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  1. I doubt Marsha (heck of a way to spell Marcia, goober) could name all 50 states.
  2. I sat through a 3 hour meeting in a SCIF today on a subject that was critically important to me and I was a fidgety mess. I can only imagine the **** this last week has been for these people.
  3. I was thinking about the correct rebuttal to Ted Cruz. How is this for a deal on witnesses. Trump resigns, Pence pardons him and we won't need witnesses for his criminal trial
  4. I'll take that critique. I didn't see it. I think people like Rubio and Jeb thought they could run on this in 2016 and found that the goobers were going nuts for this populist jive.
  5. Lost in any of the Trump vs. the GOP stuff. I was never a deficit hawk like the Tea Partiers claimed to be. Those folks were using that as a hammer. Meanwhile, my wife who works for GAO is beside herself with how fiscally insolvent this government has become. She's a Dem but very much a fiscal hawk.
  6. Obama made plenty of mistakes. If it were Romney against him in 2012 all over I'd vote for Romney.
  7. He took the bus in a whole new direction. The identity stuff took over. Guns, owning the libs, and abortion are now the platform. The racialism and nationalism appealed to the non-educated whites. To whit the college educated whites are a whole voting bloc Biden their time until someone comes and claims them.
  8. Collective security, free trade and the Rule of Law were all in the platform prior to 2016. Those are my core beliefs and Trump and Trumpism are against them.
  9. It was one of the abortion protestors. He yelled something about Schumer being Satan. Mitch McConnell looked up when he yelled his name.
  10. and the GOP party positions prior to 2016
  11. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/impeachment-trial-live-updates/2020/01/22/3beb411e-3d05-11ea-8872-5df698785a4e_story.html#link-RAKCDRQRKI2XLHSAS4H2BQAFAI
  12. Are the local papers in Detroit featuring these stories about impeachment trial?
  13. Somebody had a crazy outburst at the impeachment.
  14. It would be hilarious if Senators Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar, Harris, Booker all approved and pushed the move to make the trade to put the Bidens on the stand in exchange for Bolton. I hope they stand in solidarity against it though.
  15. oh... https://thebulwark.com/did-the-new-york-times-actually-endorse-amy-klobuchar-for-vp/
  16. Trump is the one who needs to step aside
  17. I thought about putting this in a POTUS thread but really...the vilification of the press by the oligarchy is why Kashoggi is dead.
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