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  1. You are allowed to talk, but MLB like the NFL did a dozen years ago has probably asked teams not to say it publically, to make the top of the draft more of an "unknown."
  2. He needs 23 over the next four years. He's had below 10 homers once, the injury shorterend season where he played 38 games
  3. Yeah but Bonderman perfected the changeup
  4. I think part of this feeling is cause we suck. Its hard to get excited or miss something that wasn't gonna be all that great anyways. When you go a month not eating Brusselsprouts most people aren't like boy Brusselsports I'm excited. No, you realize you can live without them. I will admit the NFL draft was a huge relief for me. I basically spent two weeks not leaving the home, and was near a mental breaking point. The little things that normally I could brush off were really getting to me. But, that day I went and got food and got out of the house came home and watched the draft. It was something new, it was something I didn't know the outcome (even when you watch a new show you know the outcome. Like did you not think the Special guest star pedophile on Law and Order SVU was the bad guy?) and it was a break from everything. I assume baseball will be the same thing. Right now, everybody is like I'm OK without it. When it comes back, you'll realize how much you missed kicking your feet up at the end of hte day and rooting for the home team. Heck you might even have the chance to see something you've never seen. For most teams that's like a no hitter. For the 2020 Tigers it will be like 2 jackin' dongs in the same series.
  5. Yeah not only is it lazy, but the whole draft someone weaker in round 1 to over pay in round 2 thing is vastly overblown. There is a reason a guy goes 32nd (or whatever). Why would you take the 3rd best guy up top just to hope to get the 20th best guy instead of the 30th best guy at the top of round 2? Whoever we draft at #1 with be who they think is the best, they will sign for slot and be the highest paid slot drafted player of all time.
  6. While true, it's also true that of the top 20, 7 were first round picks. So your rounds 2-5 tend to be a crap shoot. Your best shot of finding top tier relationship is still drafting high in round 1
  7. He's a first baseman that never had an OPS above. 900. Yet somehow he still won and MVP and finished runner up another year (not to mention one whole season with a WAR about 5 - Basically Matt Olson last year). He is vastly overrated.
  8. You know I wonder if signability will play a bigger factor this year. Someone might be wanting to go back to school, or not, could impact thier decision. It could also be someone more willing to take the money over 2 years gets drafted a head of a guy who wants it all over 1.
  9. Others have taken care of this, but it makes no sense Do you see a bunch of free agents of the same age and position sign with the yankees. Or all teh top UDFA sign with the patriots in football? I imagine alot are gonna sign where they don't see a 25 year all star at their position on the major league roster or a place close to home.
  10. And yet nothing about Bart's injury or the fact he is a catcher which is a huge risk.
  11. Back to the May 2 team totals, I don't think we hit 41 homers all of last year
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