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  1. I wonder if Trump would flip on Semion Mogilevich
  2. Ok. The media are fallible. Some media have agendas. This is the Trump-is-so-crazy-and-cravenly-evil-he-should-be-removed-from-office thread.
  3. I guess Nunes doesn't like this sort of twitter post
  4. I guess this isn't an impeachment piece so much as a Putin's influence piece.
  5. you won't change their minds. Those are closed.
  6. Money Laundering is going to be the real prize find for impeachment. People should already have enough information to know he's scum. Proving it with ledgers will move more to oppose.
  7. Missing are Tulsi (obv...some sort of Russian/Hindu/Hawaii hybrid) and Stacey Abrams
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