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  1. glad to see this. The Bulwark is doing good work
  2. https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/11/opinions/republicans-want-to-call-hunter-biden-democrats-should-call-ivanka-trump-obeidallah/index.html Its an approach
  3. and 1989 was a crap year for the Tigers. I had just returned from two years in Germany in September 1989 and my German friends had told me in August that there was no way that Germany would ever reunify. The events of Nov 1989 seemed like the impossible. Hard to explain how euphoric that was. You do want to experience that again in your lifetime.
  4. I saw this punk on Meet the Press this morning: "click" **** him
  5. I suspect he's just looking for a payday. And Trump would pay to shut him up.
  6. Speaking of walls and hatred and idiot malignant narcissists...go see Jo Jo Rabbit.
  7. Man, these were magic days in the Fall of 1989. I really hope we get that feeling of euphoria back sometime in my lifetime.
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