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  1. I received a couple TTM successes today. Michael Eisner (Topps A&G base and relic) Gary Player (Sports Illustrated)
  2. Big thanks to Dave (detroittigerfan) for helping me with Craig Monroe last night at the final Whitecaps' Tiger Friday. I've had this game used bat for a while and had a work commitment that prevented me to go in person:
  3. I attended the Meet the Spartans event at Spartan Stadium on August 12. Needless to say, the Rose Bowl victory brought out a lot more fans then in years past. I really don't think they were set up to handle the crowds. I got there about an hour before gates, when gates opened, I hopped into one of the player lines. When the players finally came out, I only recognized Tony Lippett. However, as I was going through I realized Delton Williams was at this table, too. I got them on my Rose Bowl team helmet and got others on a Spring Football game program (not pictured): Tony Lippett Delton Williams and Keith Mumphrey After getting through my first line, I rushed over to an adjacent table that had Keith Mumphrey and Connor Cook (along with other players I didn't recognize). Honestly, the lines were so screwed up, I'm sure I lucked into this as I realized after the fact that the Dantonio line and this other line kind of morphed into one. Connor Cook My silver sharpie crapped out on me after the first table, so I borrowed another one from someone behind me in line. Due to the absolutely madhouse and no backup silver sharpie, I got out of there after hitting two tables. So far on my Rose Bowl helmet I have: Denicos Allen, Max Bullough, Connor Cook, Darqueze Dennard, Kyler Elsworth, Fou Fonoti, Bennie Fowler, Isaiah Lewis, Tony Lippett, Keith Mumphrey, and Delton Williams. I would still like to add: Mark Dantonio, Shilique Calhoun, Kurtis Drummond, Jeremy Langford, Trae Waynes and a couple other starters from the Rose Bowl team. As it stands, it's already pretty full. A few weeks ago, I picked up this Magic Johnson SI with PSA/DNA certification for a steal $35 delivered:
  4. I think Dirk has the same source as me, but Ruppert Jones is the word on the street.
  5. ^Glen is a big boy and can defend himself, but I get the impression from all the local promoters that they would much rather have a player make a public appearance. If for nothing else then to squash the bitching on facebook from fans that think the athlete is "too good" for them and have an attitude problem. We've had this debate countless times, but as these athletes make more and more money on the field, they don't need the 10s of thousands of dollars that these signings generate for them (it's pocket change). I would bet the only reason Miggy is doing public appearances is because it is written into the exclusive contract that DC has with him. I think Glen is right, more people see these signings as an opportunity to get something signed and a photo they can share on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. (it's basically built into the price). It's a much smaller percentage that are happy with just the autograph.
  6. Thanks for the heads up! I'm 3 for 4 sending to him in the past (he still has one of my Time Magazines!). I'll have to drop a few in the mail this week.
  7. Here are the Michael Eisner cards I purchased on eBay:
  8. Has anyone busted some wax? I've purchased a few individual cards from eBay--all Michael Eisner (base, relic and signature). They look nice, as always, and are ideal for autographs.
  9. It's been a "dry" summer for me. I'm hoping to get some graphing in before the season is over!
  10. I am posting this for "detroittigerfan": Lou Whitaker signed his bobblehead and this photo for me at today's paid singing at Legends. The photo was previously signed by Alan Trammell. I took this photo on Sept. 21, 1995, the last game at Tiger Stadium for Lou Whitaker, and the last game at Tiger Stadium that Lou and Tram played together, although they ended their careers in Baltimore on Oct 1. The scene is the bottom of the 9th inning vs. the Orioles, with Lou leading off and Tram on deck. Lou swings and (not shown) the ball goes to the third baseman, who throws Lou out at first. This historic moment is the last time that the keystone combination were on the field at Tiger Stadium as active players. Lou even remembered the game. Earlier that game I took a photo of Sparky Anderson after "Captain Hook" pulled his last pitcher in the 7th inning, and walked off fair territory for the last time at Tiger Stadium. Like Lou, Sparky retired after 1995, and this was also the last game he managed at Tiger Stadium. He signed it for me after he entered Cooperstown.
  11. Dave, any idea why Avisail Garcia was in Grand Rapids? I know he is on season long DL, but was he visiting friends or his old host family?
