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  1. Keepleyland2

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    That tweet assumes two things. 1) any and all indians will develop as expected. 2) Lindor will be around for more than 4 years. I don't think either is true.
  2. Keepleyland2

    2019 MLB Hall of Fame

    Rivera. I'm done
  3. Keepleyland2

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    People in Chicago can read?
  4. Keepleyland2

    Game 10 Carolina Panters @ Detroit Lions. It's Cat-Tastic!

    OK at what point do we consider that its our FG defense that is the reason this keeps happening.
  5. Keepleyland2

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Warwick Saupold to Korea something or others.
  6. Keepleyland2

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    I don't see any value in trading two young guys who are cost controlled for five years for three young guys with one additional year of control, but with zero major league experience. All it does it put us in a more questionable boat not only in the long run but today as well.
  7. Keepleyland2

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Good god. That makes no sense.
  8. Keepleyland2

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Doesn't matter, nothing there you can project in the next two years. It doesn't matter if your 8th or 28th in farm rank.
  9. Keepleyland2

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Who logged 14 games at first base
  10. Keepleyland2

    Game 9 Detroit @ Chicago. The City of Big Shoulder Pads

    Luke wilson has a shoulder injury?
  11. Keepleyland2

    The Tigers should try and sign Manny Machado

    The article, well I can't tell if it was Lazy or dumb. I dunno how about the year we added #1 overall pick Casey Mize.
  12. Keepleyland2

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

  13. Keepleyland2

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Perez will be protected no matter what. I mean he was the key piece in the verlander deal. Long seems reasonable. Acozar might be another one. Derek Hill will be interesting. He hasn't hit. But do the Tigers risk him, thinking some team might be able to use him as a speed/defensive guy off the bench for a year then send him back down to the minor Reyes style.
  14. Keepleyland2

    The Tigers should try and sign Manny Machado