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  1. I got the point, sign all the players who have a name you once heard of because 'hey maybe they can bounce back." You seems to have totally missed my point, they guys have to want come here and most of them aren't very good anymore which is why they are unsigned at this point.
  2. Cause why would they want to come, get cut and be in the same boat in a month? Not to mention some of them just arent very good. At some point good players become bad, for some it happens before 30. I think people forget it takes more than one party to agree to a free agent contract. And just because a guy was once good does not mean he is good now or could return to that level.
  3. Good thing the only trash can are used for in Detroit is our record
  4. That's fantasy which is like saying the Texas tech qb is better than joe burrows The far more reliable roster resource has him as our #3
  5. I'm all for criticizing if its reasonable. You just like to whine about everything. If you are mad because they signed Nova and you think he is going to put up an 8 era. That's fine. But, to be mad they signed Nova instead of a crappy, often injured pitcher because he was a hot prospect in Obama's first term. Well that's just being a contrarian to be a contrarian. That's why I was using Fulmer. Your own words called him done, get rid of him, I don't want him here anymore. But, then there is a pretty similar player available and you are all mad we didn't sign him. Can't have it both ways hauss. Either you want the good young players with potential. Or you want to get rid of them, like you did with Fulmer, when they show their first wart.
  6. If she could eat innings sure. We could also sign your grandmother and you would just whine that we didn't sign your 3rd grade crush instead.
  7. I don't think anyone had a problem signing Pelfrey...it was the two years.
  8. Gonna take these one at a time. Great so Nova is tyler, tunrbull and Norris. Difference is he gives me innings than those guys or walker. It's not so much compare Nova/Walker to those guys; its would I take Nova and 180 innings over 60 innings from Walker and 100 innings from Zac Reinnger. Yes I would. OK. So Tajan Walker's one year above 2 WAR and six below is a postiive? And not to mention you called Fulmer "done" in his last year when he made 24 starts and put up a 2.4 WAR. Walker had one good year with a 2.8 WAR and made 28. But, you're all whining that we didn't sign him? A very similar year to the player you called "done." Lots of guys were high rated once, let's go sign Appel and **** Daniel Norris was once ranked 25. Maybe we'll get lucky. At some point the potential well has run dry now? So what Nova is older...he's a better pitcher today than Walker. **** what's Ackley doing? Exactly. "yeah, he's done. move on." Your words not mine. And I never said you said we should cut him, I said "cut bait" which you 100 percent said. The point was you are all ready to cut bait on Fulmer, again "he's done. Move on." When he is younger, had more success and missed less time than Walker. Yet you want to sign Walker because " sign him the **** up! who cares! does he have something left? i dont know, lets find out!" So on one hand you want to see if Walker has anything left, but want to "move on" from the younger, better, more suceessful, less injured pitcher. Seems to me you don't know what you want.
  9. That's exactly what he did. Not to mention saving a few bucks along the way. He wanted someone that it was pretty reasonable could give them 180 innings of 4.5 era ball. That's a major upgrade over some of our "starters" last year and won't force the Tigers to make too many starts with the Soto's of the world.
  10. So ignore all the stats and data and just say I'm not wrong. Good strategy. Again I ask what are you basing this potential on? His top prospect status from 8 years ago? His 14 innings. His one good year that was only slightly better than Nova was last year in a bad year? The fact he's young? I'm all for singing guys with potential. Nothing in 2020 shows me Walker has much of a chance of meeting whatever little potential he has left. I'd also like to know why you think we should take a chance on potential in a guy in Walker, but cut bait on fulmer -- who you described as "i thinkfulmer's finished. he had a fluke great season where he did well without missing bats. it was a fluke. ever since then he's either been hurt or average-at-best. and now he's having major arm surgery? yeah, he's done. move on." (BTW, Flmer's worst season he had 7.6 SO/9 and 2.39 SO/w....walker's best 8.4 and....2.39) You want to get rid of Fulmer, but are mad we didn't sign Walker who is a worse pitcher than Fulmer by every an all metric.
  11. Your wrong on all sorts of fronts here. A) innings pitched does matter, especially when you are bad so you are not forced to call up guys who aren't ready. B) I'm not sure how much potential Walker has to break out. He has basically missed two full years. How mmany guys come back after that much time off and a good? especially off th bat. Not to metnion He was pretty marginal, outside of a good 2016, before that. Are we basing this breakout potential on his prospect status from like 8 years ago? C) Nova is the "below average" pitcher despite putting up a 2.1....that really good Walker year refrenced above? Walker had a 2.6 WAR.
  12. It's silly to pay $8 million, or whatever more for a guy 2 WAR less. Not to mention Walker has 14 IP in the last two seasons. Nova does that in a couple of weeks.
  13. That what the black Sox did was way worse than rose or the stros. It also seemed silly to me to talk about gambling on baseball and to mention Rose and ignore the Black Sox.
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