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  1. Maybe - but I can't see how it helps them with swing voters to prove that one more person around Trump who might still have had some credibility is a bald-faced liar.
  2. This is good for NPR to get out there - but really, does anyone attached to reality believe anything that comes out of this admin? The claim about 'off the record' is especially ridiculous. 'Off the record' is a trade - the official wants to get something out without attribution or wants to provide a backgound brief. It's a trade where both sides give up something to the benefit of both - the access and info to the reporter in return for the reporter not being able to source (validate) the info. No reporter would give up 'off the record' just get yelled at. That isn't how it works. The premise is absurd. Pompeo may have demanded it in his tirade, but Kelly was certainly under no obligation to grant it under those circumstances.
  3. It's not necessarily true that Jeter moving would have made them a better team. It's not just ARod at short vs Jeter at short, it's the whole infield taken together. If Arod was better than Jeter at 3rd by a bigger runs margin than he was better at short, there would have no point in moving Jeter. If Jeter goes to 2b so ARod goes to short, then who gets bumped off 2nd vs who adds in at 3rd? And while Jeter isn't small for a SS, ARod is really big for a SS, maybe Torre figures he'd be faced with moving ARod back off SS in a year or two anyway. Yes Jeter made it plain he didn't want to move, but it's not like Torre is some kind of shrinking violet. I think he would have moved him anyway if he had thought there was enough at stake to be worth it. Also it's easier to see this in retrospect - Rdrs and UZR were just getting off the ground in 2004
  4. If we can't riff here, where can we riff?
  5. Did Kobe fly that copter himself? The LA Sheriff say 5 killed, that doesn't leave a pilot. I remember he used to commute by copter when he played but I assumed he had a pilot.
  6. the other thing that gets tricky is the evaluation what didn't happen. Runners are told not to take bases against strong throwing arms and you can count that by looking at how many fewer runners on average went to third on a given RF even if he never threw any out. But what if he really doesn't throw all that well anymore and the opposition is just conditioned not to run. It might be a couple of seasons or maybe more before a guy loses his 'rep', in which time he may have collected several unmerited WAR....🤔
  7. It will be a fine line to walk. I think it's great to keep pushing the investigations because at any time something can turn up that will catch the public interest, but that has to be pushed down to 2nd priority. The Dems have to get on with campaigning for their own agenda to win more seats.
  8. No, they don't want witnesses because it will only bake their final verdict easier to attack. I guess the calculation is that It's easier to blow smoke around having subverted the process than to defend having heard the evidence and ignored it. Let's hope the voting public decides not to let them have a pass on either.
  9. I think you guys are talking about 2 different Reyes's
  10. or else what had really happened was a couple of stat guys challenged each other to come up with a measure with plausible sounding criteria that yields an outrageous result as a satirical exercise - then ended up telling Leyland about it and Jim either thought it was serious or thought it was a better story if he told it as though the analyst was serious. Of course any WAR that someone was going to use would be tested against the aggregate team performances it predicted.
  11. Yeah - nothing is going to come from Collins, Alexander, Romney or Murkowski. If anything happens it will be some group of 4 who have kept their own counsel and the leadership doesn't know about, and of course the odds that that something like that is going on right now is pretty close to zero.
  12. what's as amazing as the boorish behavior and totalitarian attempt to stifle the press is the shear stupidity. *You* call a reporter in from the hall for a tirade and expect you get off the record just because you are a legend in your own mind?
  13. IDK - we'll probably know better on the 1st Wed of November. 🤔
  14. This is an interesting read: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iraq-security-early-warning/hours-of-forewarning-saved-u-s-iraqi-lives-from-irans-missile-attack-idUSKBN1ZC218 It appears the Iranians wanted to make sure they didn't kill anyone in their missile strike.
  15. I don't disagree with you on the best route to the majors but the point you get to at the end I think is the important one. I won't argue that even guy who is not going to get much signing money may still have a better shot at reaching the pros going to the minors, but that is not going to be the only factor driving *his* decision in the real world for a couple of reasons. The first being that at 18 guys with a lot of confidence think they are good enough that they will force people to notice them no matter which route they chose, so they pick the route they are going to enjoy the most, and the second being that I think H.S positional baseball players (an 18yr old who can throw 95 is in a whole different place. 95 is always projectable. Hitting 330 against HS pitching means nothing) maybe more than any other sport realize how very far away from the MLB they are and what a very long shot is for any of them that are not already nationally prominent at 18, so if someone is going let you play your way through a good school that's a pretty powerful draw compared to subsistence in the low minors. Of course MLB could change this dynamic by injecting a lot more money into the low minors, but it appears they have no interest in doing that. Serious related question: Have the BBCOR standards for NCAA Al bats actually done anything to reduce the Al vs wood difference?
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