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  1. Signature business: Behind the lucrative autograph industry | City Pages
  2. From DETROITTIGERFAN: My friend Bill got the following two items signed for me during Spring Training in Arizona, where ARMANDO GALARRAGA was at the Rangers camp: 1) The book "Nobody's Perfect" written by Armando Galarraga and Jim Joyce. ARMANDO signed the title page and added the Spanish words : "Con Carino" (sp?). Sorry about the reflection off the cover. 2) A collage that I put together, including a copy of his card and game ticket that he signed earlier, a newspaper photo of Leland arguing the call, and a description of that inning. Armando signed the collage and again added the same words. Anyone have any idea what these Spanish words mean? Hopefully I can get Joyce to sign the book and the collage some day. Also would like Leyland on the collage. Thank you, Bill. Hope you like the items I got you!
  3. Good stuff at very fair prices. I'm watching at least one of these items. Good luck!
  4. I just received an e-mail from the "SI King" for a private signing with Gary Harris in May (items needed by May 3). Cost was $25 plus S&H. I would assume we will see something from the usual players for a public signing soon...
  5. I wouldn't consider myself a DC Sports defender, but that seems to be the going rate for him. I remember talking to a guy that worked for Steve Yzerman Authentics (or Stevie Y Authentics???) back in 2002 at one of the big Chicago sports shows in Rosemont and he mentioned that Yzerman had no desire to do public signings. Bottom line, if you need him on specific items, I wouldn't hold your breath for a public appearance, just get it done now.
  6. Even though I hit the Darqueze Dennard and Isaiah Lewis signing a few weeks ago, I decided to go to the Dennard signing today at DC Sports so I could bring my son. I got the chrome helmet (Nebraska game) for me and my son got the mini speed helmet for coming along with me: I have to say that all of the Spartans I have met at the public signings this year have been awesome. My son is only 3 and has had great interactions with Fou Fonoti, Kyler Elsworth, and, now, Darqueze Dennard. All took their time with him and answered his question. He always asks what their favorite ride at Disneyland was (they went during the Rose Bowl).
  7. Pretty short notice, but some new signings at Gibraltar: Bennie Fowler (MSU), Isaiah Lewis (MSU) and Jeremy Gallon (UofM): Upcoming Autograph Signers at Sport Cards and Collectible Show - Gibraltar Trade Center Michigan I hope Lewis shows up at the right time...
  8. Just be aware that Milt doesn't attend all of the flying dog shows. I remember when I still needed him on all my stuff, the show came to Grand Rapids and he was not in attendance (his son covered it). I think in the past Dave (detroittigerfan) has e-mailed the contact information on the site to make sure he was going to be in attendance. He always seemed to invite people to come on down to get all their stuff done if he was in attendance.
  9. detroittigerfan (Dave) asked me post these items for him... Got some unique and varied autographs this week (plus a few from spring training): 1) My good friend Paul mailed me the Max Scherzer signed Tiger Magazine cover, which he got signed at the end of spring training. Thank you Paul! I thought I would also post the Tiger Magazines I got signed at Spring Training by Torii Hunter, Austin Jackson, and Brad Ausmus. The latter was from 2000, the inaugural year of Comerica Park. 2) Also at spring training Jose Iglesias signed my SI where he is shown in the article inside the magazine. His first, and hopefully not his last, SI! 3) Denny McLain signed his photoball (see his photo encapsulated in the ball), the Tigers Cy Young poster, and an index card already signed by the HOFer and old New York Giant pitcher Carl Hubbell (d). I had Denny sign the latter because he and Hubbell are the only two pitchers in baseball history who won the MVP Award UNANIMOUSLY, a little known but very impressive fact. However, McLain is the only one to also be awarded the Cy Young award unanimously, since that award did not exist in 1936 when Hubbell was the MVP. I probably have the only item ever signed by these two pitchers! I tried to get Verlander and Scherzer to sign the Cy Young photo in Florida, but had no luck. If I could get all three, that would be an incredible photo. 4) Tom Yewcic signed one of davidsb's incredible custom cards. He also send me, unsolicited, his two MSU cards. Tom was a Tiger (one game career!), but better known as the quarterback on Michigan State's National Championship team in 1952, Rose-Bowl winning team in 1953, and also the Big Ten Championship team, as well as a star MSU baseball player! Not a bad week!
  10. I would guess this is his going price now and may be the same or more at the National. If you don't need him on a specific item and have met him before, I would buy a baseball or photo off eBay with PSA/DNA certification for less. If you have been waiting to add him to a multi-signed piece or something unique, don't wait...
