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  1. Was it just me, or was Jim kinda grumpy?
  2. Good teams still get screwed by umpires. It's just magnified when you happen to be a bad team that can't over come a bad call.
  3. Well, at least he now has something in common with team president Tom Lewand, who himself declined a breathalyzer test during his DUI bust in 2010. Why should his players act any differently? The tone comes from the top. It would be interesting to hear the hypocrite comment on how his player acted....
  4. I agree that Berry needs more than 4 games before we anoint him as anything. But I do think you have to be careful with using the word "useless" on Berry at all. This is, after all, a team where the 7-9 hitters (and sometimes 6) are basically automatic outs on most days. While he certainly has to get on base to be effective, even if he does get on just a bit more than Kelly and Raburn, he's way more effective than either of them, simply because of his speed. We are of course a team that has completely ignored the speed game (other than Jackson). While I am a fan of power ball and never want to become the 1982 St. Louis Cardinals, I think that element makes the team more balanced and makes opposing pitchers think about something other than the hitter.
  5. My response to this is, even if it happens, so what? After last year and after the Fielder acquisition, the division was supposed to be a given. There was presumably a higher level we were working toward. The fact is, this team has regressed...if they weren't good enough to beat Texas last year, they sure as hell won't do it this year. I see this team as a fun team to watch from time to time if the bats happen to all catch fire at once...but they aren't winning anything meaningful. Kind of how I feel about the redwings roster right now.
  6. That's good to hear. He just recently posted Yogi Berra so I was thinking of giving it a shot. Certainly not much of a chance I'll get Yogi anywhere close to the Detroit area in person. His price was fairly decent for flats too-$75
  7. How is Potter to deal with? I've heard really good things and have been thinking of sending something for one of his signings but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  8. It represents the batting average he strives for.
  9. Well, we aren't exactly in Boston Red Sox territory yet, but no one can look at this season and say it has come anywhere close to meeting expectations. Not good news.
  10. Probably true. I don't recall another VFW show where there has actually been an inscription charge. If there was, they have to be really few and far between.
  11. Mickey Lolich, Sunday, June 10th, 11-1, VFW Redford. $20 any item, $10 inscription. A bit disappointing since Mark generally seems to stay away from inscription charges.
  12. I'm glad they finally got their own store. It was kind of weird sharing it with that carpet store. One of the strangest places ever to get an autograph....
  13. Motor City does some of the Gibraltar signings. Gibraltar stopped promoting their own shows several years ago. Now various promotors bring people in and use the Gibraltar space, Motor City being one of them. My experience with Motor City has always been really good. They've bounced their store around a bit, which has made it tough for people to find them. They used to have a website but they stopped updating it. The best way to get info on them at this point is through the facebook page.
  14. They keep saying he's coming but they are trying to figure out a date given the schedule.
  15. Per DC Sports Website, Lou Brock coming to Novi store on 6/3 Nice job DC...clearly reading this board since I suggested Brock...now come through with Bob Gibson! Upcoming Autograph Signings
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