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  1. When I think of the 2006-2013 era of goodness some names of guys I really liked and seem to think could talk around the game: Marcus Thames (is a hitting instructor correct?) Granderson Nate Robertson Phil Coke Placido Polanco (would his head fit in the booth?) Sean Casey is already on MLB network Todd Jones is already (sort of) on MLB network. We have seen him do a couple games, correct? Gerald Laird Alex Avila (not done playing) Edwin Jackson (is he done playing?) Andy Dirks (he seems to be a real estate guy in Michigan so might be able to talk and chew gum) No real Venezuelan names for a team so totally dominated by them. Carlos Guillen and Magglio are part of the ruling clique and neither had that great a gift for English. Maybe Victor Martinez?
  2. Another potential name: Zumaya. He might not be the best student of the game however. He'd be more "color" than analyst.
  3. listening to the news, apparently they haven't actually done any clinical trials to speak of. But, heck yes...this is definitely the one! Russia never lies.
  4. Yes. Any other administration this would have been the thing that killed it.
  5. Obama doesn't go Thursday...interesting
  6. Final night. One would expect Biden to be the final speaker
  7. that grinding sense is not unlike the fork in the garbage disposal
  8. I wonder if Curtis Granderson has any interest in doing the in-game analyst thing. He's a multi-kajillionare but, he seems like he could do that very well. As for other 2006-2013 era Tigers i think maybe Nate Robertson. Anyone else?
  9. My Trumpy brother-in-law is in town. Last night he asked me why his mail delivery is so slow. I told him that the USPS has a lot of turmoil going on at the moment. I withheld the reasons why...basically to avoid the stink of a fight. I think in his Trumpy filter he interpreted that as the black folks at USPS are lazy government workers who don't want to deliver his mail without getting overtime to do so. He's an odd duck this Trumpy brother-in-law as he was always a steady subscriber to PBS (with the tote bags to show it) but who stole his cable tv for the last 20 years at least.
  10. again, sweat lodges and peyote are not indicated treatment for pandemics virus
  11. I sure hope Biden doesn't say anything stupid this week or certain posters will end up in 5 page wars over it were as Trump's decision to nationalize our banks and hospitals and rename them after members of the Trump family or to hold blood sacrifices of Mexican children for Baal will be but a two or three day blip.
  12. One hopes the Biden campaign people have some deception ops going on.
  13. the bots are repeating this message on twitter that starts: 'salty? Kamela Harris unfollows Biden on Twitter" So, the Russians put themselves into our election again
  14. This is actually mean to Shep who really does a good job policing the bad language for my saintly children's ears. I rank game analysts: Gibby Petry CRAAAIIIG Jim Price anyone else anyone else the memory of Rod Allen anyone else Morris
  15. Now go get Mike Dewine and other Ohio pols!
  16. Strike season championship flags still count.
  17. I'm sure his success is killing Sportz' soul.
  18. the thing with the medicine man sweat lodge treatments of the American Southwest is that the player may think he's fine but what he really has done is gone on a voyage of self-discovery. His injury is still there.
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