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  1. Its a variation on burning the witches because of the pox or killing all the black cats because they are unlucky but because you eradicate the cats the rats flourish and spread the plague.
  2. The Dr. Fauci death threat storyline is the one that shouldn't shock but should appall
  3. How long was Presidente Castro on TV hectoring his people today?
  4. I clicked the TV on and saw fckhead still talking. Clicked it off.
  5. as you know anything within the margin of error allows for hijinx
  6. the notion that someone could have three doctors attest to their sanity as just something one does like picking up some milk at the store is one of those plot points that Nolan gets away with because the rest of the movie is so high concept. The scene in Community where Betty White is explaining to the African tribesmen the plot details about who Tom Berringer was at a particular moment is just hilarious.
  7. The droplets reportedly will survive on metal for up to three days. They can also make you send inappropriate emails to your boss. They might convince you that a high performance car is exactly the sort of purchase you should make when the economy is tanking. They will also infect your spouse and make her have three psychiatrists attest to her sanity before she commits suicide because she wants to return to the dream world you created in a dream level at least three levels below this one.
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