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  1. GAMEDAY SONNNNNNNNNNN Cavs 105 Pistons 79
  2. I really cannot fathom why he would say that lol. He may say more random weird things than RichRod.
  3. I agree Cabrera should look way better then what he does. I guess that's what's going to happen though when you pay someone 160mill over 8yrs who was already starting to let himself go. I think the position change has hurt him a ton too. He'd be sooooooooooo much more valuable at 3B, I really wish that would of worked out : / Did he play any LF for the Marlins or am i imagining that?
  4. "that guy" was badass. slim down a little bit...get the tan goin..it could happen.
  5. It's a joke man....ffs was everyone on this forum picked on that badly growing up?
  6. Please keep quoting posts from multiple days ago. That'll show me. I've kept everything pg-13 lately as per the 12 year olds request and will continue to do so. And this is an internet forum. I doubt my life will be crushed by being banned from MOTTOWNPISTONZZZZ lol. Sick threat though. Anywho. Next game @ CLE. Should be fun : )
  7. Worst team that plays tonight record wise is the Miami Heat at 30-31. Sucks, no sweats tonight : /
  8. lol Clete groupies. The problem is Clete just isn't getting any better. The longer he is up with the Tigers the more holes opposing pitchers are finding in his swing. Thank Mario & Rod for hammering into everyones head how long his swing is. Have fun in AAA Clete!!
  9. BigGrandy I agree. Lolaird is amazing at stuff that stats don't find such as "handling" the pitching staff and providing "comfort" for them. It's ashame all the sabers don't notice this kind of stuff. It's ashame all the baseball voters don't notice this stuff either. Last season Lolaird should have definitely been the AL MVP. What a joke that things like "calling a game" just get no respect these days. These new school baseball people just don't have a clue. LOLaird for AL MVP in 2010. .217BA .299OBP but he will throw out 38% of baserunners and handle the staff tremendously.
  10. I'd try to swing our 2nd rounder for Brandon Marshall. I'm sure the Broncos would cave and do it. An elite level WR at age 25 would be a nice present for Stafford.
  11. Bottom 5 in the league for the next 2-3 years then we will be in position to start making things happen. You can't half *** a rebuilding process....Or rebuild while trying to stay "competitive" like Joe D has mentioned he wants to do. It just doesn't work like that Joesph.
  12. That's so hilarious. Gosh this team is scuch a huge f up. There I went pg-13 for you guys so you won't report me.
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