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  1. I have a weight problem cause I ate too many grinders
  2. Most coaches will do what they can to help the high level prospect when possible (it helps the program in recruiting to have a guy go 1 or in the first one). So when ASU gets to some cake walk games here, it wouldn't shock me if the stick Tork at third for a game or two.
  3. It's that first one that made me suprised we didn't pick up a reliever on a one year deal. maybe they still will. If they aren't very good, oh well tehy still eat 20 innings. If they are you can flip em for a lottery ticket.
  4. If only there was some way they could know what was coming
  5. It's been said before. The common argument for that is manning ceiling is something like max Scherzer where mize is like a better Roger Clemens with the Yankees. So if you put the emphasis on your ranking in future ability/projection/ceiling then manning would like rate higher.
  6. Well you experienced a different Dunedin than me
  7. To be fair, which one of us hasn't done this?
  8. So I'll buy the first six and still have some play money left over. Poors
  9. Six is too many because of what it would do to the current teams. Think of the expansion draft. If you draft two teams (approx 60 players) each team is gonna lose two guys. Not the world's biggest dent. Six teams? each team is gonna lose six guys, that would be a pretty big dent.
  10. Yeah its a lot you could take it down to 18 and the math still works out nicely
  11. Switch Tampa and Arizona Al east- Toronto, Boston, n.y, Baltimore North- Minnesota, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago Southwest-kc, Arizona, Texas, Houston West- la Oakland Seattle and new team (Vegas Portland Mexico city etc) Nl northeast- Montreal, philly, mets, Pittsburgh Southeast- fla Tampa Atlanta and Washington Central- reds Milwaukee Cubs cardinals West- la sd San Fran rockies
  12. Cause the math and playoffs is so much easier when you have 4 divisions in 16 team leagues
  13. Like any of us can count past 20 ( we all run out of toes) so any figure higher than that is just "a whole bunch"
  14. Speaking of scheduling oddities, anyone looks at this year's. There some weird stuff. We play a bunch of team home and away over two weeks and then not again. So it's like home against Baltimore and Cleveland then road baltimore. Have that for a few teams. Oakland, Texas, Boston, yankees. So you'll see em a bunch over 10 days then not again till 2021 And our first series against the white Sox is in June
  15. 22 times 22 for each division Home and home (3 games series) against every other team in your league. Play two divisions (play each of 8 teams for 3 games, half series at home others on the road) from the other league = 162
  16. Hey I spent 7 hours on Sunday getting a spreadsheet ready for the game threads this year
  17. Yeah I doubt it. You can claim that now, if the option was available I doubt you'd be sitting here being like it doesn't matter who we play Remember in 06 when everyone was mad they blew the division and we had to go play the dreaded Yankees? (worked out ok though) Yeah nobody was like it's ok they are in it so I don't care.
  18. I don't get the disincentive argument. Wouldn't you want to finish with the beat record possible so you get to pick your opponent? Surely facing a 83 wins royals team has to be better than facing a 96 Boston team.
  19. Hey I just noticed Jeter downs was part of the Betts deal. I hope he becomes a superstar that way Yankee fans have to root against Jeter.
  20. and who knows they might lose 114. I just get annoyned with the takes of everybody got better or this team didn't get worse, meanwhile there is no chance the Tigers could be better just simply by luck. I mean heck what's the chance of losing 18 of 19 to one team again? Just two wins there puts them at 50.
  21. Of course only we can get worse, not cleveland who lost two pitchers and had Santana play way over their heads. Chicago is quite a bit beter, sure we've heard that for the last what 6 years? And we'll ignore all the things that went wrong last year, Nick C was not significantly better than Cron or Schoop (but yet we will cite Nick C being gone as a reason we will lose), all the guys we signed got hurt. All the young guys will not develop at all. That's all likely to happen again, sure. For them to finish with the same record last year would be a heck of a shock. They are going to be bad. But, unless there is another rash of injuries I doubt they get to 114 loses.
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