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  1. results wise he did OK. Came in with 2 on no-out. US tried to bunt, Jimenez threw out the lead runner at 3rd. Then a GO FC left 1st and 3rd with 2 out. McCutcheon beat out a grounder to short and a run scored (4-0), then he was out of the inning with a pop-up. Not bad damage control. A K or 2 would have been nice but he didn't give up anything out of the IF and he fielded his position.
  2. Bill Kristol must be feeling like Lear on the blasted heath. He spent all those years helping give birth to a child that now rejects him...... All those things are about governing Bill. Your children don't care about governing.
  3. Funny, I thought the Tigers had more players on the Venezuelan team than the US team....
  4. Was Andre pouting because his buddy got bumped out of the starting rotation? You get the impression Stan has collection of players but he has no team.
  5. Boban siting. Human white flag?
  6. and he gets his 4th foul reaching for a guy going by him.
  7. Leuer apparently hasn't seen a shot fake he can't fall for.
  8. Koch's pledge 7 figure campaign support for GOP no votes on AHCA. But of course not because it doesn't do enough, but because it does anything at all..... I hope I live long enough to be able to breath the air in this country with those two no longer inhabiting it.
  9. It's funny, who thought Trump *winning* might be the death of the GOP? Conventional wisdom of course was that nominating him would be fatal and turned out to be completely wrong - at least short term. The only thing I think is certain at this point is that if the system doesn't find a way to regurgitate Trump, the "American Experiment" will officially be over before it reaches it's 250th birthday. The GOP needs to decide which side of that outcome they want to be on.
  10. Today's Quinipiac tracker has Trump at -19. RCP poll average negative at new high since the election. Waiting for the process work through channels is good and proper; having the GOP bail on him because his public abandons him will do quite nicely though....
  11. Greta calls the House "Keystone Kop-ish" ....McCain agrees
  12. well it shouldn't be too hard for someone in the field to figure out how many doctor there are, how much they are paid on average, and what percentage of the total US health care bill that is. Just as a WAG - let's day doc salaries of 30% of the total and you cut them 30%, that would be a 10% reduction. Significant no doubt - one piece of many though.
  13. Norris settles down in 5th allowing only 2 runs. Norris goes 5, 5 K 2 runs. Greene and J Wilson with clean 6/7
  14. Single, WP, BB, double to open the 5th and Jays are on the board. Norris at 52 pitches - no one out.
  15. "Old School" lives!