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  1. surplus of 27's yesterday! the rest of mine are here. sorry, no parking photos in this set.
  2. welcome to the board..are you from San Antonio TX?

  3. haha, actually, that was in the paid lot. it was one of those "create your own" spots.. there were a lot of them today. so packed!
  4. hope it's ok to post one and link to the rest of what I have so far - set is here. below is jacob turner I'd post something more coherent but I went straight from the airport to the game today, exhausted! hoping my next game, Friday, isn't ruined by the rain in the forecast.
  5. ahhh! all the spring training photos, in both threads, are making me even more impatient to get to Lakeland and take some of my own. my telephoto lens has been so neglected the last couple months! can't wait, great pics you guys.
  6. I'm a noob on here and don't really know anyone, but I'll be at games on the 10th-15th - bought a pair of Espen1978's tickets for the 12th. Not sure if I'll make the trip to the away game on the 11th, though.
  7. Think it's Brennan Boesch! (also, hi, first time poster here - I'm a regular/mod at bless you boys) Alli
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