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  1. Someone Else's Tears

    As a community, it is right that we offer our condolance, but we know there are losses for which there is no consolation, griefs that will endure, unfading, yet not unchanged. life, love, loss are our lot, but love's labor is never really lost. it ripples out to places unseen where others yet living will count Alanna as a gift.
  2. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    well you guys can track that for me, I may be checked out on this team until then.
  3. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    They are going to have to get really lucky with at least two of Manning, Burrows, Faedo exceding their already high expectations because otherwise I don't see where the pitching for a rebuild is coming from. Otheriwise we go into 2019 with Fulmer and 6 #5s
  4. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    except that I count the moves starting from not signing Max, and signing Price as the beginning of a string of mostly bad decisions that each destroyed roster value in pursuit of a short term play.
  5. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    It is just too traumatic to remember that as recently as the end of 2014 the starting staff included Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello and Ray
  6. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    Like Machievelli said, when an effective leader knows something painful has to be done, do it all at once so people start getting over it as soon as possible.
  7. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    and Miguel is learning there there is a down side to signing a 'forever' contract. Talk about a fish out of water next season....
  8. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    JD's salary this year was 11mil, JUp 22, Jv 28. If they covered 1M for Upton and 10M for JV that still puts them $50 million up (down?). That moves them out of any lux tax worries I guess....
  9. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    So, as of this morning the Tigers now have a minor league system and at least two pretty good picks in the next draft. Unfortunately they have a 100 loss ball club at the ML level.
  10. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    Gone: Justin Wilson RP Justin Verlander SP JD Martinez OF Justin Upton OF Alex Avila C Back: J Candelario 3B Dawel Lugo IF Sergio Alcantara IF Jose King IF Greyson Long SP Alex Paredes IF PTBNL Frankly Perez SP Daz Cameron OF Jake Rogers C
  11. Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    Al Avila clearing the roster of anyone whose first name starts with 'J'
  12. Angels nearing a trade to acquire Justin Upton

    so what is the body count? 4 gone, 9 back? and 50 million in salalry dropped just today less whatever went with JV
  13. 2017 Trade Deadline Thread

    I guess Chris ilitch is willing to test his tolerance for losing!
  14. 2017 Trade Deadline Thread

    McCosky also confirming.
  15. 2017 Trade Deadline Thread

    did the e-mail get through in time?!?!