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  1. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/16): Jason Wood (48), Billy Ripken (53), Neil Chrisley (86, played for Tigers 1959-60, died 2013), Frank Shellenback (119, coach 1946-47, died 1969).
  2. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/15): Jim Leyland (73), Ray Herbert (88, played for Tigers 1950-51 & 1953-54), Eddie Robinson (97, played for Tigers 1957), Jay Clarke (135, 3 games in 1905, died 1949). Eddie Robinson is the oldest living former Tiger. He is also the oldest living former Yankee, Indian, and Senator. He is the last living member of the Cleveland Indians' most recent World Series winning team, collecting 6 hits in 20 post-season at bats for the 1948 Tribe. A veteran of the US Navy in World War II and a four-time All-Star, he is the seventh oldest living former MLB player overall.
  3. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/14): Marcus Jensen (45), Jeff Robinson (56, died 2014), Carl Linhart (88, 3 games in 1952), Sam Jones (92, played for Tigers 1962, died 1971), Jim Walkup (108, 7 games in 1939, died 1997), Rudy Kallio (125, played for Tigers 1918-19, died 1979).
  4. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    For me, that was Baseball Weekly, by USA Today. Each summer, I'd give my lawnmowing money to my mom so she could write a check for another year-long subscription. It wasn't just that the articles were interesting to a kid of 13 years old (which they were), it was also all of those box scores and team stats updated each week. The Flint Journal reprinted the Free Press's Tigers stats, but those didn't necessarily include EVERY player on the team that year (ie. the scrub from Toledo who filled in for three games), but the Baseball Weekly stats did. And not just for the Tigers...for all 26 teams (28 once the Marlins and Rockies appeared)! Where else in the pre-internet era could I learn about a middle reliever pitching for the Reds, or the Angels backup catcher, or all things Montreal Expos?
  5. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/12): Flea Clifton (109, played for Tigers 1934-37, died 1997), Les Hennessy (124, played for Tigers 1913, died 1976).
  6. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/11): Rick Knapp (56), Mike Henneman (56), Bob Sykes (63, played for Tigers 1977-78), Slick Coffman (107, played for Tigers 1937-40, died 2003), Erwin Renfer (126, 1 game in 1913, died 1958).
  7. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/10): Pat Ahearne (48), Mel Rojas (51), Luis Polonia (54), Dalton Jones (74, played for Tigers 1970-72), Jack Feller (81, 1 game in 1958), Leo Cristante (91, played for Tigers 1955, died 1977), Floyd Giebell (108, played for Tigers 1939-41, died 2004), Earl Cook (109, 1 game in 1941, died 1996), Bots Nekola (111, 2 games in 1933, died 1987), Art Griggs (134, played for Tigers 1918, died 1938).
  8. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Since taking an interest in the wretched 1996 Tigers team, I've been trying to find an image of Todd Van Poppel in a Tigers uniform, to no avail. After failing to live up to the considerable hype surrounding him, he was waived by the Oakland Athletics in August of '96 and claimed by the last place Tigers. Taking the roster spot of struggling reliever Tom Urbani, he went five innings, surrendering five earned runs and taking the loss against the Texas Rangers in his Tigers debut on August 14 in Arlington. His best Tigers start came on August 30, when he threw a complete game shutout against the Royals at Tiger Stadium. However, he failed to recapture that success and ended the season with a Tigers record of 2-4 with an ugly 11.39 ERA, the result of giving up 8, 7, and 6 earned runs in starts totaling 10 1/3 innings. In his final Tigers start, he gave up 4 earned runs in 1/3 of an inning, being pulled in the first after walking four straight batters. He was placed on waivers by the Tigers after the season and claimed by the Angels, for whom he failed to make the team in spring training of '97. Baseball cards and simple Google searches turn up images of Van Poppel with every other MLB team for whom he pitched (Athletics, Pirates, Rangers, Cubs, Reds)...but nothing of him in a Detroit uniform. I don't know as any such images exist. He is one of two players from that '96 team to have no images of him in the old English D, the other being former Red Sox manager John Farrell, who pitched in 2 games in May.
  9. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/9): Bruce Rondon (27), Adam Wilk (30), Chris Truby (44), Todd Van Poppel (46), Juan Samuel (57), Ed Romero (60), Bob Hazle (87, played for Tigers 1958, died 1992), Chuck Kress (96, played for Tigers 1954, died 2014), Steve Larkin (107, 2 games in 1934, died 1969).
  10. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/8): Robbie Weinhardt (32), Ed Brinkman (76, played for Tigers 1971-74, died 2008), Razor Ledbetter (123, 1 game in 1915, died 1969).
  11. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/7): Kevin Hooper (41), Brian Schmack (44), Alex Johnson (75, played for Tigers 1976, died 2015), Dick Donovan (90, 2 games in 1954, died 1997), Tony Piet (111, played for Tigers 1938, died 1981).
  12. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/6): Larry Sheets (58), Gary Ward (64).
  13. RIP Dick Gernert. Just posted on baseball-reference that he died on November 30 at the age of 89. Gernert played in 27 total games for the Tigers over the 1960 & 1961 seasons, batting .291 with 2 home runs and 6 RBI as an outfielder and first baseman. Purchased from the Cubs for the final month of the 1960 season, he was traded to Cincinnati early in the 1961 season in exchange for infielder Jim Baumer, who never played for the Tigers. A longtime coach and scout following his playing career, Gernert also appeared in the majors with the Red Sox, Cubs, Reds, and Houston Colt .45s.
  14. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/5): Gene Harris (53), Ed Summers (133, played for Tigers 1908-12, died 1953).
  15. Today's Tiger birthdays

    Today's Tiger birthdays (12/4): Angel Nesbitt (27), Pat Sheridan (60), Barbaro Garbey (61), Harvey Kuenn (87, played for Tigers 1952-59, died 1988), Allen Conkwright (121, 5 games in 1920, died 1991).