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  1. Ended up selling my ticket on StubHub. Sounds like I made the right decision...
  2. ^I bit the bullet and bought a ticket. This will be my first since 2012. I guarantee I won't do lines for more than two hours, seems like they usually frontload the stars anyway.
  3. Tickets on sale for TigerFest this Friday. The date is set for Saturday, January 24. My bold prediction is no Miguel Cabrera this year. Rehab is all the cover he will need...
  4. Who'd you get? I've been to that show before and it is pretty great (if overpriced). I'm kind of surprised that DC has had Isaiah Thomas in recently. I would think that would be a good seller???
  5. Here is my send-in, 1988 ASG baseball. Great signature, well worth the money:
  6. I did a send-in, I'll post photos when I receive it back. Stan, what did you get signed?
  7. Two upcoming signings at Gameday Detroit - https://www.gamedaydet.com/events Mickey Lolich - November 15th, 2014 | 1-3 PM Lakeside Mall 14600 Lakeside Circle Sterling Heights, MI 48313 (586) 532-0945 Autographs: $25 Inscriptions: $15 Willie Horton - November 22nd, 2014 | 12-2 PM Lakeside Mall 14600 Lakeside Circle Sterling Heights, MI 48313 (586) 532-0945 Autographs: $10 Inscriptions: $7.50 Pretty standard pricing for these guys. If I recall correctly, Mickey hates doing inscriptions and in recent years his signature and WS MVP inscription has been pretty steady at $40. Keep in mind that you can purchase a Madison Bumgarner signed baseball with 2014 WS MVP inscription for about $270. I know which one I would rather have (and you can read every letter in Mickey's signature!).
  8. I can't say I have a problem with the Tigers charging because it is really the Authentics division that is putting this on. I'm sure Marc is expected to make certain margins on the game used and autograph material he sells for the team and this is something they are trying out. Now, I do agree that the price seems a little steep for a prospect signature. Maybe $10-$15 flat fee on anything???
  9. From detroittigerfan: davidsb is at it again, creating more one-of-a-kind signed Tiger cards from Index cards; included one player who played with Cobb over 100 years ago! Thank you, Dave, for these masterpieces:
  10. Two recent purchases - Mike Love signed Beach Boys - All Summer Long (JSA) and Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and Mike Love signed Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (PSA)
  11. Gameday Detroit is bringing in Mickey Lolich. Same day and time as Alan Trammell at DC. It feels like Lolich's last appearance has been a while: https://www.gamedaydet.com/events
  12. I've been slacking with putting up my successes in a timely manner. This has been over the past month plus... Recently, I have been fascinated with the golf tournament that formerly took place at Walt Disney World Tickets signed by Jack Nicklaus, Larry Nelson and Raymond Floyd (all TTM and took around a month each) The final three winners of that tournament: Robert Garrigus, Luke Donald and Charlie Beljan (all TTM and took less than a month each) Staying on the Disney theme, a couple of guys who worked directly with Walt Disney on movie and theme park projects. Richard M. Sherman (part of the Sherman Brothers song writing team) Marty Sklar (Walt Disney Imagineering) Beach Boys (Mike Love and Bruce Johnston via venue) Lorenzo White (IP at Legend's Sports and Games in-store signing) Jeb Bush (IP during a Republican campaign event) If anyone wants addresses I used for TTM, please feel free to PM me.
  13. Just a couple thoughts to add to the discussion: 1. I think athletes at every level should only sign on their own terms. If some our okay with doing a stack/sheet of cards, that's fine. If their policy is to not sign duplicates, that's fine. How about having a non-confrontational discussion with the fan? They might find out they have two kids, a trading partner, etc. If the answer isn't to their liking, be a one per person signer. I find that most fans don't mind these different policies, as long as the athlete is willing to sign (even if it is only one autograph, cards only, of their current team). 2. I don't begrudge anyone who obtains autographs at games, free signings, etc., but I much prefer attending a well-organized signing, at a reasonable price, in a controlled setting. Too often in the past I have been in a scrum, pushed from all sides, and that's just not fun anymore. At least at a paid, public signing, the athlete is getting compensated and there are no questions of what are you going to do with this. 3. The hobby has been changed drastically over the past 20 years. Some for the better, some for the worse. There is no doubt that with the demand for autographs, the quality of what athletes give has gone way downhill. I think this article was posted here before, but it is a great read: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/29/sports/baseball/in-an-era-of-squiggles-you-cant-tell-baseball-the-players-without-a-handwriting-analyst.html?_r=0
  14. ^If it was in Novi, it would make my decision much easier. Sterling Heights is an extra 30 minutes (hour roundtrip) from Grand Rapids. I just need him on a 1988 ASG baseball.
  15. Milt Wilcox on September 28, details below: https://www.gamedaydet.com/events
  16. ^I did something very similar. I found a KC grapher a few years back who got 2 or 3 items signed for me by Kuntz (I think it was a 50/50 arrangement or $10-$15 per item). I then finished my 2-3 team signed items in person at a Tigers-Royals game at Comerica Park 4-5 years ago. He was a very willing signer and did multiples without issue.
  17. From Detroittigerfan: The Chairman of the Board of "The Burns Card Company" and its two subsidiaries, Burns Custom Cards and the Burns Mega Set, has done it again. He turn my plain index cards into one of a kind, Tiger cards, by burning an image of both the player and either Navin Field, Briggs Stadium, or Tiger Stadium on the index card. Thank you, davidsb!!! Below are his most recent masterpieces; I think Sisler, Souchock, Desautels, Sisler, Shoop, and Sleater are deceased.
  18. I know this is a little off topic, but I had the address for Raymond Floyd (golfer) saved and lost it. With a little Google searching I found the following address: Raymond Floyd Group 505 S Flagler Drive # 910 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Can someone with a premium Sportscollectors membership verify this address for me? The item I want to send is somewhat one-of-a-kind, so I don't want to send it out blindly. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  19. I checked DC Sports website to see what they use on Lions helmets: Authentic Autographed Football Helmets from There seems to be no consensus. I'm seeing black and blue sharpie and black paint pen. I always thought the conventional wisdom was that black sharpie was your safest bet on plastic???
  20. I gave it a valiant effort, but couldn't figure it out. My guess is a Cincinnati "celebrity" who was at the game.
  21. I really enjoyed this Grantland piece about the convention (make sure you click through all 6 parts): A Visit to the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention «
  22. ^I should mention Dave also gave me a CMo signed card that my 4-year-old quickly claimed to add to his burgeoning sports collection. First baseball autograph!
  23. I purchased this in a recent MSU Official Online Auction. This authentic game worn Spartan Football Home Alternate Jersey was advertised as being worn in Michigan State's 23-7 win over Eastern Michigan on September 22nd, 2012 at Spartan Stadium. The lack of the Big Ten patch on the upper right chest, makes me think it is actually a 2010 or 2011 jersey. I think the most likely game is the 2011 Wisconsin game and worn by Taiwan Jones. I'll do some additional research, but still happy with my purchase:
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