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  1. Biff keep an eye me, go back and read every single one of my posts from the last four boards. With the exception of the one post that you confronted me on and I agreed was out of line I barely have any posts that aren't completely issue related. I am sorry that I don't post enough or participate in chats to get name recognition like others and I am the one is out of line for for a post that was never intended to be taken in that way, and although I didn't take blame for it but if read my post I did apologize to someone who had just called out me and my parents. I think the apology was for the bad feelings I may have caused with my careless but I felt with my explanation that everyone should've been able to read that I did not feel that ESB was an "asshole". As an aside I was very excited when I found this board three seasons ago, being away from Michigan I needed my Tiger fix. This is a great board because you all do have a great knowledge of Tigers baseball and are very civil when discussing them. I try to throw my two cents in when I think it adds something to the conversation and try to be respectful, but if I am gonna take this much grief for that post I think it's best interest of both parties that I simply stop posting. I will just leave you with this if you have never seen the Big Lebowski you should, very funny movie.
  2. Well whatever I am not going edit my post (except for the spelling) or apologize, simply clarify it was a joke. I wouldn't know you ESB from anybody else in the world and I wouldn't judge a strangers character. It was a line from the Big Lebowski, if you don't want me to post here, if asshole is too strong for the board members here that's fine just say so. This is the second time I have been reprimanded for what I thought was a very harmless jab so maybe I am just "classless". But I don't think any of my posts have ever been in any way knowingly inflammatory towards anyone, and if they have I'd like to know why for future reference. And getting back to the original quote it wasn't even a joke it was a take off of your title with an obscure quote from a movie to see if any one enjoyed that part as much as I did. If you guys didn't get that I can totally see why but I had hoped you'd at least understand that it wasn't meant to be personal with the smiley face and the preceding sentence. I guess if I have anything to apologize for it's if I caused you any unintentional anguish with my comment. I will try and tone it down and understand that everything my head doesn't translate so perfectly to a message board. And finally ESB if you could just clarify something for me what does mean
  3. No your not wrong ESB you're just an asshole;) If oldtimey is gonna quote coen brother movies than so am I.
  4. Do you guys think Rivera is better? I agree Rivera needs to play regularly or else why is he not in Toledo. But Meluskey is one of the Tigers best hitters and needs to play, Pujols is making a big mistake IMO not lgiving him enough at bats. Other rookies having early sucess, Pena for Oakland has 5 HR's, Nick Johnson is doing well for the Yankees.
  5. I got no problem with getting guys some swings but my point holds, if you are gonna play Fick and Cruz there is no good reason to DH Cruz, even moreso with Fick coming off an injury.
  6. Exactly, let's remember this when we are talking about Simon, he's hitting well know but it'sonly 14 games, same goes for Magee.
  7. What? Cruz is the DH???? That makes absolutely no sense, especially with Young, Meluskey and Palmer on the bench. And if you really want Cruz to play why does he play right and Fick DH. IF that lineup holds it is the worst one of the season.
  8. I think it very well could be an injury, earlier this spring remember he was complaining of a dead arm. He has yet to look crisp in any game and he has racked up a lot of ininngs the last few years. The last thing it is, is letting up intensity because of a contract, Jeff is will always be intense.
  9. IMO Beckman, good football play by play guy horrid baseball baseball anouncer. There is too much time for him to say something dumb, he's got an nice voice and on the radio he's solid at describing action but he's the polar opposite of Ernie when it comes the down time his stories and anecdotes give me headaches. Lance needs some time Price and Kaline were really bad when they started and although neither will be mistaken for Red Barber but they grew into thier roles.
  10. I've kind of been waiting for this thread, so here goes. Illitch is the owner and is ultimately at fault for the state of the orginization but IMO it has nothing to do with money, effort or intent. While he is the one who is in charge of putting in place the people to run the franchise, and thus far he has shown himself to be not very good at this aspect. But he has gotten a new stadium built and has a payroll of over 55 million which if it was spent right is plenty and if he thought it would pay divedends both on the field and to the bottom line he most definitely would. I think if anything let Randy Smith spend that much money is mistake, why should he waste good money by letting an incompetent GM spend it. I have full faith that once Illitch finds a GM that he can trust to spend money wisely he will spend plenty of money. I just hope that man is Dombrowski. I totally agree with emj and the Wings, Illitch has a track record it is a completely valid comparison.
  11. I am gonna come to Mattie defense here, although I'd hardly think of my self as an optimist. This team when healthy has talent, they been playing especially bad and unhealthy but this team has also been unlucky so far. I pretty confident this team will not be nearly this bad the rest of the season, they do have talent let's not be blinded by the disapointed of the start there is still talent on this team. It was never going to be a playoff team but they'll start winning again and the same people dumping on the Tigers will be the ones who think this team is gonna make a run. Except for mattie she'll always think this team is about to pull off ten straight even if her boy did blow the game today.
  12. Inge is a fantastic defensive catcher, he's not 100% polished but he's great catcher and there is no position he could be better at or more valuable. Why would the Tigers move him? The only reason he isn't with the Tigers is because he cannot hit, moving him to short doesn't change that, they can get anyone to hit poorly at short including Halter.
  13. Holygoat, I totally agree he is just a rookie and it's one at bat and that's all I was disapointed about. But the reason I focus on Torres has the chance to be part of the rebuilding process errr, at this point the building process whereas Paquette, Macias, and Magee are just part of the 0-10 process and won't have any major part if any in winning Tigers team.
  14. What about if the Tigers keep losing, putting movies on the scoreboard, so if the game sucks you still have that.
  15. In ninth something that disapointed me was Torres swinging at ball 4 with the count 3-1 and nobody out down four runs with nobody on. Merv should be pounding it into his head, your job is not to hit the ball but to get on base by any means and use that speed.
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