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  1. I'm sad we don't have the mature WRs we had last year to play with a QB with this kind of arm talent. Minnesota was depleted but i'm excited about the new look Michigan team. Could use some DTs.
  2. You hate to see it. Was he at the Sudan/Israel thing?
  3. another score. This one for Chris Evans
  4. good stop....sort of. Mn with the 4th and goal overthrow
  5. How many of these people are on his enemies list?
  6. They have those resources to be sure. The only thing they lack is candidate time.
  7. the missing elements are Nico Collins and Donovan Peoples Jones
  8. NSFW...and couldn't possibly be true
  9. This Lincoln Project billboard time square thing is quite a distraction. Kinda bored with it already. Lets get back to Obama trolling Trump. E.g.,
  10. I thought this story was already out why is KG reporting this now?
  11. The visit to the FDR legacy Warm Springs is an interesting choice.
  12. Hope our Defense locks in a bit more
  13. Michigan special teams patented between the legs play.
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