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  1. Just some organizational structure difference, nothing to read too much into. DD was the top guy who everybody went through to ownership. AA is one of five departments thats answers to ownership. Neither way is better over another one. It's often just a matter of titles.
  2. One thing I know, is that nothing will ever change if they keep winning 5 to 7 games a year. At least with 2 we're given a chance for things to change
  3. Should have gone for 2, you never know when its gonna come down to the final possession and you could win it.
  4. its ok everyone, this is just the part where we get the lead
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/matt-patricia-running-out-of-time-with-lions-who-could-make-a-coaching-change-if-jaguars-win-sunday/
  6. He is considered an upcommer for a few years now. Worked in the minors then assistant hitting coach before getting the main job a couple years ago.
  7. Does that mean Leyland is coming back here?
  8. It's also entirely possible that one or both the teams ahead of us go cheap. Because a) they are cheap. B) they don't have much in their farms and are heading for rebuilds. They might want that 2 for 1 idea to just add some talent.
  9. I did. Likely, no. DO you have to at least consider it a slight possibility/dream if you get lawrence and clemson has to cut its budget. Sure why not
  10. That actually appealing to a lot of coaches. Think about the Seahawks before Pete Carroll or the Panthers last year. It's a chance to build your way and not deal with an old guard. Trade stafford for some picks and the entire roster turns over by year 2 for whoever is in charge
  11. Pretty good list, some other names that will be on the Coordinator list: Daboll, Leftwhich, Van Pelt. I'm leaning to a college coach. Lots of other names there too from Stoops, Franklin. Fleck, Mullen, brian kelly and who knows about Dabo if you have the #1 pick (and before you po-po why would X coach leave Y school for the lions? they are all egomaniacs, you can offer personnel control and who knows what happens to their pay/departments in the next 12 months as college athletics feel teh covid crunch) Also I wouldn't trade Galladay. You need good targets for a rookie QB.
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