of the details on the ground that I don't hear much discussion about when people advocate for popular election of the president. There are not too many good models. Other Western Parliamentary democracies don't hold single nationwide votes - each riding is won or lost individually - sort of like US states in the Presidential election. I think France elects its President nationwide - but France is a small place compared to the US. Brazil is the closest large country I can think of with a direct vote national presidency - they do some kind of two round thing. Mexico?
  8. Have never heard that one before. I wonder what it means. Scar tissue displacing and narrowing the attachment at the proximal end? It is getting to the point where you wonder if Fulmer just has the wrong combination of genes.
  9. This is the one aspect that I agree with. With the 50 states each running their own elections, things can get pretty sloppy, but even allowing for 2000, we literally go a century without a Presidential result being in doubt. That has some value. Not sure if it's enough. The thing to me is that the electoral college problem is only a symptom - and "fixing" it does not get at the root cause, which is that the Senate is not a proportional representation. And as the farm and mountain states continue to empty out for lack of employment, that basic legislative non-proproportionalty will continue to skew US legislative representation away from one-man-one-vote even if the EC were "fixed."
  10. Well, if you flip an "S" over then turn it " 90 degrees it's almost an "N"
  11. because all those traits are measures that would force Trump to confront what he is lacking, and thus must be disparaged.
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