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  1. Get a position player up to pitch. We need to get this game over with before the rains come.
  2. Yeah, you'd hope that some of our trades worked out for once.
  3. too late. Some of his strikeouts are still around.
  4. Jeimer is up with two runners on base again in the AAA game. That's an opportunity for him.
  5. So, we did our usual flick of the switch in Virginia from cold and rainy to oppressive heat and humidity.
  6. Jeimer had a 3run bomb at Toledo. Not a reference to a particularly toxic burrito...an actual Home Run.
  7. Never a fan of Trump either. I prefer my leaders who aren't mobbed up billion dollar losers.
  8. If he runs as a libertarian it hurts Trump in Michigan
  9. The lack of power and all the strikeouts. Doesn't help
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