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  1. "Expect him to cheat in the 2020 election, get over it. He can't be stopped by any power on Earth" is their defense.
  2. This is an interesting analysis The GOP senators who are most vulnerable are likely to do some hailmaryish stuff like McSally did the other day. Doug Jones surprisingly above water even in Alabama. Mitch is NOT popular. Hmmm..
  3. This won't work unless its on TV wall-to-wall.
  4. They are in a hurry to pretend the country is outraged against the thing they had all year to prepare for.
  5. America will be a lot like SEC football in a second Trump administration.
  6. Some dudes not too happy to be there
  7. He's really got the inner circle of corrupt sleeze on the team for this. I dunno if that's such a good sign for him. If the best defense you have are people who are tainted as badly as this you must have some sort of insanity defense planned.
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