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  1. Haven't practiced winning in a while. Of course there was gonna be a little rust.
  2. I think you need to brush up on your idioms
  3. Cause there is still a ton of time left. Too early to worry about clock. Need to run our offense and try to get points
  4. Tom Brady got confused on that deep pass play, the refs are usually on his team so its understandable.
  5. Well it was fun while it lasted
  6. sunday night is the money maker for the league, NBC
  7. How few channels do you get?
  8. Keepleyland2

    Thanks Victor

    I'm not sure we get that much more production from Cruz, at least in the years that matter. We certaintly wouldn't have gotten more lineup flexibility.
  9. Keepleyland2

    9/23 @1:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    This year wasn't a development year If you think a good 5th starter is Boyd your expectations are way way way way too high. We have plenty to show for this year. Another high pick. A few more decent prospects.
  10. Keepleyland2

    9/23 @1:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    Brad Keller vs Daniel Norris Goodbye Copa.
  11. Royals vs Tigers (63-92) Game 156 Comerica Park From the 1966 Yearbook
  12. Keepleyland2

    9/22 @6:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    Jakob Junis vs Jordan Zimmermann Let's hiccup the Jakob
  13. Royals vs Tigers (62-92) Game 155 Comerica Park From the 1991 Yearbook
  14. Keepleyland2

    9/21 @7:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    I got the flood water in my brain, its causing problems