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  1. Come for a special storytime and signing with the Detroit Tigers! Friday, January 22 - 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Barnes & Noble, Woodland Mall Players will sign copies of the book "The ABCs of Detroit Tigers" Zach Miner, Rick Porcello, Don Kelly, and Rick Knapp School groups and individuals welcome. Call 940-0844 or crm2356@bn.com for details.
  2. I was 2 1/2 years old during the 1984 World Series, so my historical knowledge is limited to the World Series program I own and the internet (baseball-almanac.com and baseball-reference.com). I have always wondered who was actually on the 25-man roster and was looking for some help. These players actually appeared in a game during the World Series, so I am confident that these 22 men were on the 25-man roster: 1 Lou Whitaker - Second Base 3 Alan Trammell - Shortstop 8 Marty Castillo - Infield 13 Lance Parrish - Catcher 14 Dave Bergman - Infield 15 Rusty Kuntz - Outfield 16 Tom Brookens - Infield 17 Bill Scherrer - Pitcher 20 Howard Johnson - Third Base 21 Willie Hernandez - Pitcher 23 Kirk Gibson - Outfield 27 Barbaro Garbey - Infield 29 Aurelio Lopez - Pitcher 30 Johnny Grubb - Outfield 31 Larry Herndon - Outfield 32 Rupert Jones - Outfield 34 Chet Lemon - Outfield 39 Milt Wilcox - Pitcher 40 Doug Bair - Pitcher 41 Darrell Evans - Infield 46 Dan Petry - Pitcher 47 Jack Morris - Pitcher These players did not make an appearance during WS, but who of them were on the 25 man roster? 9 Doug Baker - Infield 19 Dave Rozema - Pitcher 42 Sid Monge - Pitcher 44 Juan Berenguer - Pitcher From discussions I have had it is Baker, Rozema, and Berenguer with Monge being an alternate. Also, who else was in the dugout during the World Series? I swear I see Randy O'Neal fly out of the dugout after the final out to join the celebration. Any info would be much appreciated!
  3. I wonder who they will replace Edwin Jackson with???
  4. I'm not a card expert by any stretch. As best as I can tell, Topps purchased cards of specific players, specific years and had those guys sign them in different quantities. Somebody else that knows more about cards can probably explain it better. I think this was probably a redemption too because it came in the case that was issued from Topps.
  5. I thought this was a great thread on the DSC board, so I thought I would revive it. I just received an e-mail from DC Sports confirming the signing they announced at the end of November with some additional signers... UPCOMING MIDWEST SPORTS COLLECTORS SHOW Hellenic Cultural Banquet Center Jan 23rd & 24th Special Appearances by Kirk Gibson Rod Allen Doug Baker Advanced Tickets NOT Yet On Sale - - - - - - - - - - MORE SIGNERS TO BE ANNOUNCED - - - - - - - - - - ADDITIONAL DETAILS TO FOLLOW
  6. Also, my two Christmas pick-ups. I had the numbers already signed, but gave them to my wife to have them applied to jerseys. I use All-Star Sports (Dan Spoelma) on 28th Street in Grand Rapids (by Buffalo Wild Wings). I think they turned out great: Alan Trammell Miguel Cabrera
  7. Well, I finally got around to registering an account here and just got access to posting. I can't remember what successes I posted on the DSC boards, so I'm sorry if some of this is a repost: Chet Lemon 1984 Topps buyback ($10 delivered) Added my sixth Carlos Guillen bat - Sam bat from 2006 (second from the top) I picked up this Damion Easley LVS game used bat (I believe I pinpointed it to his 1998 All-Star season) I think I posted my successes from the last Midwest Sports Collectors Show in Novi, but I got a better scan of my 1984 Tigers Opening Day photo and I wanted to share (I added HoJo at the show and still need Allen, Parrish and Brookens)
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