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  1. With the Lions trading for Sims, I'll bet if the Lions do manage to trade down they still won't take an OT. Berry, Haden, or Spilller might be on their radar if they do trade down.
  2. I don't think Shanahan is stupid enough to draft a QB and put in behind that horrible o-line. With Samuels retiring, I think the Redskins are more likely to try and fix their o-line in the 1st round. They have bigger needs than QB. Btw if the Redskins were to trade up to the 3rd pick, it probably wouldn't be announced until after the Lions pick. Theres not going to be any leap frogging.
  3. True, but the Chargers didn't use this line of thinking when deciding to let Sproles go too. Who knows maybe the trade can be brought back from the dead if the Lions can sign Chester Taylor before the Chargers get rid of Cro.
  4. A 5th + Morris for Cromartie was a pretty good deal, maybe even a steal. If Mayhew put a hold on the deal because the Chargers wanted a player with little value such as Morris I see that a minus on him.
  5. So the Lions backed out of the deal because they wanted Morris? lol -1 Mayhew
  6. By trading for him the Lions would just have to pay him around $1.1 million. Why wait for him to get released? He'll probably want a multi year contract worth more than $1.1 million a year. A 5th round pick is worth the risk.
  7. I'm not surprised Morris might be part of The deal. Some clowns on a charger board think they could get a 2nd or 3rd + Kevin Smith for Cro.
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