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  1. I will stop pointing this stuff out. I get nowhere doing it, obviously. And yes, there are posters on this board, that gripe for the sake of griping and it has gotten so annoying to me (and I'm not the only one) that I've had to place some of them on ignore. I promise, I will not mention this again, since I'm annoying people too. That is not my intention. My apologies for being so annoying myself.
  2. I agree...granted his offense is not what it used to be, but when he's got the second most outfield assists since 2000, only one behind Vlad Guerrero, I'd say his defense somewhat makes up for it. Sure, I'm frustrated when he isn't hitting...but wasn't it fun back in Chicago to see him earn the AL Player of the Week? He also, just a few days ago, got on base seven times in a row...by way of a double, a HR, and five walks. But nope, people don't pay attention to that, they'd rather pay attention to the couple of times he didn't come through yesterday...and I'm not only talking members of this board, I'm talking fans at Comerica who booed him in two at bats yesterday...most fans are so fickle!
  3. I thought I was the only one who noticed his positive points, thanks FickBERG. Because alot of people on this board only paid attention to his downs. I don't need to mention any names, but they're the same ones who gripe about Higgy, gripe about Tram's management skills, gripe, gripe, gripe is all they do. I, for one, have noticed Levine to be inconsistent, but he did fare pretty well in July (0.68 ERA), and in August (3.86 ERA). The whole bullpen went down the tubes when Urbina left, so I'm not going to put much stock in his September/October numbers. But those who gripe about him, didn't pay attention to when he is pitching well...just when he stinks up the joint. Extremely sad, but true....Same holds true with Yan as well.
  4. There have been many times when I've said that about Favre.
  5. Speaking of the G-Man.....here is a little snippet from John Sickels mailbag... Allen from Racine, Wisc., asks: I'm a big Tigers fan, and I was wondering what you think about shortstop prospect Tony Giarratano. He had a good year in Class A and looks like a good sleeper to me. What do you think? He looks like a good prospect to me, too, not just a "sleeper" but a legitimately strong player. Giarratano was drafted in '03, a third round pick out of Tulane. He was well-regarded as a defensive shortstop in college, but there were questions about his bat. He answered those by hitting .336 in college last year, then .328 in 47 games in the New York-Penn League after signing. In 2004, he went to the Midwest League and played well, hitting .285/.383/.352 in 43 games for the West Michigan Whitecaps. This earned him a promotion to the Florida State League, where he caught fire and remained enflamed for the rest of the season, hitting .376/.421/.505 with 14 steals. He needs to sharpen up his plate discipline, but I think he has the baseball aptitude to do so if he's encouraged. His batting average should always be good, but given his relative lack of power, some extra walks will keep his overall OPS boosted to strong levels. We can't expect Giarratano to hit .376 all the time, but he certainly looks like a solid .280-.300 hitter, with enough doubles, walks, and steals to be a multi-skilled offensive contributor. He's considered a very good defensive shortstop, so impressing coaches and scouts with his glove won't be a problem for him. He should start 2005 in Double-A, and a second-half promotion to Detroit is quite possible. I think he's a solid all-around player and seriously underrated by many.
  6. If I figured it out right, I had 47. Dammit KC, if only you'd finished higher, I would have been the leader so far...I picked them to finish second.
  7. I've respected him for a long time...just not agreed with him many times.
  8. hmmmm....is Elton menapausal? First Taiwan, now Madonna...who next? Yes, catfights are fun.
  9. I guess one thing that played into it along with the hot pitching, is that 5/3 Park is a pitcher's park. Even though they had a couple guys (I don't recall their names) hit over 20 HR a piece, they broke a record of 16, that stood since Robert Fick and I believe Jacques Landry hit 16 in 1997. It all makes sense to me now. That's the only thing that makes me wish that I lived back in Grand Rapids...even with the internet, I lose track of that sort of thing...thanks for straightening it out and giving me a clue on what exactly happened, Microline.
  10. Jon is where I got that from...we were talking early in the weekend about the Beltran situation. I do trust his judgement and don't question him where he gets his information....He's one of the many I don't question. Also, I think I heard it as well, around the trade deadline, that he wanted to go to a small market team, and KC pursued a trade as to such. I don't know where I heard it as well, and will be doing research to back that point up...but as I said before, I don't question the credibility of statements made on this board. Now if it were posted on mlive's board, I'd question everything. But I don't belong to that board, just heard they make up rumors and run with them as if there were a shred of truth about them.
  11. Since I don't know the minors like you do, Microline, maybe you can tell me how WM pulled off the MWL championship with only some promise. I'm not being a smart*ss here in asking this, I am just curious on your take on how they had such a great second half of the season, and made it through the playoffs to win the championship....was that a case of average players getting hot at the right time? Does Matt Walbeck have a knack in getting players motivated? I'm curious, because I do agree with you about the lack of talent in the minors, based on my limited knowledge, and from what I've heard from you and others on the board.
  12. Actually his improvement did surprise me, because he was so immature last year, i.e. looking in the stands instead of paying attention to the game. With a great influence as Guillen, he's grown by leaps and bounds, and has been, in my opinion, a very pleasant surprise.
  13. I thought so too, until somebody pointed it out to me that Beltran does not want to play for a big market team.
  14. So due to this, what do you think Urdaneta's future with this club is going to be? Just keep him tucked away at Erie or Toledo until he's ready?
  15. understatement.of.the.year
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