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  1. Reynaldo Lopez vs Matthew Boyd Hindsight is always 20/20
  2. White Sox vs Tigers  Game 155 45-109 Remember him? Boots Poffenberger Years with Detroit: 1937-38 Tigers highlights: 16 wins You may remember him from: Brooklyn Dodgers, Nashville Volunteers. known as the Duke of Duckout Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  3. Ivan Nova vs Tyler Alexander Can we win one more?
  4. White Sox vs Tigers  Game 154 45-108 Remember him? Dan Schatzeder Years with Detroit: 1980-81 Tigers highlights: 40 games started You may remember him from: Montreal Expos, Philadelphia Phillies, being a gym teacher in Aurora, Ill Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  5. Fyi just realized I forgot to do game thread. Will do it when I get home from gym in an hour
  6. Dylan Cease vs Jordan Zimmermann Well no more games with Cleveland at least
  7. White Sox vs Tigers  Game 153 45-107 Remember him? Bob Reed Years with Detroit: 1969-70 Tigers highlights: 35 strikeouts You may remember him from: Toledo Mud Hens, Montgomery Rebels, sharing a birthday with Kristie Alley Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  8. I think. i dunno I don't have the greatest reception.
  9. They have 7 runs on 11 hits We have 0 runs on 7 hits Poetry of Life man
  10. Difference in money and sometimes can be the difference between Peyton and Leaf. Me I want the #1 overall because it means your going to get the guy you want no matter what. If your picking two you can talk yourself that 1 and 2 are equal but nobody has two names on the top line of the draft board. One guy is always ranked the best. I want that guy and don't want anyone else to have a chance to take him.
  11. Can't believe you guys couldn't figure that out. It's the same reason on the NFL maps the Tampa game is shown in Atlanta but not Jacksonville. I like when they go to College stars like the Arizona-Seattle game being shown in OKC
  12. Tigers at Indians  Game 152 45-106 Remember him? John DeSilva Years with Detroit: 1993 Tigers highlights: 2 WHIP You may remember him from: Los Angeles Dodgers, Baltimore Orioles, traded for Eric Davis Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  13. Spencer Turnbull vs Aaron Civale Only two more games with the Nintendo coin sound
  14. Tigers at Indians  Game 151 45-105 Remember him? Gorge Moriarity Years with Detroit: 1927-28 Tigers highlights: 150 wins You may remember him from: New York Highlanders, Chicago Cubs, stealing home 11 times Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  15. I'm more of the line I hope they make the wild card and Oakland blows them out 87-2. Hopes up, then hopes gone in a flash.
  16. Tigers at Indians  Game 150 45-104 Remember him? Glenn Wilson Years with Detroit: 1982-83 Tigers highlights: 23 dingers! You may remember him from: Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, traded for Willie Hernandez and Dave Bergman Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  17. Pretty standard when you lose 115. Once they start winning, like usual, the fans will flock back.
  18. John Means vs Tyler Alexander Well, we can't lose more than 118
  19. Orioles at Tigers  Game 149 44-104 Remember him? Beau Bell Years with Detroit: 1939 Tigers highlights: 2 triples You may remember him from: St. Louis Browns, Cleveland Indians, the 1937 all star game Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  20. thats not the reason for the changes. It's about the owners' money. The QB is paid the most. Nobody likes paying someone who can't play. Not to mention if you lose your starting QB for a long stretch you can pretty much kiss your season goodbye. Taking potential money away from an owner.
  21. Maybe he had more confidence in 2 than a coin flip in OT
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