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  1. Can't help with any of those cards, but curious about Doug Flynn and the 86 Topps card. Did he do a signing recently where he signed more? Curious what he was charging...
  2. For those who still need Mike Marshall, Chris Potter Sports started a bunch of cards at .99 from their private signing with him. Looking at completed auctions, some have gone for around $45: baseball.superman | eBay
  3. Whitecaps Tiger Fridays have been announced: Tiger Fridays 2016 | West Michigan Whitecaps Content None really excite me. Lolich, Coleman and Moseby are the only ones that I'm considering. I anticipate a good turnout for Mickey Lolich and he really takes his time...
  4. Can anyone take Brad Ausmus in spring training? I have a 1999 All Star Game baseball I need signed, I would be willing to give a Rawlings Official Major League Baseball to get this done. Let me know here. Thanks!
  5. The only team signed item I would add them to is the official team photo in which they appear...maybe the 1984 yearbook on their pages. All my 1984 team items are a little different, some have all the living coaches, some have only Sparky, and others have no coaches. I also haven't really chased the guys who were not on the World Series roster (i.e. Nelson Simmons, Rod Allen, Mike Laga, etc.). But, it is all personal preference.
  6. I've always found this Michigan company to have the best prices: http://andersonkpt.com/mlb___event_baseballs
  7. Here are a couple fully signed on eBay (I think this is a steal considering Freehan has signed for a few years now): Willie Horton Bill Freehan Denny McLain 1968 Detroit Tigers 8x10 Autographed HORTON MCLAIN FREEHAN 1968 TIGERS SIGNED PHOTO COA
  8. I attended the Brian Wilson concert in New Buffalo, MI on November 13, 2015. I bought the VIP soundcheck and meet & greet experience. Here is a thorough report I wrote for another message board: I went to the venue and stood around for the start of the soundcheck and meet and greet. I struck up a conversation with a father and daughter, the daughter won an instagram contest to participate in the VIP experience. They found out Sunday and it didn't seem like they had all the details on how the soundcheck and meet & greet would be run. They brought nothing to get signed. I mentioned I had brought extra items in the hopes of running into Al or Brian casually, as the rules for the meet and greet are one autograph per person. I offered my Today! LP already signed by Mike, if one of them got my Surfer Girl LP signed. They were ecstatic and agreed to the trade. After the soundcheck, we were brought backstage, I was one of the last 5 or 6 people through the line. I would say, if you are looking for a conversation, good luck. It is very much an assembly line process. My photo with Brian and Al turned out well. And I was able to get the following items signed: Pickguard off my Squier Jaguar (had it taken off my guitar due to the small item restriction--will get it put back on soon) Surfer Girl LP already signed by Mike and David (would have preferred blue sharpie, but they had already started signing by the time the father daughter got to the table, oh well) Love & Mercy sheet music (this was included, everyone who participated in the meet & greet received this) Overall, I was very pleased with the experience (I had tempered my expectations from other reports on here) and would say it is well worth the money.
  9. Al Jardine (1/1 TTM, already signed by Mike Love and Bruce Johnston) Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich and Rand Paul signed White House engraving (IP at Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference)
  10. Dave, was it just me or was Rob really taking his time??? I like the personal interaction, but it seemed like the line wasn't moving very efficiently. I hope you got everything you needed!
  11. Atlantic City next year...not sure if they have announced 2017.
  12. Went to Whitecaps Tiger Friday with Rob Deer tonight. "Caught" a ball and had Rob sign a ROMLB:
  13. No idea, but I have heard he won't sign the Sports Illustrated he appears on in Blue Jays uniform--the title and photo isn't exactly flattering, but get over yourself...
  14. Dave can better respond to this, but the signage states one autograph per person (not per ticket), but you can get back in line as time allows. Whether the "handlers" give you a hard time, I will defer to Dave, as I have not attempted to get multiples this year (outside of help from family members). Other than for power-trip purposes, I figure they pay for him to come out and a certain amount of time to be there--what should they care if someone racks the guest when all paying customers have gotten their fill???
  15. Tiger Fridays with the Whitecaps tonight. Seemed like a much lighter crowd than for Robert Fick--I'm not sure if it has to do with it being the week after July 4th or if Dean Palmer isn't as big of a draw. At any rate, just got one on a ROMLB:
  16. Ran into Mateen Cleeves at a recent alumni event and got him on his two SI covers:
  17. A week late in posting this, but I attended the Robert Fick Tiger Friday and came away with a ROMLB and a 2002 ASG baseball:
  18. Went to the Spartan Winter Tailgate in Grand Rapids and did pretty well: Mark Dantonio signed Cotton Bowl program Mark Dantonio signed tunnel photo Lorenzo White signed 1988 Rose Bowl mini-mega ticket
  19. Dave asked me to include some photos of items to be auctioned off:
  20. Nothing new...modern/current players always command a premium. Is it "right"? I don't know, I see it more as Ted Lindsay is severely undervalued rather than Abdelkader being overvalued.
  21. I've been slacking with posting successes, here are a few over the past couple of months: George Burns and Ben Crenshaw - 1979 Walt Disney World National Team Championship ticket (TTM with quick turnarounds) Andre Agassi - 1992 Wimbledon photo (TTM) George W. Bush - rejection letter for a signed bookplate
  22. Wayne Comer (TTM - less than a week) I had a Comer ball previously, but it faded. I sent to him over a year ago explaining my ball faded and he signed the "replacement" with black ballpoint. This was attempt number two and he hooked me up with a blue ballpoint signature.
  23. From Dave (detroittigerfan): Here's an incredible opportunity to get two Cy Young Award winners at the same time. It's the 9th Annual Stubby Overmire Sports Card Show and Live Auction, held this year on Sat., Feb. 28 at Lee High School in Wyoming. See the flier below for more details. Denny McLain (CY '68 and '69) is returning again this year, and now will be joined by Dean Chance ('64 CY with the Angels). Chance finished his career with the Tigers in 1971. Fees for their autos are very reasonable; not listed on the flier below is that their first inscription is free, while each additional inscription is only $5. After the show there is an incredible auction featuring some great items. One item not listed is a Comerica Park Suite for a Tigers/White Sox game on Sat., April 18. This includes tickets for you and 17 of your best friends, along with three parking passes. Food is available, but not included in this package. Additional information on the auction will be forwarded as it becomes available. Most important, don't forget that all funds received are for the kids and the baseball program at Lee High School, an economically disadvantaged school district. Here's an example of what Coach Ty has done with the kids there: Mail Order is not accepted, so come on down to this show and have a great time. Meet two Cy Young Award Winners, buy some great items from the dealers (the show is sold out), and win some unique auction items, while helping our leaders of tomorrow. See you there.
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