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  1. in 2006 and 2007 Inge made 22 and 18 errors at 3rd while putting up a total of 40 defensive runs saved and a total of 32 UZR . So for sure - you can play an IF position well enough to be a huge plus and still be charged a bunch of errors that are mostly on balls no-one else touches. Of course, the Tiger scorers were some of the last of the old school guys. They were one of the last teams to cave and get more liberal with granting hits. I couldn't say exactly when it started to shift at COPA, but 10 yrs ago? I'd guess a number of the errors Inge was charged with 10 yrs ago - at least a home - would be given hits today.
  2. Story about the political chaos in Afghanistan in the NYT. Is the time coming where we have to make a deal with the Taliban and toss all these Warlords to their mercy?
  3. I don't think it's at all obvious, but I do hope you are correct.
  4. It is the brain's function to try and discern order and causality in whatever forms are presented to it, but sometimes chaos is just chaos....
  5. don't know but wouldn't doubt it.
  6. For only the 4th time in 40 yrs, a Pres and 1st Lady are going to skip the Kennedy Center honors program. Other than Carter during the Iranian Hostage crisis, no other President who was in country has missed it. The Trumps begged off saying they didn't want to politicize the event, which is a fair sentiment given the current status of the President's standing with much of the nation, but still this is a sad thing to see: We now have a President who has so poisoned the well of comity in the nation that he can't/won't even go out in public in the role of the national figurehead he is supposed to be.
  7. Exactly. And in truth, in any event of the scope of the American Civil War you can always point to a myriad of antecedents and arguments. But slavery was the sine qua non. If the South had not be a slave based economy, there would never have been a Civil War over whatever other philosophical differences the North and South may have had.
  8. This from Bannon's Weekly Standard interview: Say What? The nasty establishment, corporate/Koch/Adelson bought-and-paid-for GOP is not populist? Who'da thunk that Steve? How could you have known? (well, maybe read a Ryan budget from any of the last 6 yrs....)
  9. Now in Kristol's thread there is a really interesting nugget we haven't talked much about here - the 2020 GOP nomination. Let's assume that Mueller indicts Manafort, Flynn and maybe some lesser lights or a couple of Russian nationals that escape back to the motherland but it he doesn't have enough get Trump himself. The Dems maybe take one house in 2018 and then we just pretty much have stasis till 2020. The 2020 GOP nomination fight should be all kinds of fun.
  10. F&F? You are looking for signs of intelligent life on F&F? Romad, you know better.
  11. not a problem for teams playing the Tigers!
  12. They already have them in NC, Alabama, Ms....
  13. TBH, I'm conflicted over this whole cycle. For the sake of the country, I'm certainly not happy that Trump won, but for the sake of the democratic party and maybe for the long term health of politics in the US, I'm also glad that Hillary didn't. Trump is bad news short term. Having both parties so irrevocably captured by the corporatists and neo-cons might have been just as bad long term (and of course may happen anyway)
  14. I've read that the Sanders campaign started out mostly as an effort to get things said as they didn't think they could win, the result being they also didn't do some of the spade work at the front end that would have helped them later. For instance, they could have been working early to try and capture some of those party committee jobs and superdelegates before they all committed to Hillary ( again, not joining the part hurt there), but those kinds of things were not on their early agenda. By the time Sanders started a real nuts and bolts campaign, he had already lost. Yeah part of that was the schedule, but only part.
  15. Bunching doubles is always a good way to score runs.