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  1. Can never have too many TE...think of the matchup problems!
  2. A) 3 to 4 years is an eternity in teh NFL. B) Jimmy is over 30 C) Jimmy has missed way more games than Stafford. But more important something you completely ignored. Why the **** would the lions take back a crappier QB on the exact same contract, both are owed $20 million? Why not just keep the better QB?
  3. A safety went for two first, A DE went for pick 12. Why the **** would the lions take a 2nd and a crappier QB on the same contract for Stafford?
  4. He's gone They will get at least one first round pick, everyone agrees on that, might as well accept he won't be here next year
  5. He's a good QB Defensive end from SF went for pick 13. Seattle gave up two ones for a safety.
  6. For the umeteenth time, no it doesn;t. 1. It wasn't a secret 2. Too many teams need QBs
  7. I think that's a lot more than Stafford gets. Something like a 1, 4, 6 and a 2 next year is most likely
  8. Kinda of no duh (no to you motown to Kyle) they're not just gonna give him away for a conditional pick
  9. again, the league believes we'll get at least a first and they weren't' gonna get much more if it was kept "secret" - which is wasn't before this news anyway. It's a QB not a running back, they come with a premium price.
  10. It wasn't like its a big secret that he was possibly gonna get moved. And he's a top 15 quarterback which always comes with a high cost, nobody just gives him away. Then you have plenty of teams that can use him. I don't think it being public does much to drive down the value. Then there is this from Schefter: The Lions are expected to receive at least a first-round pick, league sources said.
  11. Yep remember they refered to it as a reboot. Guys like Price and Cespedes were free agents and it was a chance to get something instead of nothing.
  12. Blue jays ruined Norris before he got here. That's my story and sticking to it. (Look that is why its good to have multiple guys in the top 30. One or two might flame out but the others are probably going to be ok. Most very good players were very good prospects at one time. In the past we used to just have 1 guy rated high)
  13. Hitting is kinda nurfed this year. And DD mode got all sorts of messed up because of the cancelation. Though, this was the first year you could play that mode at near the higest level without paying
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