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  1. I have lived in Australia for more than forty years and if I ever get back to a visit to Detroit I want to take in a Sunday double header! The twi-night double headers they have finish too late for me.
  2. Can Cabrera get enough plate appearances to get back in the running for Batting Champion honors?
  3. I am kind of hoping that Joba accepts his assignment in Toledo . . . and that Detroit would at least consider moving him into a rotation slot if it can be worked out. Indeed, he was doing so poorly as a reliever I thought they might have considered giving him a last chance in a Tiger uniform as a starter - he's done it before and he is not an old man yet. It may have even been good to ease Verlander back onto the team in the bullpen . . . The Tigers would have very little to lose with the bad performances of its rotation this season! AND, Detroit still has to pay him his $million salary for the year.
  4. How effective would it be if the team's fans just didn't turn up to the games? I am not a fair weather fan, but it seems to me that Mr. Ilitch should be given a message to rectify this problem . . . and if DD or Ausmus become the casualties, then so be it! Two years ago the Tigers had the best rotation in baseball, now it seems that none of them can be relied on or have some kind of attitude problem caused by knowing that the offence and bullpen will just fail anyway.
  5. nf1377, isn't that the crux of the problem? The manager's job is to change the attitude, and Brad Ausmus is not inspiring his players to do this.
  6. Joba Chamberlain is a bit scary as the set-up man so I am wondering if Rondon is able to return successfully in that role whether Joba might again be considered a possibility for the rotation?
  7. Cespedes isn't exactly having an awesome year so perhaps the Tigers will be able to outbid what any other team offers him. David Price is probably future HOF and his ego (not a bad thing) will tell him that Detroit does not have adequate offensive production (or bullpen backup) to be able for him to realise his dream. He will want too much of a pay day. Detroit will sign Soria for whatever he asks for and probably make an acceptable offer to Simon wlth some of the money that would have gone Price's way.
  8. Preston Tucker . . . !!!! Was that revenge for the ORIGINAL Preston Tucker (see the movie with Jeff Bridges) who finally gets one against Detroit?
  9. Thanks Stanley. I am not suggesting that he has been suspended - secretly or otherwise. Rather than face the chance of being actually suspended the Tigers may be waiting for any trace of a possible substance is out of his system ??? (am I being a wee bit paranoid?) Come August, September, and October the return of Verlander and Rondon could be a powerful addition to the roster when the team is in the final weeks of the pennant race. J.V. could even be eased back into the roster by doing duty in the bull pen.
  10. I couldn't find a thread that really suits what I am going to ask . . . Before the season started it was reported that Justin Verlander was reporting to camp with (as I remember) about 20 lbs of extra muscle. But before the season begins he develops a "strain" which has kept him on the disabled list for the first month of the season. I am wondering if he might have unknowingly taken some kind of "substance" and then it was found to be illegal? Could this mysterious stint on the DL with apparently just a strain be so that Verlander gets this substance out of his system? This has been going on for quite a while now! Another question: Could it be possible that there is no particular hurry to have J.V. and Bruce Rondon back on the roster? In previous years, and last year especially, the Tiger pitchers have seemed to have run out of steam by over extending themselves - could DD and Ausmus be saving these two so that they can come back full strength at some later date? Just wonderin'.
  11. I regret trading Avisail Garcia for what is probably a weak hitter in Iglesias. Yeah, I know about the issues with Fielder and his missus, AND I know that Garcia would have been YET ANOTHER talented outfielder on the roster when we really need good defensive infielders, BUT, I just cannot get that feeling that Garcia with the White Sox will come back to haunt us in a big way!
  12. Best of luck to him and the Nationals. Four or five years from now they may regret signing him. At least he will not be troubling us in the A.L. and may (hopefully!) only be a problem to us in October! Now we are free to see if Shields will come to Detroit and stay with his mate Price for an extended time.
  13. I am pretty satisfied with the Tigers. Most comments that I read say that Miguel Cabrera needs to bounce back to being what he can be. I really, really disagree with this as he was SECOND in runs batted in in the American League; THIRD in runs scored; and FIRST in 2-b hits. What more can be asked? I DON'T THINK THAT IT IS EVEN ARGUABLE THAT THE FIRST TWO STATS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT IN CONTRIBUTION TO A TEAM. And that he was able to accomplish the figures that he had while having a fairly low home run contribution in 2014 is incredible! Mr. C. was able to knock in his teammates when they were in a scoring position, AND, he was on base ready to score a run when the next batter(s) came to the plate! A healthy Miguel Cabrera has every chance of exceeding these numbers in 2015. I am also expecting a healthy Justin Verlander will put up some of the numbers that I believe he is still capable of.
  14. Wonder if the Tigers could offer five years for $125 million? AND, we could offer him some decent offensive numbers to help him out!
  15. I am wondering why the Tigers aren't actively pursuing signing James Shields? His states are nice and even though Max Scherzer has been a fantastic pitcher for the last few seasons, James Shields stats aren't far behind. E.R.A.: Shields 3.21, Max 3.15 I.P.: Shields 227, Max 220 S.O.: Shields 180, Max 252 . . . He would probably sign for much less that we would have to pay Scherzer, and Boras would not have any hold over DD and Mr. I. And he would probably sign on for under six years if the yearly wage is attractive. Does anyone know how many innings per game he averaged in 2014?
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