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  1. This is the 2013 NFL.. you don't take 5 years to turnover a roster. Something I have said for years is there are two glaring differences between international futbol and football, football relies very heavy on the coaches DURING the game. It is very obvious that coaching is the problem with this team right now, in the past it was players and coach but right now we have better players but the coach's are not putting them in the right situations.
  2. I think the reason people are doubting if this kicks are real or not is his style of kick will look odd to the people that do not watch the game of "soccer".. But as a father that has two sons that play travel soccer.. I also coach soccer. Yes I can totally see him kicking the ball well like that. Look at the goalies in the professional level, goalies even drop kick very well as well. All of these styles of kicks are what we teach kids at a basic level.. Instep of foot.. That one clip were he uses opposite foot across his body to kick ball, that is also possible. I have seen that done many times. Juggling a football.. yes that is possible as well. Bottom line.. he is striking the ball in the right spot..
  3. What was Suh really suppose to say? How many interviews have we all heard from athletes? They never give the juicy gossip to the story. Swartz has a team rule that all in house stays in house. It is the media that create this more of a story, it was not Suh himself. Did he call all networks and say talk about "me"? No... Valenti has a history of being a jerk.. They could have talked more about his return, was he really going to talk about the accident? I dont think so.. so why push it..
  4. This is the problm here with sports in the US... I know he isnt getting the 10 million dollar contract, but really? Giving kids million's of dollars because they have potential, shouldnt they have to earn and show they are worth the money first? I am sick of hearing in press conferences "he is developing" or "he needs to adjust to the game" for that kind of money they better be able to step in and perform. Maybe this is a signal to our youth programs more than anything, not preparing kids better.
  5. The reporter was doing there job like he should be doing his job. Having reporters ask him questions is part of his job. And if they do not give access to the media, because the NFL likes the media, the club gets fined. Go Raiola neeps to grow up and be a man. Or just get out of town !!!
  6. I have not seen anyone else say it so I will.. lol Another NFL move to show its love affair to Brett Farve, reports I heard were he would have missed sundays game. Why wasnt this game in Indy yesterday? lol Outdoor gearm ya right.. they could get it chartered in anywere.
  7. nwilcox

    Suh Penalty

    Cutler is running away, Suh is chasing him. It would not take much at all to push in the back to make him fall.
  8. Did anyone see that hit on Pittsburgh Heath Miller in the Sunday Night game? How was Suh a penalty and the Miller penalty not? The NFL is turning into a joke... There was a couple of bad hits in the Pittsburgh game last night and no calls. Were is the consistancy? And then Harrison fined for every hit he makes.
  9. Dave Rayner has not been a bad kicker... Hansen is getting old, I think they need to keep Rayner around...
  10. Stafford shoulder is blown out, he may be back. Hill breaks finger out for season. They need to just IR Stafford get him 100 percent healthy. Wow JT O'Sullivan and Josh McCown, nothing like going back to retreads. Who is next Charles Rogers?
  11. Except them few drives with all the penalties I thought the Lions were playing good. The big thing that hurts us is no running game. Yes Rayner missed that 46.. other than that one kick he did really good. I would not mind seeing him start being phazed in the kicking game even when Jason is healthy. We need to make sure this part of the game is not forgotten.
  12. Why give up on Schwartz? The players are the ones making mistakes, a coach can tell them over and over what theyare doing wrong. They can not just cut a player, if they do they have to play the salary cap game. Some of them you may be stuck with. I hate to say it but we have to weather out the storm... I know it is a big storm. You cant replace a player midseason that easy. Most good players are not cut so what options do you have to pick up? In the end if comes down to Free Agents and draft picks.
  13. I am a life long Lions fan, and actually if I do want a NFL game that is only team I will watch. Now maybe I was spoiled by Barry Sanders and his class act. As for this fight "I am mostly talking about all the players standing there jumping up and down like college kids at a game in the stands. Come on already... Yes I agree some of them diving players are bad. Yes I have watched enough soccer games to know about the diving, some do it because of stingers and some do it for a quick breather. This is not a particular occurrence, you see this show boating or something like it ever game.
  14. This is whay the NFL is a joke !!! Stop jumping up and down as if "who's the man"... Stop with the show boating... Stop with the chest pumping for making a tackle... Stop with all the jestures... you are getting paid millions to do your job now just do it. I would watch a soccer game any time before a NFL game.
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