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  1. At best you were hoping (and still are, who knows maybe Eloy won't hit at the big league level) that one of the two was going to come close to what Fulmer was (a rookie of the year winner that cost $400,000 and looked like an ace for a year to come). What sense does it make to trade the guy you had for two lottery tickets hoping one of them is equal to the thing you just lost? It wasn't like we had the glut of pitching back then either where OK you flip Fulmer to get the bat guy. The whole let's trade 5 years of an ace for 6 years of a guy we hope becomes as good is just silly.
  2. Tigers expected to pitch include: Tyson Ross Both teams TV, Atlanta radio
  3. Tigers at Braves Spring Training Game 31 Remember him? Prince Oana Years with Detroit: 1943, 45 Tigers highlights: Gave up 4 homers You may remember him from: Philadelphia Phillies, playing MLB games both as a hitter and pitcher Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  4. Is this really a development? This always happens this time of year. Its when we signed JV and Miggy to keep them away from free agency. It is when we tried to extend Max. Joey Votto, Buster Posey, Jose Altuve, Mike Trout's first extension, Jose Rameriez, are some of the other top players that signed march extensions in recent years
  5. Tigers expected to pitch include: Matt Moore Detroit TV, Houston radio
  6. Astros vs Tigers Spring Training Game 30 Remember him? Leon Roberts Years with Detroit: 1974-75 Tigers highlights: Had 10 dingers You may remember him from: Houston Astros, Seattle Mariners, getting stabbed in the eyeball Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  7. In the future, in case your wondering, "pitchers boy I don't know" is when I decided to kick your ***
  8. No it's not. Fulmer was a rookie who had crazy upside. Quintana, as we've established multiple times, was a bit overrated and had less team control.
  9. Tigers expected to pitch include: Spencer Turnbull? Daniel Norris? Some guys in the stands? Philly TV, no radio
  10. Tigers at Phillies Spring Training Game 29 Remember him? Jermaine Clark Years with Detroit: 2001 Tigers highlights: Scored a run You may remember him from: Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds, being traded for Ismael Valdez Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  11. Aw nuts he was supposed to be a free agent when we were ready to spend. Oh well, Betts it is
  12. Tigers expected to pitch include: Matthew Boyd Pittsburgh TV and radio
  13. Tigers at Pirates Spring Training Game 28 Remember him? Ken Jones Years with Detroit: 1924 Tigers highlights: Pitched two innings You may remember him from: Boston Braves, shares a birthday with Guy Fawkes Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
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