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  1. Trevor Richards vs Matthew Boyd We're gonna get swept by the fish aren't we?
  2. Marlins vs Tigers  Game 47 18-28 Remember him? Gary Ward Years with Detroit: 1989-90 Tigers highlights: 18 home runs You may remember him from: Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins, being 1/2 of the only father and son to hit for the cycle Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  3. It will be a buyer's market again. But what better relief pitcher with 1.5 years of control is available? O's, Mariners, Royals, White Sox, Marlins, Reds bullpens all suck. Giants Watson or Mark M..maybe?
  4. Can't make it got a free crab dinner. Plus its like a 15 hour drive
  5. Jose Urena vs Daniel Norris We lost to the Marlins which is bad, we helped the tank which is good
  6. Marlins vs Tigers  Game 46 18-27 Remember him? Steve Larkin Years with Detroit: 1934 Tigers highlights: 8 strikeouts You may remember him from: Wheeling Stogies, Moline Plowboys, sharing a birthday with Donny Osmond Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  7. me and @Casimirwill do it. "Ok you guys over there. Yeah you. Stop swinging at bad pitches." "And you guys, only hit the good pitches." "You guys strike out less, walk more. Ain't that hard guys." "Hey you guys, over there. You guys play at Erie so your excused because nobody should be playing baseball north of the mason dixon before June."
  8. Caleb Smith vs Spencer Turnbull Who you got in pick the suck?
  9. Marlins vs Tigers  Game 45 18-26 Remember him? Mark Redman Years with Detroit: 2001-02 Tigers highlights: 17 Loses You may remember him from: Minnesota Twins, Florida Marlins, traded for Todd Jones Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  10. With the first pick every night..Jacoby Jones! (Unless shelton is making the first pick, than its Jackson)
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