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  1. One of Dad's dumbest moves. Alex has been a more useful player than any of the cast of thousands Al has brought in since he sent him away.
  2. Indeed. Nixon could have survived the Watergate break in very easily by simply throwing a couple of people overboard, either Haldeman or Ehrlichman in particular. And they would have gone quietly, and either of them could probably have plead out to a misdemeanor by letting Liddy take the rap for the break in itself. But Nixon wanted to have his cake and to eat it too. They thought they could stonewall free passes for everybody even after getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
  3. Yup. Build the case to force Sondland and the legal case is a fait accompli. As noted, whether that makes any difference to the political case in the end is doubtful, but all Schiff can do is all he can do.
  4. It hard to capture the depth of the difference in the mindset. Watergate was felt by everyone on both sides to be momentous. There was an absolute gravity that can't be captured in today's society where all absolutes have evaporated (not to mention that this is already the 3rd time around in many observers' lifetimes. No-one at Watergate had lived through a Presidential impeachment effort.) There was never any question about what lines could not be crossed. Watergate was a real search for sufficient credible evidence to force a verdict. It was assumed on all sides that if Nixon were proven in *any* major falsehood 80%+ of the public would be against him and would not tolerate him continuing. This is so totally different. Trump has already violated standards that would not have been tolerated in 1972 by untold orders of magnitude. It's a 1000 times more a circus. The GOP is not interested in truth. We know the Senate will not convict because there is *no* evidence that would be sufficient or line that cannot be crossed in the GOPs view. Despite being conducted by the Dems like a legal proceeding, this truly is a PR show. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt has already been presented, is already out there for even a blind man to see. We know what Donald J. Trump did from his own lips in 70mm Technicolor in a way that we really didn't know exactly what Nixon knew or personally approved right up until John Dean and the release of the tapes. In the end this is all and only about trying to persuade the independent voter and try to demonstrate that the Democrats will at least try to hold to a set of standards they can only hope still matter to enough of the electorate to force a serious change in the next election.
  5. Still, the Russian efforts should be a bigger issue to Americans than they apparently are.
  6. But there is a paradox in the story of Russian election interference. The people that voted against Trump were not influenced, a majority that voted for him still support him and so still view their pro-trump judgment as their own. There is only a small slice of people who have changed their minds and have done so because they feel betrayed by the Russian influence campaign. That number could be significant enough to prevent Trump's re-election, but it's too small to put Russia at the top of that many voter's concerns.
  7. Entertainment culture predisposition. There is a mismatch between television people and the lawyers that actually run the process. In entertainment land you need a great a 1st reel to keep people watching - so the assumption you lead off with your strongest witness. In a prosecution the case is usually build up so that you have established a context for the main event. You also want to put high credibility guys first so when the bad guys testify it's more clear they are contradicting good guys.
  8. does this means we have to talk about the Wings now....
  9. I wouldn't even call a runner on 2nd relaying signs cheating in any way. It's up to the pitcher and catcher to conceal what they are doing from the other *players*. Players watching other players for what they are doing is a proper part of the game. It's no different from a catcher noticing a hitter has moved up closer to the plate calling for a pitch even further away. The cheating is when there there is help coming from off the field. For instance in this example I don't think a team should be able to have video in the dugout to check whether a hitter is not in his normal stance - to me that would also be over the line.
  10. this needs to come with a wall rack....
  11. This may be true but still doesn't apply to Jake as in his current state he is not their best catcher if Greiner is healthy or they sign any kind of journeyman (which is what they need to do). Obviously we hope that changes with a little more development, but until it does...
  12. Whatsapp is supposedly end to end encrypted, though there was a report this year of the app itself being hacked in a way that could leave the host phone vulnerable, even if not the message transmissions themselves.
  13. So. Do they have enough leverage on Sondland to make him tell the truth when he testifies? Or will he show up and just play completely dumb? From the committee investigation standpoint, if Sondland comes clean he becomes the John Dean of the case. It will basically be over. That doesn't mean the GOP will change its stance or that Trump would be any more likely to be impeached - Nunes' opening statement makes it pretty clear the GOP is going to the mat for Trump no matter how much black they have to call white, but it will mean that they have put themselves beyond the reach of any facts or reality. OTOH, Sondland could probably try to blow enough smoke to give the GOP enough cover to be able to just walk away from all this.
  14. Anyone wondering how they might be rewarded by Putin should probably study Stalin a little more carefully.
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