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  1. incredible how still the water is. Catching that sky mirrored is very cool.
  2. You know how Robert Mueller could prove how concerned he was? He could send a copy of his unredacted report to the Washington Post. This is serious business folks, put up or shut up.
  3. There is no good answer for Greene, Torkelson, Dingler.You can't let them sit all year but the odds are they will be overmatched getting thrown in with what will probably be AAAA pitching at Toledo. You just hope it doesn't mess them up. Then again, scrimmaging against the same set of pitchers for an extended period should eventually be an advantage to all the hitters as compared to the any advantage the pitchers would have in seeing the same hitters.
  4. This one makes me more dizzy to look now than taking it really was. "The Three Sisters." Australia's Blue Mtns.
  5. Can't see Cornyn losing either. No, what I thought was interesting that if from a generic party standpoint, Trump's strength trails Cornyn - even given Cornyn's race is undefined,-by that much, he is not getting "96% of all Republicans love me" support in Tx anymore.
  6. The movies were entertaining enough, but purely as a spy, Bond is, was, and continues to be the most inept ever.
  7. I suppose it depends on how they asked the question. If asked as 'against the field' I wouldn't think D side of the poll would be much higher after the field was narrowed but that's the thing with unknowns, you don't know them....
  8. I was just going to post on that. What is interesting is that they also polled on Cornyn and whether you believe any of the absolute numbers in the poll or not, Cornyn was +15 among likely voters, to Trump's -5, that 20 point spread is amazing by itself. It's too bad Cornyn wasn't on the ballot in 2016 to compares their comparative vote from the same past election.
  9. the sad part is that people like him still think that makes a difference.
  10. Whatever 'cancel culture' is, economic boycotts are no part of it. The purchase of a product from a profit seeking vendor is and can only ever be an affirmative act. The "Free" in "Free Market" means exactly that - buyers can buy or not buy, singly or in any kind of organized effort, from whoever they choose for whatever reason they choose and they are not 'cancelling' anyone.
  11. looked like he was a little spooked by the jog in the wall. That has to be be a little weird the you the first time you run to it.
  12. Cron with a walk off HR to end the game. That kind of thing always happens when you give the other team an extra out.
  13. Christin Stewart waving for time to an umpire that is only there in his head.
  14. Dan thinks they might have umpires tomorrow - or at least quite soon.
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