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  1. On a less fun note. I'm not sure how this is impacting Michigan or elsewhere. At the car dealership last night for the haus frau to purchase a Chevy Cruze --no, not the one she tried to order of course because Lordstown is no longer taking orders because America hates passengers cars now -- our salesman here in Fairfax County gave me a very grim look when I offhanded asked him how the shutdown was hurting his business. Shook his head and said: "we have taken a big hit." Later the guy trying to negotiate the loan told us folks who recently purchased cars are having a hard time paying for the ones they just got.
  2. Pelosi is Theoden and the Shutdown is Helms Deep. Trump is a bunch of dumb orcs, he's being controlled by Saruman (Putin). Dumb metaphor but whatevs.
  3. ROMAD1

    Where do things end with Vlad?

    screw you Vladdie
  4. ROMAD1

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    The memes are so good
  5. ROMAD1

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Carter Page just seems like an idiot. Caputo, Nunberg and Coris are all fighting.
  6. ROMAD1

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Weird stuff on Ari Melber's show right now. Carter Page, Michael Caputo, Sam Nunberg, and Jerome Corsi.
  7. The inverted B is the best symbol of those struggling against Putin's plan.
  8. The Newseum in DC should move their display from the Berlin Wall to the park across from the White House.
  9. I think we've found the counter-slogan.
  10. I think the Maga kids should have the red hats taken off their heads...have an experience like out of V for Vendetta in a place like this (or one of the refugee camps on the southern border) for a fortnight so they would learn what their leader's actions are heading toward.