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  1. How did this woman escape a padded cell this long?
  2. As we know Kevin McCarthey's office now employs people who organized the 1/6 insurrection.
  3. looks promising. Wary as I am with any deals made by this Trumpified GOP.
  4. true story: the imagery analysts who studied a certain conflict where Cuban troops were involved were able to successfully judge the number of troops the Cubans had by the number of baseball fields at their camps. They had a mandate that they have no fewer than one field for each battalion or some such.
  5. well, they used to export oil.
  6. Baseball is an eternally agrarian themed game despite the fact that its foremost proponents are Suburban math nerds, the country of Japan and Caribbeans trying to escape from islands which no longer export any crops and only import tourists.
  7. If they were doing that for HR McMaster. Imagine what they were doing for Mattis. Or any of the people the "conservatives" aka the loonspuds, wanted out.
  8. mildly amusing. The fact that this clown is begging for a pardon from a man who is not currently president is more amusing.
  9. No chess. ...just another opinion or two
  10. Victor Reyes is fighting hard down in Toledo
  11. Not that much chess. He was trollin' I called him on it.
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