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  1. Even if there is no obvious pick, the bigger spending pool is benefit enough.
  2. Atlanta is good and Davis is hurt
  3. I'm watching the Tigers and Lions at the same time.
  4. Go Braves! Go Dodgers!
  5. 10-2. Coming for #1 overall baby!
  6. We're gone look for someone younger to grow with the game threads next year.
  7. Nick C trade value baby! If we can convince a team he can play outfield AND third base he gets eve more valuable
  8. I tuned in to see we were in the lied and our chances today died.
  9. Anyone want to tell @Casimir this one started at noon?
  10. Jimmie Johnson must be drunk to pick us
  11. I don't think I've ever seen everybody, and I mean everybody, pick against a playoff team that's 2-0 at home.
  12. Hence the "at least now" part
  13. I really wish people would stop referencing drafts and success rates from anything before, about, 2010. Drafting and scouting has changed so much. No more worry about signability, gone are the days of being regional based, gone are the days of guys in a straw hat at a high school game. Comparing whatever happened in the 1997 draft to what could happen in 2018 is not an apt comparison.
  14. For those that haven't see. Avila said Ausmus contract won't be extended. He will finish out the season. Will do an extensive search, there are some in house candidates. looking for someone with energy as the rebuild will be lengthy.