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  1. I think people are forgetting that some players just don't hit for power. Some are singles hitters that hit for average, and turn hits into extra base hits with their speed. Jackson had a good year last year, and I think pitchers have figurerd out how to pitch to him. What DD is gambling on is this: Now that the pitchers have adjusted to Jackson, is he a good enough player to adjust to the pitchers and get better? If DD doesn't think so, then trade him immediately before his value decreases anymore. If he thinks he's going to be a good player, then hold onto him. Personally, I would like to shop him around.....see what you could get for him. If it isn't much, hold onto him. I think you could package him and another decent prospect, and grab Gio Gonzalez from Oakland.
  2. Awesome...I got more responses to a comment about the message board posts in 8 hours, than replies about Lions football in over a week haha
  3. It sure is slow around here. I thought these people were Lions fans. I was on here last offseason, and there were tons of new posts to read everytime I logged on. Now, I can log on 5 days after my last comment, and it will still be the most recent one.
  4. Good call. I think if both Peterman and Gallery are 100% healthy, then Peterman is a slightly better pass protector.....while Gallery is definitely the better run blocker. The thing Oakland overlooked when they drafted him num2, was that he has short arms for a tackle. Most successful tackles have very long arms to keep the d-linemen out of their pads, and off their body. I think we wouldn't be so eager to replace Peterman if his mental mistakes weren't there. Some of his penalties are just outrageous, and that needs to come to a stop. I'd like to see an upgrade, but not at the cost of leaving other positions bare (LB in particular).
  5. Don't give me that. You and I both know that Gallery isn't an ELITE guard. "guards of gallerys caliber go for 7-8 these days" oh. my. god. you didn't just say that did you????? Hutchinson (7), Evans (6.2), Snee(2.5), Mankins (franchised..played at 3.5), S. Andrews (8), D. Joseph (2), Grubbs (under 1 mil right now), Dahl (2.5), L. Davis (5), Lilja(2.5) are all better than Gallery. I'd even say Sims too. He is nowhere near Hutch, Evans, and Andrews, so give me a break. By the sound of it, you said Gallery is elite....so that must make Peterman very good! (you said it was a minimal upgrade!) I can discuss top free agents all I want....I just don't want to spend the big bucks on a guard of all things. Tulloch...yes, Nnamdi...yes, Greenway...yes, Grimes....yes.
  6. Yes, I agree completely. I think if Stafford had been at QB for the entire season, we would have been even better. I'm just saying that if we are going to add these couple things to the offense, do it this year, and get it done with. That way there are no excuses for picking a bunch of offensive players in the next few drafts (with the exception of needing to replace older players...ie: OL) We desperately need defensive depth, and I'm hoping to see it addressed over the next 2, if not 3 drafts.
  7. I don't want Hankerson. He's not what we need. What we need is a burner, as cruzer1 said. We need someone in the Desean Jackson mold (Titus Young), that can run deep routes all day. If at the end of the game you see a stat line of: 4 rec, 120 yds, 1-2 TD....they did their job. Even with 0 TD's that WR would be stretching the field and the defense. Ideally: WR1 (CJ): a mulit-faceted WR that can do anything. Vertical, over the middle, catch and run, blocking, jump balls, reverses...absolutley anything (and is great at everything...wow) WR2: a speedy, vertical threat. Deep routes, the occasional WR screen/catch and run. WR3: (Burleson) Not afraid to go over the middle. Tough, run after the catch-type. Burleson has the flashy, run after the catch-type moves to navigate through the middle of a defense. All of this would provide big opportunities for Best and the run game. I think with the addition of a good guard, we could be a lethal offense. We are marginal with our backup QB's, but with Stafford, I think our offense can be elite. I wouldn't be opposed to see a few offensive picks for us in this draft, to get that side of the ball taken care of.
  8. I don't understand why everyone keeps saying Best is a 3rd down back. I think he can stay in for full drives. The Lions plan on making him their main (not feature) back, or they wouldn't have used a 1st rounder on him. I think many of you will be pleasantly surprised when he is playing healthy this year. He's not just a 3rd down back. I'm thinking a faster version of Brian Westbrook in his prime. So many of you want to make him Mewhelde Moore.....eww
  9. Thank God. I'm so happy we are done with K. Smith. He was a decent player, but we have enough 'decent' backs. He did everything 'OK', but nothing 'good'. He ran hard, but had no real power. He wasn't slow, but he wasn't fast. He could cut fine, but had no real wiggle or moves. In the NFL, you have to be either: elusive, a track star, or an absolute truck to be successful at RB. You have to have that defining quality. Smith didn't have that. He was a hard runner, with decent recieving skills. He was a one-cut runner with above average field vision. I wish him well, and thank him for what he's done here.
  10. He's back with the Packers, and I'm glad. He demanded too much for being a two down player. I'm not thrilled with his play anyways....would much rather have Tulloch.
  11. I wouldn't mind him at a decent price. It was reported that he wanted $8 million per season, and that the Raiders were offering $2.5 million. I'm thinking that they might be trying to get a nice discount due to the fact that they severely overpaid him for what he turned out to be. I'd be comfortable in the $3.5-4.5 million range, no higher. Our biggest need is not a guard, so that's all I'd be willing to be pay. If we can get Moffitt or someone similar in the middle of the draft, I'd rather do that. Even the center from Penn ST. in round 2. He is a great center and could play guard until they decide to replace Raiola with him. He's got decent size, makes great calls, and is a very good lineman. Going back to Gallery, he was a big part of how successful Oakland's rushing attack was this year. He was a good guard prior to this year as well. I'd be happy to bring him here, but only at a decent price. If he really asked for 8 million, I'd laugh and ask: 'you mean 4 mil right?'....if he persisted with 8, I'd hang up on his ***.
  12. I would love the addition of Young.....however, I think he will be gone by the time our 3rd rounder comes around. I wouldn't be willing to take him before that....we have bigger needs. He is definitely worth a 2, but I think we would have to pass.
  13. I don't know anything about their relationship, so I guess that puts me in the same boat as YOU. You are just blindly following what you want to believe....the world is just not that gracious of a place.
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