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  1. If there is any doubt. Washington DC is freaking the f out over the whistleblower case.
  2. Oh, its a recurring omni-shambles?
  3. Saw both CNN and Fox screens in the cafeteria today. CNN all over the whistleblower story. Fox doesn't care about national security.
  4. We've been over the same territory. Seventh Son was definitely in the rotation. I spent the day today listening to Neutral Milk Hotel's catalog, Queensryche Operation Mindcrime, and now i'm onto some 1970s Reggaie dance hall. The latter I would NOT/NOT recommend for running. Unless you are running very slowly.
  5. I feel like you need to listen to Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime or Metallica's And Justice for All again. Get in touch with the angry teenage dirtbag inside you.
  6. I wonder if Josh Bolton knows too edit: Josh? I mean John
  7. I remember when all my D co-workers were marching to the polls to vote for Rubio. Man...its seemed like an imperative then. At the least we voted for the lesser evil.
  8. Perhaps I'm just remembering when it was already over but for the shouting in 2008 when McCain won over Romney. I wanted to vote for Romney.
  9. Virginia is late in the process in any event. I might be voting strategically for a Buttegeig just to bolster his chances to be VP pick for Biden or Warren.
  10. RE: the 'nothingburger" possibility https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broken_windows_theory Allow the ODNI to get away with not appearing today and These New York thugs all know this.
  11. ANY - in the general. I'm not sure if I'll be able to vote in the GOP primary in VA because of Trump's fascist junta elminating primary elections.
  12. Just pick me out a winner. Please!
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