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  1. Gehringer_2

    5/21 @8:10 Detroit Tigers vs Minnesota Twins

    Verhagen's problem has to be between his ears. He performs too well at AAA to be so bad when called up.
  2. Gehringer_2

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    I would argue there is a direct cause and effect running from b) to a)
  3. Gehringer_2

    Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    The first FPS I remember was DOOM. The attitude there was quite a bit different from something like GTA. Don't know if that makes any diff or not.
  4. Gehringer_2

    Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    I think family issues in general can’t be dismissed, but I think you have to include things like whether smaller family size may be changing childhood in ways we dont understand clearly. Then general atomization of personal existence created by tech as a whole, and certainly also the increase in the use of psych-active drugs. That’s if you are interested in the ‘whys’. In the meantime, i’d just as soon go after the ‘how’, and that is pretty damn obvious.
  5. Gehringer_2

    Political Pot-pourri

    harder is still not impossible. Everyone here seems to be in favor of more training, if the program trained the people it employed, it wouldn't be a matter of picks and shovels - but I still say the bigger problem is political - if the government put a million people to work, they would end up doing things in competition with existing industry and that is where the biggest push-back comes. But be that as it may, on second thought, the guaranteed income people are fighting the last war. 10 years ago lack of jobs generally was an issue, today it has shifted around more to lack of employment skills, and that comes right back down to the same longstanding US problems in education and underclass life skill issues. Now I suppose one could argue that a government supplied job would be one way for unemployable people to learn to become employable - again the devil is in the details. Stripe away the rhetoric and how much practical difference would there be between a 'guaranteed government job' where people learned a skill and welfare + vocational training programs? And to be honest, if the gov wants to keep making work requirements for economic support (welfare) more strict, they are pretty much obligated to either employ the people or help them become employable
  6. Gehringer_2

    5/19 @9:10 Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Mariners

    TBH, in terms of pure baseball enjoyment, I would trade watching all of this team's games this season for watching all of JV's 2018 starts.
  7. Gehringer_2

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    If good people wont support other good people, they have ceded the field to the other kind and can expect to get results they dont like
  8. Gehringer_2

    Political Pot-pourri

    VooDoo econonics part deux. Government as the employer of last resort is a separate issue from her monetary idea. Government as last resort employer actually worked decently during the depression. The biggest opposition to it is less the economics than the opposition from the private industries the government employment will inevitably compete with. OTOH, it still has to paid for within a sane monetary system
  9. Gehringer_2

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    That's a good concept.
  10. Gehringer_2

    5/19 @9:10 Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Mariners

    They are tied for 1st place team with Velander's wins. Unless Perez turns into something awfully special, it's not looking like all of DD's an AA's moves since 2015 have made any net talent profit. Candelario is a keeper, Matt Boyd is a mid/back rotation starter, and each Fulmer start is a ticking time bomb.That is about it.
  11. Gehringer_2

    5/20 @4:10 Seattle Mariners vs Detroit Tigers

    to a loose approximation.
  12. Gehringer_2


    good stuff SB. I think the point about how shares get voted is an interesting one but as Bogle points out, that is true for funds in general, not just index funds. I think the problems in US corp governance are much more a matter of a poor US corporate law and tax policies in any case. This last link is kind of a good news/bad news story. Seems odd that the big banks complain the rules for small banks allow them to make higher margins, yet the small banks seem not to be able to make money without being stupid. Not sure how that circle gets squared.
  13. Gehringer_2

    Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    from Houston Police Chief Acevedo's post to his facebook account:
  14. I'm liking the way Gardenhire is using Lewicky. Very old school long reliever. Keep as much BP powder dry as you can for the games when you have a better shot.
  15. Gehringer_2

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    I think in a funny kind of way, as a matter of perception, Mize's "completeness" works against him. Where is the upside for him to get as much better than he is now as he will need to? To be clear, I'm not saying it's not there, but there is nothing as obvious you can point to as in a case like a guy who throws 100 and would be lights out when he get's his curve under control, etc.