  12. Mark also accompanies the Tigers Fridays guests to Whitecaps games. I'm sure one of us can ask him in August when we see him (or e-mail him).
  13. ^Tyler Collins has one of the worst signatures. Nice work on the project!
  14. "From detroittigerfan:" 1) I got a number of items signed by Ron Leflore last night at the WhiteCaps game, primarily Tiger books where he is pictured. I am posting just one item that maybe some of you can recall from your childhood memory. It is a wax wrapper from Topps with the words "Bubble Gum 5 cents" and "Player Portrait Inside." It features Leflore on the wrapper. 2) davidsb is at it again, making Tiger baseball cards from my index cards. This time the unique photos are of Joe Staton ('72 Division Champ), Nate Snell ('87 Division Champ), Billy Pierce ('45 WS Champ), Gus Triandos, Waite Hoyt (dec. HOF), Les Mueller (dec. '45 WS Champ), Ernie Young, Brian Moehler, and both Pat Mullin and Clay Smith (both dec. '40 AL Champs). A number of these are the only Tiger cards this player has. Thank you again, Dave
  15. Nice work! I meant to comment the first time you posted, but never did. I don't know much about basketball cards, but this is a beautiful looking set. I would imagine putting this set together is a challenge, as I don't think there is as rabid a TTM fanbase for basketball cards, like baseball. Good luck and keep us updated!
  16. I've been on a little bit of a break from Tigers autographs, not by choice, but lack of opportunity (and laziness of not doing TTM). I have been doing a bunch of Spartan signings and if you haven't already, check out my Spartan autographs thread here: http://www.motownsports.com/forums/red-wings-pistons-lions-um-msu/102678-michigan-state-university-spartans-collection.html I ended my Tigers drought tonight at the Whitecaps Tigers Friday with Ron LeFlore. I arrived a little after 5pm, with gates opening at 5:30pm and autographs to start at 6pm. Once inside I was probably 75-100 people back. The line moved surprisingly fast and I got through the line by about 6:15-6:20pm. I think LeFlore was scheduled to sign until 7:45pm, but I looked up at the line and I don't think there was a line after 7:30pm. Anyway, here is my haul:
  17. A couple new additions to my Spartans collection: Gary Harris Sports Illustrated (obtained through Legend's public signing - drop-off) Tony Mandarich Sports Illustrated (obtained TTM, less than a week turnaround)
  18. Bryan Holaday signing at FanaticU's Fraser store on June 2: https://www.facebook.com/FanaticUsports/photos/a.280186738021.144422.200131153021/10152264070418022/?type=1
  19. Steve Kemp did a Tiger Friday at a Whitecaps game within the last two years. Fairly rare to have him in Michigan.
  20. New signers added for 2014: Six new Detroit Tigers join Autographs for a Cause | Detroit Free Press | freep.com
  21. I just sent Mark an e-mail, I'll post his response...
  22. Three days in a row graphing Spartans! This time I was in Flint for the 2nd Annual Flintstone Challenge 5k, where Kyler Elsworth was the Grand Marshal. Really nice, humble guy. He had no problem signing three Rose Bowl photos and showing off his Rose Bowl ring.
  23. I attended the Denicos Allen and Bennie Fowler signing today at Legend's Sports and Games in Grand Rapids. Here is my haul: Allen and Fowler mini speed helmets Allen added to my team full sized helmet (already signed by Bullough, Dennard, Elsworth, Fonoti, Fowler and Lewis) Bennie Fowler 8x10 from Rose Bowl Allen added to my Senior Program from the Minnesota game (already signed by Bullough, Dennard, Elsworth, Fonoti, Fowler and Lewis) I slipped the program back into the sleeve before it was completely dry (total rookie mistake). I don't think it turned out too bad, but still a little disappointed.
  24. I attended the West Michigan Sports Commission luncheon today with keynote speaker Kirk Cousins. I cam prepared with a mini-helmet and left a full-size pro combat Spartan helmet in my car. The speech was great, but he left immediately after he finished to catch a flight. All was not lost, since Coach Mark Dantonio was there to introduce him (this was not publicized, as far as I know). Since I already had Coach on a mini helmet, I ran back to my car and grabbed the full-size helmet and got him to sign it: Prime example of bringing more than what I expect to get signed. I just wish I had my full-sized team helmet I'm working on.
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