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  1. Hollywood attempts to change history

    absolutely. I've spent work time with everything from retail to machine shop, industrial operations, auto assembly plant floor, testosterone driven sales reps to the paneled offices at the university - there are a lot worlds out there and in a lot cases there is precious little interaction between them. The high power sales reps and managers were in general the worst though. I think that is the place in US culture where 'testosterone culture' has the deepest hold - and to large degree Hollywood overlaps this because of the commonality of salemanship.
  2. Hollywood attempts to change history

    You need to meet more devious people.
  3. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Yes. Well technically, the AG or in this case the person he has delegated to (Rosenstein) has to fire Mueller, which means that if Rosenstein won't act on his own, Trump has to order Sessions to fire Rosenstein, fire Sessions if he refuses, then Rosenstein is acting AG and he can order Rosenstein directly, and fire him if he refuses, and so on down the line until someone who ends up acting AG agrees to carry the water.
  4. still, why a Romine when a Lugo is close? Just seems dumb to spend anything on a 'veteran' role player when you just spent a season collecting high minors IF bodies. If you decide Machado can't play every day, Jones can play the IF. Or sign another minor league FA your scouting thinks might have upside, just not a 'veteran'. You want to look at as many guys as possible that at least have positive probability, even if small, of figuring in the team's future. Every AB that goes to a 'veteran' at this point is a wasted chance to look at someone you might otherwise miss.
  5. Hollywood attempts to change history

    Exactly, if you just don't talk like that, you never have a problem! But in reality what happens is that people who work together become friends, and so inevitably, the conversation between them takes on their standard for private conversation rather than the standard they are usually smart enough to maintain when the boss is around.(and if that's the Boss's standard, that of course is another issue). To me it's more of a social standard problem. If you have a society full of crude, boorish people, it's gonna be damn hard not to have crude, boorish workplaces. But on the other hand, I don't think it's fair to punish people for having poor linguistic acculturation (esp when the culture at large bombards them with it) if they still act honorably, and I've known many such people.
  6. $63M of Tigers payroll not likely to contribute a single WAR http://www.spotrac.com/mlb/detroit-tigers/payroll/
  7. Political Pot-pourri

    Orwell would be proud.
  8. --- WTF!?! why? just why?
  9. Agreed. I worry more about execution than strategy. A lot of strategies could work if you execute well. To me execution is the worry with Avila and to me that means primarily player evaluation. He's already made enough mistakes - Pelfrey, Zimmerman, in the pen - that you have to worry. If you don't evaluate players better than the other guys and keep making mistakes with who you bring in vs who you move out, no strategy is gonna save you.
  10. of course we are all assuming that for all their efforts, the Sox are going to be good. That has yet to be proved.
  11. Hollywood attempts to change history

  12. Hollywood attempts to change history

    This raises an interesting question though, if men are being different people in the lockerroom than they are in the boardroom, then the the proposition of women's equality is still being defeated in a sense isn't it? I think the better answer lies somewhere in between. People who only exercise their 'standards' at some times and in some places should to be judged not to really have those standards at all. But I would also like to see us get back to a stronger distinction between speech and action. In that sense I would make the distinction between Harvey Winestein and Clarence Thomas. Thomas was a boor and a frat boy, but did he ever actually *act* to Anita Hill's detriment, sabotage her career, or did he just offend her sensibilities? If it was just the latter (and I'm not attempting to re-try that case - just use it as example with the given set of assumptions) that is where I get off the train. I am very uncomfortable with the vague concept of 'hostile' workplace unless you can get to something more objective than just how people talk.
  13. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    well, there is always a portion of the population who are hopeless, but they should not be enough to elect anyone! But of course that was the whole problem with this election, we were faced with a choice between two pretty monumental liars. I suppose the difference was that with Clinton, there was a track record of what she had worked for in the past that you could look at to have some idea what she was likely to to even if you didn't listen to anything she said. In fact, my advice to any voter - in a presidential election particularly - is to completely tune out the campaign. Odd advice right? But the temptation to lie, cheat and steal once the campaign starts is just too high. Simply look at the person's record of *action* in their career up to that point and decide. I know, the speeches and the debates are hyped like they mean something, but as SB would say "Bread and Circuses". If a person hasn't built a record of their accomplishments and positions before they ever throw their hat in the ring, they aren't qualified anyway. And if they have, then you can look at that and know you are seeing the only reliable evidence of who they are. You won't get anything real once those campaign spotlights turn on. That would be my advice to every voter.
  14. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    This is why it was important to stress during the campaign that he was not an honest man. It's pointless to listen to anything that a person who is not trustworthy says. American voter seems to have a really hard time with this concept. It's so simple really: Don't bother listening to what a liar says.
  15. Yeah - I hate to see the Tigers get excited over low walk/high K guys. But 20% isn't as bad as some of the horses they back.