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  1. Is there anything that gives you hope for 2018 (and only 2018)

    It's gonna be for Miggy to be much worse.
  2. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    I noticed that during the season. I don't know what happened but every one is there just to rip the lions to rip them. I gave up on them.
  3. Need to sign Ackley (hurt us as a Yankee)

    If you think Ackley killed us, Parmlee has a career .662 OPS against us!
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    I know it changes, but I don't know if that is Bill or Patricia. As I said we'll have to hear from Patricia on his plan. Who knows maybe he prefers 3-4 with a rush edge. If he does that becomes a priority. Right now its hard to discuss what is needed, beyond generalities, without having the coach in place.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    A lot will depend if we switch to a 3-4 defense under the new coach
  6. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    Don't forget you can also do it like a mob family and just have the wives talk to each other. If you think Goddell is listening then just talk in code like Joe Pesci and DeNiro in Casino.
  7. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    I think that an awfully cynical view to look at tanking. On the flip side they could do all those things you suggest and still lose 93 games. But now we've lost some prospects and playing time. Also even if things go well they are no better than a WC team, no? Isn't the goal to win a WS not make a WC. Even if they get in the playoffs the likelihood of them winning 12 games in really really low. And you don't have to draft a legend in tanking. Just get some good players. I'm not sure Houston has drafted a legend, maybe Correra who knows. But, I do know the stats show that your chances of landing an impact higher are much higher in the top 5 of the draft and get worse as the draft goes on. The best way to build a consistent winner is to have a good farm system that supplements the major league team. The best way to do that is by bottoming it out and rebuilding from the ground floor up. You do that quickly by drafting high/signing some international guys and developing them. The worst thing you can do is just sign some old vets like a OF and some bullpen guys and diminish your odds of adding high-end young talents. Ken Holland tried it and it failed. Usually, you can tred water for a year or two then your right back in the bottoming it out boat.
  8. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    FYI Pipeline did put out its top ten RHP prospects. They are doing every position a day through Jan. 28 when the top 100 will be unveiled. No Tigers in the RHP top 10, but there is this. Keep an eye on - Matt Manning, TigersManning, the Tigers' first-round pick in 2016, has just five starts in full-season ball, so he clearly has a ways to go. But the 6-foot-6 former basketball standout has a ton of ceiling and a strong full season in 2018 could see him climb onto this list.
  9. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Talent wise no. But, a lot goes into the equation -- at least for me -- than just pure talent. Between drive killing drops and the toxic atmosphere it creates. He's right up there for me.
  10. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    -- said every fan to Ebron
  11. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    What a hack Maybe the Lions also were more willing to break the NFL’s tampering rules than the Giants. Let me just throw this line in the middle without any evidence, or even inference from anyone. Maybe your initial report was wrong you hack and you should just own it.
  12. NFL Playoff Predictions

    Also, let's not forget that would have also required Minnesota to make a field goal to win. Given their history that is no small task.
  13. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    So giveaway guys that can hit because they are a liability in the field? Lots of teams won with DHs and fielders who aren't the best. I know its the en vogue thing right now, but let's not hand decent players to other teams. (oh, and I'm not worried about giving the backup catcher, shortstop or CF more ABs. There is a reason they are back-ups. if they could hit they'd be starters)
  14. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    Exactly. He's young, still pretty cheap and someone that can hit behind miggy. Right now we'd get nothing back then a Kinsler type deal for him. He makes more sense to wait to the deadline or next offseason to move to hope to increase the return.
  15. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    I don't get why so many want to trade Nick away so fast. He' s more valuable to us at this point in time, than what we'd get back.