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  1. Upton is kind of a mixed bad. He does some thing out there very well. He is about a good a home run thief as you well find for instance. What bothers me with Upton is not that he can't make enough plays, it's that there are too many unforced errors: drops, stumbles, off the palms. They negate what ever good stuff he does.
  2. This is a pretty solid probability. One starter had to go and they weren't willing to pull the plug on Anibal. Heck, they still aren't.
  3. If you parse that carefully is doesn't actually say they wouldn't still wait to the deadline to deal. The decision to move and the move are two separate things. Small point but notable.
  4. And PFP. Well maybe that only count's in a best of 7.
  5. The journalism majors all sleep through the significant figures lecture.
  6. If Jordan sets an example by playing hard the fans in Detroit will send him love big time. That will count for something.
  7. Better pass. If he has cardiac issues and the Giants are already putting him under strain, the Tigers will kill him. Don't need that on my fan conscience.
  8. Like Drizz said, there really are only a couple of things ownership can do to show the fans they are engaged, and those are either fire the FO or publicly order the FO to make changes. The Tigers are certainly hurdling toward a point that Chris is going to have to do something to establish his credibility - at least if he wants to be able to move around the city without being snickered at.
  9. Of course there is some price for everything, but yeah - if you picked up half his contract, you could probably move him and get nothing back. If you want a return you will have to pick up more than half.
  10. So, your saying momentum has no inertia?
  11. The Big man get his shot at redemption, again. It seems he's gone completely to the "no/micro front foot lift" . Maybe he should go back to a regular load up and get his leverage back.
  12. So sometimes when you really can't figure out a way to manage a risk that keeps biting you, what can help is to turn your thinking upside down. The Tigers are so bad at BP building that maybe what they should do is stop planning things to do to make the BP better, and instead make a list of all the things you can do make a BP worse, and just try not to do any of those things.
  13. No argument there. I've felt the same way.
  14. Because Mac spews more BS per mile than anyone else in the Tiger org. At least Brad doesn't talk too much.