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  1. At break of camp, Colin was given the choice to be the Minor League organizational back up infielder for all teams or to become part of the coaching staff back in late March. He has been coaching ESL since break of camp and is now a coach for GCL. While talent was not projectable, he was absolutely fundamentally sound in all aspects of the game...he could be a tremendous asset moving forward. I'm surprised no one has picked up on this.
  2. W. Michigan will end up with the 3rd best overall (entire season) record for the East Division (8 total teams) and the 5th best record in the entire Midwest League (16 teams) but will not make the playoffs. All in all, a pretty decent year with alot of injuries and player movement.
  3. While hitting, Zach fouled a ball of his face (direct, not off ground)....ouch! Stitches above his eye and obviously determined that he has a concussion. Guida actually played 1 year at Florida Southern but transferred out because he hardly ever played...why...Maggard was the starting catcher. How ironic.
  4. The player formerly known as Fausto Carmona will be pitching against the Whitecaps thursday evening.
  5. Largest manufacturer in Clinton is a Dog Food Plant! The smell is horrible! Worst venue in Midwest League!
  6. My understanding is that his forearm muscles tighten up terribly when he either let's it fly or throws a breaking ball. Rest has worked but then he keeps getting right back to the same place when pitching again. Hopefully just a muscle issue and can be remedied.
  7. Maggard from Toledo to W Michigan.
  8. Potential bad news....looks like a collision in OF took out both Wright and Krizan and cost an inside the park grand slam! Durham to 1b, Helm from 1b to CF, Loy from 2b to LF, Kaline to 2b. Crap!
  9. I agree on all counts. He is very aggressive on the bases...has been picked off numerous times....thrown out attempting to take an extra base quite a bit...but has that instinct to be aggressive....hopefully he will learn when to be aggressive and when not to be. Offensively, he crowds the plate and will have some difficulty when guys can consistently run the ball in on his hands...he tends to cheat on inside pitches (and he has hit some HR's this way) but then gets fooled terribly on breaking pitches on the outer half. Again, he is aggressive and should continue to get better. Defensively, he has some mental lapses and tends to make some easy mistakes. Has the tools to make most routine and difficult plays. All good and should get better with experience and maturity. They like having him with guys like Loy, King and Kaline because they are older and are all really hard workers and Suarez can sometimes give you that feeling that he is slacking off (even though he is not). Although I understand he was pulled early in the season for not running out a pop fly...again...maturity.
  10. Moya's game saving catch (bases were loaded w/ 2 outs). Per Whitecaps site...made #2 play of the day on Sportscenter! Helps to be 6'7" tall.
  11. Box shows Farrell replaced Smith in WM rotation tonight...Smith missed a turn earlier with shoulder tightness.
  12. WM have 6 games before the all-star break and they are against Bowling Green and South Bend...the 2 teams they are competing against for the Wild Card playoff spot. Should be interesting. Too bad Mean Dean Green is on the DL...they need his bat.
  13. Word is that he does have a tender wrist which has slightly impacted his offense but that is not impacting his playing time...as yes he is definitely filling the role of the back-up infielder. Too bad he doesn't hit much (and won't hit much over .200) because his defense is better than any other 3b in the system and at 2b he is every bit as solid as the highly touted Loy with maybe a half step less range than Loy. Owen and the entire Org love his work ethic...if Colin is willing to stick it out as a back up IF next year, they would love to have him at WM or Lakeland. Just won't hit much.
  14. SC - yes Sat nite they faced the #2 and #5 prospects in the Blue Jay organization. Both those kids are lights out and of course W. Mich only had 2 hits. Dean G. proving DII baseball in FL is better than most DI divisions up north. King is struggling out of the gate.
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