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  1. Thanks for posting these! Kind of surprised by Polanco and Ordonez. I would have figured they have enough in savings not to mess around with public signings.
  2. Interesting to see that within days of each other, DC Sports and FanaticU both announce they are closing locations. This is from FanaticU: "Due to the internet online sales, website confusion and our teams playing under expectations we are closing our Southfield location." I have to imagine the same factors are contributing to DC Sports closing in Novi.
  3. Great stuff guys! I've got nothing new Tigers...shifted most of my focus and dollars to other autograph genres. Looking forward to finding out about the Tiger Wednesdays at the Whitecaps games in 2019!
  4. I made my first Whitecaps Tigers Wednesday event last night with Placido Polanco. I arrived at 4:30pm and was number 241. I got my game used bat signed and a 2006 World Series baseball previously signed by Monroe and Granderson. Photos of the bat below (one paired with Guillen and one paired with the 1984 double play combo).
  5. Just learned about this new(?) store holding signings in Livonia: https://www.instagram.com/prosportszone/ They had Lou Whitaker in on Friday and have a couple of Red Wings and Spartans coming up.
  6. I feel like it has been a while since Wilcox has done a show in Michigan. I don't remember him ever commanding $25 per autograph.
  7. Did anyone go to the first Tiger Wednesday with Cecil Fielder? I was out of town and couldn't make it.
  8. My friend Dave (detroittiger fan) asked me to post these photos of Kaline and McLain. "Both these 50-year-old photos were signed for me in the last two weeks. The first is dated 9/14/68 and shows Denny leaping out of the Tiger Stadium dugout right after Stanley scored the winning run (on a Horton single) in the 9th inning to give McLain his 30th win. Kaline is helping him since in all the excitement Denny hit his heat on the concrete top of the dugout when he left the dugout, almost knocking him out. Wouldn't it have been something for McLain to have missed his own celebration, an event that had not occurred since Dizzy Dean won 30 games in 1934, and has not been been accomplished since (and may never be again!)." Does that photo look familiar? It should. It was on the cover of SI the following week! The second photo, taken three days later (9/17/68), shows Denny and Al celebrating in the dressing room right after the Tigers beat the Yankees to win the American League pennant. Denny signed the photos for me in person, and Al signed them TTM.
  9. Neither are technically Tigers successes, but I figured I would share anyway... I kept poor records for both of these, but I would say 3 weeks for Sandberg and just over a month for Selleck.
  10. To echo everyone else, if you are patient, all the 84 guys (with few exceptions) come around frequent. Guys like Trammell, Whitaker, Gibson, and Morris are generally once a year or more. Prices seem to keep going up and are likely not coming back down. If you have specific piece you need them on, it's best to get it done when the opportunity arises (or wait until the next time they inevitably do a signing).
  11. Yes, my thoughts exactly. Wasn't expecting a great signature, but very pleased for the $10 + stamps investment.
  12. I haven't done much with my Tigers collection lately. I had been holding out hope to find this Sports Illustrated dual signed, but figured I should take this opportunity to at least get Al Kaline. This took less than a month via his Michigan address, but returned from Florida. I included $10 (well worth it!).
  13. Very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing!
  14. It's terribly unorganized every year. From reports the last couple years, the top players either didn't participate in the signing opportunities or only did it during the early entry. The time, money and effort didn't add up after the last one I attended. If I go again, it will be when my sons are a little bit older and I will have no expectations for autographs.
  15. Did anyone go this year? Was it worth it? I haven't been in at least 4-5 years.
  16. I collect Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretary of States, US Senators and Presidential Candidates on baseballs. It's all about the history of the first pitch - I started with George H.W. Bush and it snowballed from there. I fully recognize it's not for everybody.
  17. A little late posting this, but I did a drop off at the DC signing with Trammell. This is a mini mega ticket.
  18. Dave, I love reading the successes. I haven't received any Tigers autographs recently, hence no sharing. I am going to the Shelton Whitecaps game...might get the bobblehead signed if we get there early enough.
  19. I haven't contributed in a while since I slowed down my game used collecting. I've been on the lookout for a Placido Polanco Marucci "Polanco Cut" bat for some time, finally found one at the right price. I just always liked the look of the large knob. This bat is from April 21, 2007. Took a photo with the other half of the former Tigers double play combo partner, Carlos Guillen (Sam 06, Rawlings 06, Nokona 08). I previously shared these bats, but the link is now broken due to Photobucket changing their hosting policy.
  20. It seems like Photobucket is no longer a reliable source for hosting our third party images. What is the best third party image hosting site for collectors now?
  21. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, Baseball Hall of Fame catcher, signing copies of They Call Me Pudge 7/25/17 7:00 PM at BookEnds - East Ridgewood Avenue. Ridgewood, NJ. 8/11/17 4:30 PM at the Majestic Grand Slam Gift Shop - Ballpark Way. Arlington, TX. 8/14/17 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble - Fiarlane Drive. Allen Park, MI.
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