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  1. That was my point, by setting it at 5 they are basically saying its gonna be like 1 or 2. 5 lets them get play on both sides. Remember Vegas isn't a prediction, its what they think will get an even number on both sides of the line
  2. So Vegas thinks we're gonna go 1-15 or 2-14. Neat
  3. The NL fans would go on and on about the stretgey is creates. DO you let your pitcher go out in the 7th knowing Ortiz is due up or do you pull him and lose ortiz? Look its not perfect, but its trying something which the Atlantic league exists for. Try it out see how it works. If you hate it you don't have to use it. But, they are designed to speed up the game and put some old elements back in like the elimintation of three true outcomes and 4 hour games. Try it out what does it hurt?
  4. How many times does that happen? You're not going to get rid of all silly examples. It's like worrying about who your emergency catcher is. And you could argue its fair, because in your example one that the pitcher did it to his own team by not pitching good. If he pitched well the team wouldn't have lost their DH. You can't worry about what injuries may or may not happen. The lead off hitter might rupture his achilles and have to come out. Same thing. But, the rule creates a disincentive to use an opener and puts the onus on starters going through the lineup a couple of times.
  5. Again it elimintaes the opener. No team is gonna use a reliever for one inning at the start of the game then have their pitchers/pinch hitters bat the rest of the game. Returns starters to starts who throw 5+ innings. Makes that position more valuable, speed up game by eliminating some pitching changes, reduces the need for like 15 man staffs.
  6. A) he always starts slow b) they're not gonna eat $60 million. It's not like he's blocking anyone.
  7. It's liek 2013 up in here. The pitching is good, we hit homers, the astros stink and the park is a quarter full
  8. Holy crap we had one guy go 7 innings last year. That was it?
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