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  1. Has anyone seen or know where to go on the web for the Tigers minor league spring training game schedules?
  2. I'm surprised this guy doesn't get more notice. He's only been in the Tigers organization since being drafted last year but has - made the NYPL All Star Squad, named Oneonta Tigers MVP for last year, made the FSL All Star Squad, Eastern League Player of the week with a stat line that is hard to believe .565/.607/1.087, 13-for-23, 3 2B, 0 3B, 3 HR, 13 RBI, 10 R, 4 BB, 4 K, 1 SB. He has been recognized by each of his managers as an excellent defensive player which is substantiated by the following lines: 2009 Oneonta .994% fielding percentage committing only 4 errors in 640 chances then 2010 combined stats from Lakeland and Erie he has a .994% fielding percentage committing only 5 errors in 889 chances. It appears they have completely discounted his collegiate career where he established career records at Middle Tennessee State (which played in a league with an RPI ranking of 6th)in homers, runs scored, RBIs, total bases, walks, hit by pitches and putouts while having a career fielding percentage at first and third base of .990.
  3. Doesn't the promotion of Kendrick make the Erie Seawolves catcher heavy? Are there plans for Kunkel or Bouchie?
  4. I know this is off topic but does fyrftrjim stand for Fire Fighter Jim?
  5. Isn't Roof a middle infielder whereas Ciriaco and Nicolas are corner men/dh?
  6. Now that Ciriaco has been placed on disabled list and Nicolas has been placed on the restricted list who do you think Toledo will pull up next?
  7. Also I forgot to mention Ken Stewart's Grille on West Market in Fairlawn. Great restaurant with good food and outside and inside dinning.
  8. DeTroppens I was at the Akron series last week. Like others I agree there is a lot to do around the Akron area. There are several non chain restaurants along West Market Street. I especially liked Larry's. If you go a little further west on Market towards Fairlawn their is a nice mall that my wife made a couple of trips to. Also the Football Hall of Fame is down the road. It is a shame the Seawolves couldn't pull out a win in the 4 game series as they had leads in two of the games.
  9. Thanks - I've tried the road broadcasts and I get the same thing. Guess I'll be relagated to the recap and box score.
  10. Is there a secret to getting the audio. When it shows on the website Listen I click on it and then I click on the Erie Seawolves. From there I get a recording that the game has not started or is not available.
  11. Yes i have seen that happen in college ball. Man on third, foul ball to the screen behind the catcher, caught the ball (which he should have left go) got his feet tangled up and fell on his rear. In the meantime the runner on third had retreated to the bag and when he noticed that the catcher got his feet tied up went home. The pitcher had already started making his way back to the mound and couldn't respond fast enough to beat the runner home and take the throw from the catcher.
  12. LFT has streaming audio for those of you interested
  13. Does anyone know if the game will be on streaming video through MILB.com? Also when do the festivities begin and what types of activities do they have?
  14. I got the stream to work tonight. The two announcers reminded of Statler and Waldorf with their constant banter.
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