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  1. At best, to Trump, you are the help who brings his cheeseburger or the court sage who explains the more complicated details of Buddhist koans to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment aka, his Roy Cohn.
  2. Close enough to force Trump to go there among the marks.
  3. This person is Sarah Paulson's dad secretly confessing how angry he is over Trump's treatment of McCain in Coastal Elites (btw, watch that for her segment if no other...very moving.)
  4. these are the mothers of my softball team's players. Lots of fiercely political 11-12 year old girls.
  5. I get your original point though. The Taliban don't LOVE Russia. They are flexible to their alliances of the moment to achieve their long-term objectives.
  6. axlerod notes that Biden signs are in Western Michigan mixed in with Trump signs. edit: I definitely didn't see too many Biden signs in July.
  7. Vladdie is paying the rent on the Taliban. He + Iran are paying bounties. it works for him to have them kick us out.
  8. Dowd says he thinks 150m people will vote this election.
  9. Axlerod says...you could do that Trump move if you had a precision instrument...but Trump is not precise. Trump trying this will come across like a heel.
  10. Listening to the Hacks on Tap from this morning. Matt Dowd describes the scenario and response he expects. That Trump will attack someone that Biden loves and Biden's response needs to be a judo move that destroys Trump. "Have you no shame...etc" They said that Hillary didn't effectively do this. The incident last night when Biden chocked up about Beau Biden and got control of himself was interesting prelude.
  11. Worried about is Rassmussen claiming that Trump is +7 approval. You can't have his fans thinking they are in this. He's losing badly and that number really sticks out like propaganda.
  12. Don't do it China https://dnyuz.com/2020/09/18/china-sends-warning-to-taiwan-and-u-s-with-big-show-of-air-power/
  13. He was hepped up on prevogen and meth
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