  11. I got my Isaiah Lewis stuff back from the Motor City Sports Gallery signing. As mentioned in the previous post, Lewis and his agent drove to the wrong Shelby and were running more than an hour late by the time I decided to cut bait and ask the fine folks at MCSG to get my stuff signed and mail it to me: Isaiah Lewis (Riddell Speed mini helmet) Isaiah Lewis (8x10 from Rose Bowl - I received two of these photos as compensation for the late arrival) Kyler Elsworth and Isaiah Lewis (8x10 of the Stop - I purchased the photo already signed by Elsworth in silver, as I didn't like my gold signed one in a previous post)
  12. I went to the Darqueze Dennard and Isaiah Lewis signing at Motor City Sports Gallery today. Here is my haul... Darqueze Dennard (mini helmet) Darqueze Dennard (11x14 photograph) Isaiah Lewis' agent started driving to Shelby, MI instead of Shelby Twp, MI (heading west from EL, instead of east), so after waiting an hour, the folks at MCSG let us know that he was going to be even later than expected and gave out free photos and an extra autograph per autograph purchased. I needed to get back to Grand Rapids, so left my two items (mini helmet and "The Stop" photo already signed by Elsworth) to have signed and mailed to me. I left my two complimentary photos and assume I'll get those back signed, as well. I swung by DC Sports prior to the 1pm signing at MCSG to see what kind of lineup that had for Elsworth. I would guess about 40-50 people in line (significantly less than what showed up at Legends). I assume the signing in East Lansing and Grand Rapids effected turnout. Also, didn't seem like a lot of overlap at the Dennard and Lewis signing. I think there are a lot of DC Sports sheep who have no idea what other signings are going on. I would be curious about the turnout at Gibraltar today, too.
  13. Sorry for the delay, Dave. As requested... From Detroittigerfan: My good friend Ryan got the following signed for me in Arizona at Spring Training: 1) Photo that I took at the HOF in Cooperstown, signed by Alan Trammell. It had previously been signed by Sparky and Morris. 2) Game B ticket of the 1984 World Series in Detroit, also signed by Tram. This is game two in Detroit where Tram, the eventual MVP of the WS, hit two home runs. I should get Jack Morris to also sign it, since he won this game. 3) Game C ticket of the 1984 World Series in Detroit, signed by Kirk Gibson. This is game 3 in Detroit, where Gibby hit the famous three run Home run off Goose Gossage, and which gave the Tigers a four run lead going into the 9th inning of the deciding game of the '84 World Series. Sadly, the last World Series won by the Tigers. Maybe this year... 4) Card signed by former Tiger Cody Ross. 5) Card signed by Matt Tuiasasopo, a Tiger last year. Thank you Matt. Hope you like the items I gave you, most of which I got signed this year at spring training in Lakeland. I am always amazed by how many items a collector can get for his collection when he is willing to help others. In this case, I could help Matt get items signed in Lakeland, and he could help me get something signed in Arizona. Matt, let's do it again next year, if not sooner!
  14. I'm not done collecting Detroit Tigers, but I have definitely shifted some of my recent focus to Michigan State University Spartans. I figured instead of cluttering the Tigers successes thread like I have, I would start a new thread with all of my Spartan memorabilia to date. Kirk Cousins (regular mini, combat mini, Spartan 11x14, Redskins 11x14 and Meijer giveaway) Kirk Cousins (NFL official football) Le'Veon bell (regular mini) 2013 Minnesota game program honoring seniors (signed by Bullough, Dennard, Elsworth, Fonoti, Fowler and Lewis) 2013-2014 Spartan full-size helmet (signed by Bullough, Dennard, Elsworth, Fonoti, Fowler and Lewis) 2014 Rose Bowl program signed by Mark Dantonio Spartan speed mini helmets (signed by Bullough, Elsworth and Dantonio) The Stop 8x10 signed by Kyler Elsworth (purchased after the signing, wish it was in silver) Thanks for looking!
  15. He does have a 1984 Topps card, but did not appear on the field in 1984.
  16. I would say post-1970 yearbooks you are talking $5-$15 depending on condition. Really, your best bet is to throw them on eBay and see what they bring. If you are just looking to get rid of them, start at .99 and add $3-$4 for shipping. They will pretty much bring what they are worth.
  17. I know this is technically the Tigers successes thread, but figured you guys wouldn't get too upset if I posted some Spartan successes. First, my friend and one time board member, Marty, attended the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and obtained the four Spartans participating in the combine for me: Max Bullough, Bennie Fowler, Darqueze Dennard and Isaiah Lewis (this is the Senior Day program and a full-size helmet) Next, I had the opportunity to meet Coach Mark Dantonio at the West Michigan Spartan Winter Tailgate (Rose Bowl Program and mini helmet) I will post photos of the helmets when I get a chance...
  18. Posting for my friend detroittigerfan (Dave), sorry for the delay: davidsb is at it again, making these incredible custom cards for me from actual index cards. Included below are three Tiger World Champions: Ed Mierkowitz (1945), Joe Orrell (1945), and Chet Morgan (their first Championship in 1935). One of the other players played with and under Ty Cobb (Frank O'Rourke).
  19. I'm pretty sure you just missed a private signing with DC Sports with a deadline of February 22. I'm sure if you are just looking for a puck or photo, they could hook you up. If you are looking to send in, you are probably out of luck. I would sign up for their e-mail list, as I'm sure they will do another signing with him in the future. Upcoming Autograph Signings
  20. I think you are right on the money, if not a little low. Good luck!
  21. More details are available for this signing. Legend's is now bringing in Kyler Elsworth and Fou Fonoti. Pricing is $20 for both or $15 for Elsworth and $10 for FonotiThe date is still Sunday, March 9th 2014 from 4:30pm - 6:00pm. I think this and what Glen posted is a good sign that there will be a good about of Spartan signings in the coming months. Autograph Signings and Future Events
  22. I hadn't heard, that's cool. Guillen was my Tiger, but certainly not on the level of Trammell and Whitaker. The current ownership hates the 84 team...no respect!
  23. Well, it could have been worse, instead of taking Lou Whitaker's number, Jose almost took Carlos Guillen's number: Jose Iglesias Road Jersey (Error) - Tigers MLB Auctions
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